Jul 3, 2011


hey guys. did you know that there're five weekends in July 2011? supposedly this phenomenon happens every 800++ years. i'm so proud to have my 20th birthday fall on the first weekend of the month! if you read the previous post, i guess you guys knew that i never had much good feelings towards birthdays. i know birthdays can be just... birthdays. what's the big deal? *sigh. i wish i can be so cool and not care about those 'petty' things. blame it on my hormones or whatever, i just want a day when i can feel special. so its kinda weird when things went wrong and forever after bad memories are associated with a supposedly very special day in your life. however, i think this year's birthday made up for it! and changed some mindset of mine too! there's a distant memory of miao telling me that his sis always 'promoted' her birthday a month before her birthday so on the day itself the presents would come rolling in lol. at that time i thought that it was a very good idea but i have never acted on it. this time i think i accidentally did a bit. anyway, its really fun to promote your birthday on fb and read all those incredulous comments. happy as i am, its really hard to keep the old ghosts away and on the birthday eve i got reaaaally emo. slept early for the first time in my sem break! lol mom must be really proud of me. so my birthday consists of: being awoken by dear family singing happy birthday for me at 8am with an egg tart as 'cake' and presents... dimsum breakfast celebration after that..some quality time with my sociology paper... youth for the day... left early to go klcc ben's with lee kerr wanjie eelin & co.. basically the band mates. actually the celebration is to celebrate the july birthday peeps.. so there goes! ben's is a really nice place, great food too. that blue cheese dip is unforgettable! AAAGH. practically licked the pot clean! the only regret of the night: no DSLR! all we had was eelin's digital cam and lee kerr's iphone. it's seriously time to get a DSLR or else i wouldn't have anything to record all those things. anyway, when we got back to the lrt parking lot, two things happened: 1, our car was blocked by many buses parking there. we had to find the bus drivers in the dark then explain our predicament to them then wait for them to sloooowly remove the bus. whoever parked the bus there was seriously looking for trouble. i bet he did it on purpose just to diss us. anyway, we were all really grateful that our problem was solved. before we could heave sighs of relief, the other car had another problem: two of the tyres were punctured. @#$%. it really was kinda 'suay'. 10 of us, and most of us didn't pay attention during car driving lessons on what to do when your car tyre punctured. ==. anyway, we didn't have 2 spare tyres at hand, so basically what we could do was just wait for bernice's bro to come save us. even though we bought the tyre to a petrol station to pump, as luck would have it, the air pump wasn't working! nevertheless, i was kinda surprised by everyone's calmness. some even started playing on the playground swings! man isn't this fun? since there's nothing much we could do, we started making videos of the whole thing, pretending to be reporters and the works... then it reached 12am so my birthday was over just like that. 3rd july was yeoson's birthday, so we kinda incorporated it into the video. that wasn't the end of it. when we found out that the 'cameraman' actually didn't managed to record the whole process, we had to redo it. THE WEIRD THING IZ WE CAN STILL BE AS HIGH AS THE FIRST TIME. mannn we are one crazy bunch of people is all i can say. we reached home around 2am. what a day! and fun indeed. wouldn't exchange it for anything. got loads of presents too! thank you guys :D

at a random lrt station. we got on the train last minute and practically left chorng yuan yeoson and sueleen behind. sorry guys! so we just got off at the next station and took photos while waiting for them to arrive :P
me posing with chorng yuan's long island something something. we were such kids that liko was kinda shocked when the waiter repeated our orders and he was went "ITS AN ALCOHOLIC DRINK. WHO ORDERED IT? WHO???" LOL. ok lah, over 18, plus they aren't drivers. chill la kerr. so i just took a tiny sip and errgh... its bitter. no nice.
the menu. is it handwritten one by one? kinda sexy cursive though.
me with wanjie and the calamari rings. YUMMM. but still craving for the blue cheese dip though. unbeatable!!!
me and leekerr outside ben's. before his shirt got all dirty from car fixing and running about. the interiors are really tastefully done. DSLR where art thou?

part 2:
actually i wasn't expecting anything from my classmates today. then during class they got me a slice of chocolate cake and sang a song for me. so i thought that was it, since everyone dying from assignments and tests and all... sandra even apologized for the lame celebration and promised to make it up for me by treating me makan sometime later. so went for volleyball inti open meeting at night. was terribly hungry after that and to my surprise they rejected my 'makan place' suggestions and actually said that they wanna go palma maju! so sad. that place's food really de.... ahem. anyway, so we reached there and then suddenly the whole place erupted into birthday shouts. whoaa the cf peeps were there the frisbee peeps were there my classmates were there some mass comm peeps were there and not to mention volleyball people who actually brought me there! andrew was holding this cake from RT Bakery. WHOA PEOPLE!!!!!

very shocked when they turned up like that. i was kinda sulking with the stupid palma maju suggestion. but now you see me smiling ahahaah.
after blowing the cake. first real cake of my birthday! finally a wish :P see those people looking at us? man i think we kinda booked the whole place.
lol i got my first taste of being a celebrity that night ahahahahaa.
SEE? VERY STRAWBERRRRISH. later i found out andrew came back from penang by public transport(usually he drives), then after sending off wilson for australia at the airport, he went by ktm and bus to subang for the blasted cake, standing under the hot sun for an hour etc etc you know malaysia public transport de lah. T,T so touched.

SHO MANY PEOPLE WERE THERE! UNCOUNTABLE NOUN! see got the indian waiter in the pic. the whole time they were trying to dodge us but there was too much of us. poor guys.
me cutting the STRAWBERRISHEST CAKE of my life. luckily i didn't ruin the cake!
with sandratina yap su ching, the pro organizer you're da best!!!
random stoberi. #forever alone
joel and shereen!
joel's trying out his theory that people who look candid in shots actually look better. what do you think?
nico dropped by! :DD

with rex and chaoling~ they were the culprits too! paiseh la didn't accompany you guys for the 'yamcha' at the end :S
with joel. his theory didn't work on me :(
and lizzy & Sing Han! thanks for coming though :) all the best for INTI OPEN!!!!!!!
group pic :) but some stingrays were having their food and didn't realize got group pic. then kenny left early :( but thanks guys, i really appreciate your attendance and wishes. didn't expect such a wonderful surprise! :')
tenkew people. i'm really blessed to have such great birthday celebrations! makes turning 20 all worth it! here comes all the 'when are you going to paktoh' kind of questions. bla bla bla. might as well enjoy it while it lasts. gonna repeat my facebook status here. thanks to all who wall-posted sincere wishes for me, fb messaged me, herng and aeron who tagged me in videos (i liked john mayer's sweet chad of mine!), sms-ed me (so touched nowadays not much smses dy), called me (especially siauli from sg), gave me presents, sang numerous versions of happy birthday for me, makan with me... etc etc. AND I LOVE YOU MOM FOR GIVING BIRTH TO ME! YOU'RE THE GRRREATEST!!! sorry la make you mad all the time. will try to improve yea.

that day i visited qian ru who just gave birth to her johnny boy. that baby iz the cutest! and then she scared the hell out of me and gemma by describing the whole process. ==" conclusion: moms are the greatest creations ever. love ya!

still excited about my birthday although its already 6 days ago,

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