Jul 8, 2011

john got me an angry bird thingy from hk. grace got hold of it and here's the outcome:
never thought that angry bird could make friends with an ice cream.
angry eggs.
don't you think that they kinda look alike!
stuck to my bb.
patrick! big contrast they make.
suspicious burgers.
hangin' out with the homies yo.

aagh alone at home now. everyone haz someplace to go, except for me #forever alone. traffic was a nightmare just now. i overslept and didn't manage to get the 2:15 bus back to subang so the next bus was at 5:30 which means rush hour. @#$%. furthermore all the roadblocks have started and its annoying the hell out of everyone because traffic is seriously disgusting. the highway practically became a huge parking lot and people started utilizing their horns like nobody's business. people, you seriously need some anger management courses. but i can't blame them. you would get mad too if you see the police putting some orange traffic cones in the middle of the road, and park themselves beside the road having coffee and doing nothing, yet the three-lane highway was reduced to a single lane all thanks to them. come on, what is the logic in doing that? provoking malaysians' anger?

since the bersih topic has been all the rage for so many days and its coming to a head tomorrow, i guess it's time to write something about it. for those who still have no idea what is it about, read here. for those who want a lil' more reading, this will do. with the elections coming up and everything, it's a wonder that the government is being so aggressive. usually they do try to portray a very 'understanding' image. but now, arresting everyone in yellow, making a big joke out of themselves, annoying malaysians everywhere, its interesting to see how they plan to win this election. bersih is just a rally for a clean and fair election. as some random status on facebook put it, 'only the kotor will be afraid of the bersih'. come on guys, let's give this a fair fight and don't bring in all those dirty tactics and flimsy reasoning to arrest people. i believe that you all can do better right? get rid of those road blocks lah. only you are going to look stupid trying to arrest people in yellow.

there're too many opinions in this matter, who how what when where why. some says puhlease don't encourage university kids to join in this cause this will 'ruin their future'. since staying in malaysia will already ruin our future, why not?

haiz i'm just a student, not a political commentator or what not. as things come to a boil, i'm reaaally interested to see what will happen tomorrow. things might get ugly, things might not happen at all. i shared a link on fb with the title, pray for malaysia and then someone replied: "pray for malaysia? is that all you have to say?"

do you think prayer doesn't work? we shall see tomorrow then :)

good night, and good luck.

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