Jul 5, 2011


ahah in the mood for mouliu stuff.. let's plan a birthday gift wishlist for next year, shall we?
you know i'll never say no to banana stuff!!
siauli tagged me in this amayyzing picture of vintage bananas painted over vintage shoes. man am i interested! to put in the display cabinet more than anything else. or perhaps wear it to the Easter Parade or something. love em!

actually, here's my wishlist post last year. nothing much changed. i still haven't gotten a french horn yet although wan shinn gave me a mouthpiece! i lost mine. it cost rm200 :( i still haven't gotten a Honda CR-V yet. but maybe i will change that wish to a BMW X6. sorry for being such an environmentally unfriendly person, but the truth is, i'm a sucker for big cars. and the stella mccartney bag, never mind lah. never liked it much in the first place. the thing is, 2011 is by all means halfway over and most of my pledges weren't realized yet. where art thou kota kinabalu trip? i wanna conquer it this year leh!!!! and then my sleeping habits still haven't changed. ==

time for self reflection liao! haiz now kinda busy but not freaking busy. right now its another week until study break so i have one quiz and a major project plus project avant-garde which basically im redundant in, so really sorry lah can't make it for volleyball training! and finger still hurts. so people please don't mock squeeze my hand when we shake hands k~?

while searching for that last year's wishlist post i read a bit about my first sem. man having six subjects and all was a crazy experience. no idea how i pulled it off. its a wonder why i can't do it now. perhaps its all those late night suppers, starbucks, and whatnot. just now we just kicked a empty soya bottle all the way from Al-Salam to kenny's office table. it was about 500 meters uphill, downhill, and lots of stairs. thank God for the amenities for the disabled provided around inti! how lifeless can we get. by we, i meant me, sandra, yat sin, bala, nico, and eling. that day just had a conversation about the 'fun' we had at inti. in many's eyes, those stuck in Nilai are 'lifeless', no fun, no entertainment, etc. but i guess, the fun depends on who you have it with. be it kicking an empty plastic bottle or organizing huge events, the right bunch of people will take you far :) maybe we don't go clubbing that much or have to spend some extra effort just to catch a movie, but any other day i would chose inti nilai over inti subang, thank you very much.

p.s: went for frisbee that day! i hate fields, they are too large. volleyball courts are more suitable for me :P bala said that their expectations of me dropped a lot after watching me flick. D: this is what happens when people ignore your truthful and honest assessments of personal flicking skills. the reason i didn't wanna go frisbee in the first place was because i sucked big time at flicking. but then no one listened. come on lah i'm malaysian but i'm not being fake asian humble when i said 'I don't know!'. so slightly emo loh when i found out that i was a disappointment. aiya never mind lah try to train a bit more loh. kahyao!

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