Jul 4, 2011

how true!

couldn't stop laughing over those random stuff online. some of it really rings true though. hahahah. not in the mood to blog about my birthday yet. i love it, don't worry about my 'bday depression' eheh.. in the meantime, enjoy these random things first lah!

specially dedicated to iphone android bb users:

this is so true. @#$%.

did i mention that i love cats?

my current desktop background.

4sq! LOLL

and for the last one:

ergh.. by the way lynn & vicky introduced me to Plants vs. Zombies yesterday in class. i was totally worn out from not sleeping the whole night mugging for the sociology assignment. dying, in fact. then they gave me coffee and let me play that game on the ipad. whoa! instant semangat! ahaaaha i know i'm outdated but this game iz nice! reminds me a bit of that aquarium game. popcap games are not bad actually... anyone haz a copy of that game???

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