Jul 19, 2011


[pronounced kay-seh-koo-hern]
Käse basically meant 'cheese' in German (Deustch!). i'm now kinda missing those German
classes taken last semester. it's so cool to be learning a foreign language that you can actually
use and understand. those German subtitles and game manuals gave me so much satisfaction
when i could actually read and understand them.
google's looking nice today! i remember lingling's status, something about google being a part of her life now, sharing in her happiness and sadness, always managing to cheer her up with new designs every other day... i forgot the actual thing, but its kinda true in some way. isn't it a nice surprise whenever you go to google and find out a new picture or you can play the guitar or pacman or whatever for the day? thank you google! we owe you loads!

anyway, study break iz officially here! my mid-sem break has barely passed but here i am enjoying another week-long break! teehee. enjoyed a few days lazing around at home pointlessly, going jogging with graceet, zukkie and 'niel' ahaha, wasting time in general... i'm supposed to be back at inti this tuesday, so on my 'final' day i decided to make cheesecake with Grace! actually, more like she suggested that we do something and she bugged and bugged and bugged me until i caved in and got interested in it too!
here's the cream cheese! brand name Fatura. i can see a fat future ahead indeed.

ingredients all nicely laid out. clockwise from top left: egg yolk, egg whites, cream cheese, butter, sugar. its really minimal. like seriously.
step 1: stir everything together until your muscles ache.
spot the nice recipe book with the nice picture all nicely propped up against the window. and also spot my weird newly cut hair. yes i cut it. again. now i look like popeye's girlfriend.
step 2: when's its all creamy and mixed together, pour into cake tin. remember to grease your tin though. we forgot.

60 minutes later,

no kaput! nice and cheesy. just slightly burnt on top! man are we excited!

when its done, its already 6pm and i have to rush to pick sandra up from subang and head back to inti for AG meeting. epic traffic jam as always. made it just in time! subway and chatime for dinner. sweet kao. diabetes gonna come if i'm not careful. had so much durians this weekend too!

had a lil' slice of home after AG meeting and yumcha session at 2:34am :')
i miss home already.

ok here's plans for tomorrow:
0930 wake up
1000 really wake up
1100 study
1230 lunch break
1500 study
1700 nap
1900 dinner
2000 meeting
2100 volleyball!

not bad eh? let's see what i can do tomorrow :D

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  1. I didn't check here for 2 days and already you have 4 new posts when I do??