Jul 23, 2011


big cake!

eheh grace koh did it again! lovely chocolate cake that looks store-bought. or at least professionally done. so proud of her. i think those strawberries are a nice touch :)
looks really yummeh! keyword here: looks.
momma so proud of her baby
ding! artistic shot. i think all of her hard work and investment kind of paid off. she baked it on saturday morning. and sunday morning she woke up complaining that her arm ached badly. poor girl. sacrificed her arm muscles for the greater good. mixing everything by hand is no easy job. it's time to get a mixer eh?

finals are around the corner. tomorrow, to be exact. gonna head back to the so-called *jungle* later. durian party didn't quite work out cause durians no enough. dad's gonna 'restock' his precious durian stash on tuesday. come again then! its lovely to see a whole bunch of people slurping away on durians while a selected few stand there with shirts pulled up to block their noses from the 'stench'. ahaha. to quote leejin:'its better if you don't eat loh, cause i'll have more for myself then' :D

durians!!! hope that when i return home *if i ever manage to survive finals, that is* there will still be a couple left.

sniffing hopefully,

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