Jul 26, 2011

i hate to say this,

but i gotta admit it: blackberry phone cameras suck!
[warning: all the below pics are taken by bb. sincere apologies for any harm to eyes]

well well... the previous post i complained about my finals and bad mood right? i wanted to 'reward' myself or something, just to cheer myself up by getting some sushi. so the sushi place i had in mind was just the very not up to standard sushi king at Nilai's Avenue 9. beggars can't be choosers, don't look at me like that. any sushi is better than no sushi at all.

so i was there moping and kinda indirectly forcing them (by them i meant sandra lynne and kenny) to go makan. by that time it was already 5pm and none of us had taken lunch yet. not even breakfast! so it was very good timing then. everyone needed to eat right? ehhe. unbelievably they were even more picky than me, and the discussion led to us heading to The Gardens for sushi zanmai!

so hungry.. sandra complained that she's gonna get sick and feverish in the car. i felt a bit guilty for that 40 minute journey just to get sushi.

after we got there, headed straight to sushi zanmai and ordered our stuff. July is Unagi month! eel eel eel eel~~~~i think they just employed a whole bunch of newbies to be waiters. very unprofessional and bumbling. can't even change tables for us because (in his lame english) 'this will spoil our system'. whatevs.

food arrived in 15 minutes i think. we were about to pass out from hunger.

ding! kenny straight uploaded this on facebook. i think many of those stuck in nilai preparing for exams were kinda provoked by this. Joel Tay never mind i got a lil' something for you ;)

lynne n kenny. they look good in white!
my unagi rice with egg! verdict: too little unagi, too much rice. luckily the egg wasn't too cooked. else i'd die. half-cooked eggs are my universal craving. the smoked salmon sushi and assorted stuff we ordered made up for this not too good rice. owh well. at least im extremely stuffed by all that rice.

edit: after the meal, sandra suddenly brightened up and said that she felt way better. it's because she finally got some food into her system. people do need food. its like cars can't go on without petrol. glad that the sushi pumped her up though. else my guilt would never end.

after that very filling meal, our clothes felt like bursting... of course its time to do some exercise and walk off the fats. shopping time!

since intiball is coming soon... sandra suggested that we look for dresses. reminded of the days spent looking for my highschool prom dress. couldn't stop myself from heading for dresses weeks after that. warehouse isetan robinsons etc etc saw a hot korean guy mango etc etc... all dresses either too expensive or very unwearable. found a few nice ones but don't know how to match the theme. A red carpet affair?

sigh. proms.

anyways, it's the wonderful mega-sales again and we had fun in zara:
got these red hot heels for lynne to try. although she was wearing her nikes with socks but she very sporting lah and obliged me. teehee. those heels were around 4 or 5 inches. damn scary yet attractive at the same time. why oh why are women interested in these instruments of torture??
then i tried on a nude pink pair for myself :D yeh taller than kenny liao. should i get em'? its around rm200 after discounts! and its surprisingly easy to walk in. its the first time i tried on heels with such thin spikes.
me and dra. had to grab on a shelf to stand close. her's with the glitter. nais or not nais or not?!

lepak lepak lepak.. luckily zara had a men's section. else kenny would die of boredom.

halfway through i was wondering why we so free can shop. then it hit me that we're in the middle of finals. owww.... went to MPH to look at books. alleviate the guilt a bit.
never noticed that mph got these cute cute stuff. the red soft grinning thing i'm holding is something to stuff on your car seat. so you can lean your head on it. car accessories, basically. so if you buy the thing i'm wearing too you can be all matchy matchy with your dear car. sounds so exciting.

its been so long since i went to an actual bookstore and browse for books! wanna buy books so badly. if not for the second-hand book sale going on now, i would've gotten at least one book from MPH. all of them are so tempting!

very random conclusion, as always: Thursday's last paper. i think i thoroughly enjoyed this semester. short. and sweet. lots and lots of relaxation. where's the very stressed person i see in the first sem? when i read back my previous posts and look at myself now, almost couldn't recognize. but i'm alright. planned a nice rest this sem. and i did :) guess i gotta step up the game next sem. good that we had 2 days to prepare for org comm. else you'd see me foaming at the mouth trying to stuff everything in. too bad the weather today is murder. felt like evaporating from the heat. global warming creeps me out sometimes.

Reader's Digest recommends the weirdest things sometimes. this is proof. spent the day laughing my head off at those lame things.

this one iz cute. totally reminded of danni and her addiction to crayon sin chan.

personal fav:

ok now to study. phew i feel a slight drop in the temperature. thank God.

bye peeps! can't wait for sem break to be here!!!

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