Jul 20, 2011

dum dum de dum

ahah to put it in sien han's words: 'just got back from an awesome sing k session!'
we asians just love our karaokes. volleyball club used to go karaoke every few weeks in the past sem. to the extent that we know who likes what song and what are the 'must-sings' and who will sing what part etc... total cheong k kakis! last sem was the climax of our karaoke sessions and in this short sem, all of us missed those sessions where we can yell to our hearts' content... but everyone is really busy with assignments and personal stuffs and whatnot. too bad. sien han (inti idol contestant!) asked us along so many times, i think i lost count. everyone was like 'i want but i can't'. then there's a period where i sprained my finger and gave up going to volleyball training sessions at all. can't stand sitting beside and not playing. but this week is study week, we're back for a meeting, so we decided to have training too! don't care about that finger lah. it's been a looooong time since we can just 'play game' without trainings, drills, etc. its tiring to do so much warm ups and drills until you're too tired to concentrate in the game. but those drills kind of paid off. everyone improved so much! its a fun game today :)

after the game, i just wanted to grab some dessert and head back to sleep. but then in a very random moment, 4 of us paused, looked at each other, thought that going karaoke would be a good idea, few fleeting glances and everything's set. FOOH. braders and sistahs indeed!

teehee. very nice ending to the day indeed.

with gemma and liz.
the semester's is at its last legs, liz's leaving for internship,
rex's graduating next sem,
emo liaw lar.

ok i should stop mangling english here and start studying. finals gonna start next monday and end on thursday! i repeat: i hate short sem. can't wait for the 3 week break we gonna have (any part time jobs available???) to sleep. and eat.

aah. satisfying night. it's a mistake to keep 'How to train your dragon' s soundtrack on replay for two days. now its impossible to get that melody out of my head. its nice. but not nice when you can't play the song for yourself. aaaagh. bye peepal.

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