Jul 29, 2011

the bafut beagles

ok just a short post to assure you guys that i'm alive. and well.

finals were over (yeeeah!) before my feelings of exhilaration reached its peak and i was scrabbling for my stationeries and picking up my bags and the Cheshire grin was forming itself voluntarily, my lecturer (who very nicely stood behind me the whole exam) took it upon his personal mission to ruin my moment and kindly pointed out to me that 'you study no enough'.


thanks a lot sir. thanks a whole lot. my sem break just got a lot more relaxing. :'(

anyway, i decided to head right home after the exam contrary to my usual practice of passing out in sweet slumber. finally had time to check out the second hand book sale organized so late in the semester. grabbed a couple of books(more on them later!) and back home we go! luckily vicky was in need of a ride so i had someone to keep me awake during the lengthy drive.

the older i get the more i miss home. since high school i've stayed in hostels and i kinda enjoyed the freedom afforded away from home, away from mom's nagging and all. but now ... not so much. enjoyed much pampering and fun at home :) and lil' sis practically took over the laptop, so i'm delegated to the grand job of generally being a waste of space. the world of analog is kinda nice once you get used to it.

had mom's lovely soup for dinner. and woke up with LOTS OF RASHES. oh hello. never thought we'd meet again. its impossible that i can be allergic to a few drops of rice wine in the soup right? RIGHT????

aagh. till now it still itches. *scratch scratch scratch*

i satisfied my book longings (remember midvalley mph? nevermind.) through two of these:

lavinia by ursula le guin! i know this lady author has lots of books under her belt, notably Tales of Earthsea where Studio Ghibli produced an animation based on it! in chinese it's called 地海传说. its one of the few Studio Ghibli productions that i haven't watched yet! :( but i digress. so this is a kinda famous author and i finally had a chance to read her books! was deliberating between Lauren Weisberger of Devil wears Prada fame's Everyone Worth Knowing or this. I've gotten a copy of Devil years ago and promptly lost in the flurry of borrowings. lost my hobbit the same way. :(( its chick lit lah, but i need my mindless entertainment too! hehe. at the end decided on lavinia. try to get a dose of new authors :D its nice! i just finished it in one go due to coffee consumption. glad to know i haven't lost my ability to read much after months on the internet teehee. its a story based on Vergil's poem. its in latin, which is gonna become soon so ursula le guin decided to create this story so that Vergil wouldn't be forgotten. *sigh

but the grand prize of 'book that i loved most' goes to:

GERALD DURRELL!!!!!!!! ohkay please don't commit the age old mistake of judging the book by it cover. gerald durrell is one of my all time favorite authors and i never thought that i would be able to find, much less buy, one of his books again! i stumbled upon his books purely by mistake in the public library and its one of the loveliest mistakes ever! his books (mostly records of his adventures collecting wildlife all over the world) are what that got me interested in nature, and realize that writing about animals can be so interesting and funny. sadly i've none of his skills so its really hard to convince you guys why i love him so much. it felt like winning the lottery when i spotted the name 'Gerald Durrell', then scanning the title (not a book i read before), and turning over to look at the price (rm2.90).


haha i hope the amount of exclaimation marks i put are enough to convey my feelings adequately. its a slice of childhood i treasure. and discovering it again at merely rm2.90?

i simply regret not having enough cash to steal a few more bargains *aunty mentality again!. wolfed down both of them too soon. now i'll have to wait for another semester :(

haha so i guess thats it for today. tomorrow we're going to Janda Baik, someplace near Genting i think, to check out the coming youth camp campsite!!! yeh yeh can't wait!

got a feeling that this semester break gonna rock, as always. (aagh its really hard to type when your fingers are fighting the urge to scratch. my thighs look like giant bitter gourds now. ridges and everything. ew. ) okay since i touched on the topic of finals and everything, i'm gonna give a simple and clean summary of my semester then. to give it a nice nice ending. since this was a short semester, i originally planned to take the maximum amount of 3 subjects to kill myself, as always. but unexpectedly one of the subjects clashed with another. so i just took 2 subjects (a first in my inti life!!) and decided to take this semester easy. relax, light n' easy', the whole works. so, true to my word, i did. and a bit too much at that. a very short and nice 4 weeks of class. and the semester is over. actually i'm not quite sure what've i learnt this sem. for all i knew i wasted quite a lot of my parents money. in this short time, i got to know a lot of new friends, gained some experiences, sent off quite a few (bye wendy jonathan phuiyan :(( ), paid a lot of sleep debts, got hooked on spicy taiwanese sausages, learnt frisbee..... argh very itchy now..

summary: relaxing.

so when finals came, in my heart i was experiencing crazy guilt, to the extent i forgot my promise to myself. okay. lovely break over. stop lazing around liao. promise?

in the meantime,


*don't miss me guys, i'm going on extended break! until i feel bored going out, and grace relinquishes the lappie from her clutches, that is.

lots of love,

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