Jul 24, 2011

my namesake! trust me, they named that Potter boy after me!

was fighting off the urge to jump on the Harry Potter-actors-before-and-after-oh-so-cute bandwagon. don't get me wrong, hedghogs are so easily misunderstood. i am a HUGE harry potter fan who watched joyseet finish her Goblet of Fire in an afternoon and hide in the toilet till midnight to finish the latest installment cause her mom hates it when she didn't sleep early. but the movies seriously disappoint me. of all movie adaptations, only LOTR come remotely near to the books. Harry Potter? puh-lease.

hehe but i loved those actors all the same. they're everywhere so its hard to ignore them and when the movie version came out they provided an actual 'face' to go with the stories *im not good at imagining faces. human faces are so ... weird.

this photo is too cute to resist! oh-so-KEWT!!!!!

of all three, my favorite is Ron. he's funny, he's sarcastic, he's flawed, he's such a ... boy. come to think of it, i like those twins too. they're the bomb! hermione is not bad too, but harry is kinda tasteless for me. whatevs. every story needs someone to save the day. what's your favorite out of the three?

[since its not often that i get a chance to blog since joyseet hogs everything, i gonna talk about whatever pops into my mind right now just to spam my page and create more 'content' from hedgehogs. *we're a minority! ] oh, speaking of 'adorableness', lookie here:
its JanVy and Pokez! or boo/boosquare, i'm not sure of the name anymore. according to my limited understanding, Reuben entered JanVy and PBB (pokez boo boosquare) in the Pet+Owner Photoshoot Competition organized by the Animal Cruelty Awareness Week. phew long name. so when the photo was up, there were around 100++ likes. Joyseet's classmate Jessica's photo was in the lead with around 400 likes or so. out of nowhere, everyone suddenly became really bersemangat and its great fun to see joyseet sharing the photo everywhere and spamming the page and things like that. to be honest, i don't think they could win. i think even joyseet was just sharing.. no real aim to win it or anything....

then they got serious...

when the possibility of winning seems to be rather high...

the likes increased...

surprise surprise! and *im not sure whether you can see it or not

from 100 ......... to 769 LIKES!!!!!!!!

so happy for PBB! if i *liked* it too it would be 770 likes! feels proud of those semangat spammers. Enthel, Elvina, Yat Sin, etc etc... although i have a kind of phobia towards those 'spammers' who always urge you to like this like that, i now get the 'high' that came when all your spams finally paid off and the taste of sweet success is at hand. eheh although i didn't win JOYSEET Y U NO ENTER THE CONTEST WITH ME but its still fun to watch.

ergh. writing this post makes me feel lifeless. hanging on a wall is a very miserable existence.

google+ anyone?

have a nice monday,

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