Jul 26, 2011

i'm so lucky.

aah so happy now. sometimes you're reminded of what that truly matters. we're all on this earth for so short a time. what's the point? study study study study go school go uni go tuition go get a job work earn money have fun buy stuff get a girl (or boy) buy a car buy a house buy a better car have kids divorce grow old together go on vacation get promoted (i hate typing with newly painted nails) find your 'calling' and chase your dreams in my case its playing french horn without worries travel around the world get distracted by a whole bunch of new glittery entertainment get the newest iphone read more things wonders when this is gonna end blog go for concerts basically the cycle repeats itself the enjoyment we get in the process of survival buying earning spending clubbing wasting away always reaching for the temporary high until one day it suddenly stops.

all of it.

your fist-sized heart just forgot to continue beating. like it faithfully did for as long as you could remember.

like it or not, we're all born to die. why such a short life? what is the freaking point that we enter this world for such a short period then leave? are we supposed to leave a mark on this earth? does me getting a 4.0 cgpa matter? would anyone remember this a hundred years later?

sometimes, looking at things from a way larger perspective does put things into perspectives.

i'm just glad, and satisfied, that i got to know this amazing God who loved me for who I am and died on the cross for my stupid sins and wanted nothing less than the best for me. a short life, to get to know Him, as my savior, glorify Him, and prepare for eternity :)

actually, He is the only one who mattered. because everything changes and wastes away, but God remains the same forever and ever.

take the step of faith, open your heart. He'll be walking with you, every step of the way.

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