Jul 29, 2011

the bafut beagles

ok just a short post to assure you guys that i'm alive. and well.

finals were over (yeeeah!) before my feelings of exhilaration reached its peak and i was scrabbling for my stationeries and picking up my bags and the Cheshire grin was forming itself voluntarily, my lecturer (who very nicely stood behind me the whole exam) took it upon his personal mission to ruin my moment and kindly pointed out to me that 'you study no enough'.


thanks a lot sir. thanks a whole lot. my sem break just got a lot more relaxing. :'(

anyway, i decided to head right home after the exam contrary to my usual practice of passing out in sweet slumber. finally had time to check out the second hand book sale organized so late in the semester. grabbed a couple of books(more on them later!) and back home we go! luckily vicky was in need of a ride so i had someone to keep me awake during the lengthy drive.

the older i get the more i miss home. since high school i've stayed in hostels and i kinda enjoyed the freedom afforded away from home, away from mom's nagging and all. but now ... not so much. enjoyed much pampering and fun at home :) and lil' sis practically took over the laptop, so i'm delegated to the grand job of generally being a waste of space. the world of analog is kinda nice once you get used to it.

had mom's lovely soup for dinner. and woke up with LOTS OF RASHES. oh hello. never thought we'd meet again. its impossible that i can be allergic to a few drops of rice wine in the soup right? RIGHT????

aagh. till now it still itches. *scratch scratch scratch*

i satisfied my book longings (remember midvalley mph? nevermind.) through two of these:

lavinia by ursula le guin! i know this lady author has lots of books under her belt, notably Tales of Earthsea where Studio Ghibli produced an animation based on it! in chinese it's called 地海传说. its one of the few Studio Ghibli productions that i haven't watched yet! :( but i digress. so this is a kinda famous author and i finally had a chance to read her books! was deliberating between Lauren Weisberger of Devil wears Prada fame's Everyone Worth Knowing or this. I've gotten a copy of Devil years ago and promptly lost in the flurry of borrowings. lost my hobbit the same way. :(( its chick lit lah, but i need my mindless entertainment too! hehe. at the end decided on lavinia. try to get a dose of new authors :D its nice! i just finished it in one go due to coffee consumption. glad to know i haven't lost my ability to read much after months on the internet teehee. its a story based on Vergil's poem. its in latin, which is gonna become soon so ursula le guin decided to create this story so that Vergil wouldn't be forgotten. *sigh

but the grand prize of 'book that i loved most' goes to:

GERALD DURRELL!!!!!!!! ohkay please don't commit the age old mistake of judging the book by it cover. gerald durrell is one of my all time favorite authors and i never thought that i would be able to find, much less buy, one of his books again! i stumbled upon his books purely by mistake in the public library and its one of the loveliest mistakes ever! his books (mostly records of his adventures collecting wildlife all over the world) are what that got me interested in nature, and realize that writing about animals can be so interesting and funny. sadly i've none of his skills so its really hard to convince you guys why i love him so much. it felt like winning the lottery when i spotted the name 'Gerald Durrell', then scanning the title (not a book i read before), and turning over to look at the price (rm2.90).


haha i hope the amount of exclaimation marks i put are enough to convey my feelings adequately. its a slice of childhood i treasure. and discovering it again at merely rm2.90?

i simply regret not having enough cash to steal a few more bargains *aunty mentality again!. wolfed down both of them too soon. now i'll have to wait for another semester :(

haha so i guess thats it for today. tomorrow we're going to Janda Baik, someplace near Genting i think, to check out the coming youth camp campsite!!! yeh yeh can't wait!

got a feeling that this semester break gonna rock, as always. (aagh its really hard to type when your fingers are fighting the urge to scratch. my thighs look like giant bitter gourds now. ridges and everything. ew. ) okay since i touched on the topic of finals and everything, i'm gonna give a simple and clean summary of my semester then. to give it a nice nice ending. since this was a short semester, i originally planned to take the maximum amount of 3 subjects to kill myself, as always. but unexpectedly one of the subjects clashed with another. so i just took 2 subjects (a first in my inti life!!) and decided to take this semester easy. relax, light n' easy', the whole works. so, true to my word, i did. and a bit too much at that. a very short and nice 4 weeks of class. and the semester is over. actually i'm not quite sure what've i learnt this sem. for all i knew i wasted quite a lot of my parents money. in this short time, i got to know a lot of new friends, gained some experiences, sent off quite a few (bye wendy jonathan phuiyan :(( ), paid a lot of sleep debts, got hooked on spicy taiwanese sausages, learnt frisbee..... argh very itchy now..

summary: relaxing.

so when finals came, in my heart i was experiencing crazy guilt, to the extent i forgot my promise to myself. okay. lovely break over. stop lazing around liao. promise?

in the meantime,


*don't miss me guys, i'm going on extended break! until i feel bored going out, and grace relinquishes the lappie from her clutches, that is.

lots of love,

Jul 27, 2011

inspirations come from everywhere:

look at this! personal favorites 4, 7, 8, 10. especially 10. if i'm one of those innocent unsuspecting passengers i will totally 'wtf' that person. ahahaaa... *i think i do number 5 sometimes D:

this is great inspiration for the next time anyone needs a punishment or dare.


Jul 26, 2011

give me strength.

sometimes i should totally take my own advice.

"i will be still and know You are God"

good night world.

i'm so lucky.

aah so happy now. sometimes you're reminded of what that truly matters. we're all on this earth for so short a time. what's the point? study study study study go school go uni go tuition go get a job work earn money have fun buy stuff get a girl (or boy) buy a car buy a house buy a better car have kids divorce grow old together go on vacation get promoted (i hate typing with newly painted nails) find your 'calling' and chase your dreams in my case its playing french horn without worries travel around the world get distracted by a whole bunch of new glittery entertainment get the newest iphone read more things wonders when this is gonna end blog go for concerts basically the cycle repeats itself the enjoyment we get in the process of survival buying earning spending clubbing wasting away always reaching for the temporary high until one day it suddenly stops.

all of it.

your fist-sized heart just forgot to continue beating. like it faithfully did for as long as you could remember.

like it or not, we're all born to die. why such a short life? what is the freaking point that we enter this world for such a short period then leave? are we supposed to leave a mark on this earth? does me getting a 4.0 cgpa matter? would anyone remember this a hundred years later?

sometimes, looking at things from a way larger perspective does put things into perspectives.

i'm just glad, and satisfied, that i got to know this amazing God who loved me for who I am and died on the cross for my stupid sins and wanted nothing less than the best for me. a short life, to get to know Him, as my savior, glorify Him, and prepare for eternity :)

actually, He is the only one who mattered. because everything changes and wastes away, but God remains the same forever and ever.

take the step of faith, open your heart. He'll be walking with you, every step of the way.

ok 200th post.



survival must haves:

wong-lo-kat! this drink was supposedly very bitter in real broth form..herbs cooked for hours... mom was very skeptical of this drink when she saw the ad on tv. eheh.. when i came to inti, sandra recommended this drink to me. kinda expensive at rm2.50 per can, but its worth it when you feel much better after drinking it and all the 'heatyness' goes away :)

this is my third blog post of the day!

just noticed that i blog more when i'm stressed. to procrastinate is my guess.

see this???
i'm gonna see him this saturday!!!!!!! tenkew sandra :D

aah. hello, books.

see see see!

in today's sinchew:

so proud of this guy. hinhua would be totally different without him. thanks sir :')

i hate to say this,

but i gotta admit it: blackberry phone cameras suck!
[warning: all the below pics are taken by bb. sincere apologies for any harm to eyes]

well well... the previous post i complained about my finals and bad mood right? i wanted to 'reward' myself or something, just to cheer myself up by getting some sushi. so the sushi place i had in mind was just the very not up to standard sushi king at Nilai's Avenue 9. beggars can't be choosers, don't look at me like that. any sushi is better than no sushi at all.

so i was there moping and kinda indirectly forcing them (by them i meant sandra lynne and kenny) to go makan. by that time it was already 5pm and none of us had taken lunch yet. not even breakfast! so it was very good timing then. everyone needed to eat right? ehhe. unbelievably they were even more picky than me, and the discussion led to us heading to The Gardens for sushi zanmai!

so hungry.. sandra complained that she's gonna get sick and feverish in the car. i felt a bit guilty for that 40 minute journey just to get sushi.

after we got there, headed straight to sushi zanmai and ordered our stuff. July is Unagi month! eel eel eel eel~~~~i think they just employed a whole bunch of newbies to be waiters. very unprofessional and bumbling. can't even change tables for us because (in his lame english) 'this will spoil our system'. whatevs.

food arrived in 15 minutes i think. we were about to pass out from hunger.

ding! kenny straight uploaded this on facebook. i think many of those stuck in nilai preparing for exams were kinda provoked by this. Joel Tay never mind i got a lil' something for you ;)

lynne n kenny. they look good in white!
my unagi rice with egg! verdict: too little unagi, too much rice. luckily the egg wasn't too cooked. else i'd die. half-cooked eggs are my universal craving. the smoked salmon sushi and assorted stuff we ordered made up for this not too good rice. owh well. at least im extremely stuffed by all that rice.

edit: after the meal, sandra suddenly brightened up and said that she felt way better. it's because she finally got some food into her system. people do need food. its like cars can't go on without petrol. glad that the sushi pumped her up though. else my guilt would never end.

after that very filling meal, our clothes felt like bursting... of course its time to do some exercise and walk off the fats. shopping time!

since intiball is coming soon... sandra suggested that we look for dresses. reminded of the days spent looking for my highschool prom dress. couldn't stop myself from heading for dresses weeks after that. warehouse isetan robinsons etc etc saw a hot korean guy mango etc etc... all dresses either too expensive or very unwearable. found a few nice ones but don't know how to match the theme. A red carpet affair?

sigh. proms.

anyways, it's the wonderful mega-sales again and we had fun in zara:
got these red hot heels for lynne to try. although she was wearing her nikes with socks but she very sporting lah and obliged me. teehee. those heels were around 4 or 5 inches. damn scary yet attractive at the same time. why oh why are women interested in these instruments of torture??
then i tried on a nude pink pair for myself :D yeh taller than kenny liao. should i get em'? its around rm200 after discounts! and its surprisingly easy to walk in. its the first time i tried on heels with such thin spikes.
me and dra. had to grab on a shelf to stand close. her's with the glitter. nais or not nais or not?!

lepak lepak lepak.. luckily zara had a men's section. else kenny would die of boredom.

halfway through i was wondering why we so free can shop. then it hit me that we're in the middle of finals. owww.... went to MPH to look at books. alleviate the guilt a bit.
never noticed that mph got these cute cute stuff. the red soft grinning thing i'm holding is something to stuff on your car seat. so you can lean your head on it. car accessories, basically. so if you buy the thing i'm wearing too you can be all matchy matchy with your dear car. sounds so exciting.

its been so long since i went to an actual bookstore and browse for books! wanna buy books so badly. if not for the second-hand book sale going on now, i would've gotten at least one book from MPH. all of them are so tempting!

very random conclusion, as always: Thursday's last paper. i think i thoroughly enjoyed this semester. short. and sweet. lots and lots of relaxation. where's the very stressed person i see in the first sem? when i read back my previous posts and look at myself now, almost couldn't recognize. but i'm alright. planned a nice rest this sem. and i did :) guess i gotta step up the game next sem. good that we had 2 days to prepare for org comm. else you'd see me foaming at the mouth trying to stuff everything in. too bad the weather today is murder. felt like evaporating from the heat. global warming creeps me out sometimes.

Reader's Digest recommends the weirdest things sometimes. this is proof. spent the day laughing my head off at those lame things.

this one iz cute. totally reminded of danni and her addiction to crayon sin chan.

personal fav:

ok now to study. phew i feel a slight drop in the temperature. thank God.

bye peeps! can't wait for sem break to be here!!!

Jul 25, 2011

it's been said

that girls look pretty when they berserious. HARHAR.

just screwed up my sociology final paper. and what do you do when you screw up?

guess guess guess!!!

sometimes i eat ice-cream.
sometimes i go for a crazy jog.
sometimes i sleep.

this time?

sushis don't you ig-nori me! #geddit geddit

ok la no mood to act happy liao. they're here, i gotta go. just heard from an old friend. i'm happy. friendships are things that die, like a plant, when no one waters it. May h2o have a steady presence in our friendship always :)

buh byeee!

moral of the story iz: nothing is impossible.

Jul 24, 2011

my namesake! trust me, they named that Potter boy after me!

was fighting off the urge to jump on the Harry Potter-actors-before-and-after-oh-so-cute bandwagon. don't get me wrong, hedghogs are so easily misunderstood. i am a HUGE harry potter fan who watched joyseet finish her Goblet of Fire in an afternoon and hide in the toilet till midnight to finish the latest installment cause her mom hates it when she didn't sleep early. but the movies seriously disappoint me. of all movie adaptations, only LOTR come remotely near to the books. Harry Potter? puh-lease.

hehe but i loved those actors all the same. they're everywhere so its hard to ignore them and when the movie version came out they provided an actual 'face' to go with the stories *im not good at imagining faces. human faces are so ... weird.

this photo is too cute to resist! oh-so-KEWT!!!!!

of all three, my favorite is Ron. he's funny, he's sarcastic, he's flawed, he's such a ... boy. come to think of it, i like those twins too. they're the bomb! hermione is not bad too, but harry is kinda tasteless for me. whatevs. every story needs someone to save the day. what's your favorite out of the three?

[since its not often that i get a chance to blog since joyseet hogs everything, i gonna talk about whatever pops into my mind right now just to spam my page and create more 'content' from hedgehogs. *we're a minority! ] oh, speaking of 'adorableness', lookie here:
its JanVy and Pokez! or boo/boosquare, i'm not sure of the name anymore. according to my limited understanding, Reuben entered JanVy and PBB (pokez boo boosquare) in the Pet+Owner Photoshoot Competition organized by the Animal Cruelty Awareness Week. phew long name. so when the photo was up, there were around 100++ likes. Joyseet's classmate Jessica's photo was in the lead with around 400 likes or so. out of nowhere, everyone suddenly became really bersemangat and its great fun to see joyseet sharing the photo everywhere and spamming the page and things like that. to be honest, i don't think they could win. i think even joyseet was just sharing.. no real aim to win it or anything....

then they got serious...

when the possibility of winning seems to be rather high...

the likes increased...

surprise surprise! and *im not sure whether you can see it or not

from 100 ......... to 769 LIKES!!!!!!!!

so happy for PBB! if i *liked* it too it would be 770 likes! feels proud of those semangat spammers. Enthel, Elvina, Yat Sin, etc etc... although i have a kind of phobia towards those 'spammers' who always urge you to like this like that, i now get the 'high' that came when all your spams finally paid off and the taste of sweet success is at hand. eheh although i didn't win JOYSEET Y U NO ENTER THE CONTEST WITH ME but its still fun to watch.

ergh. writing this post makes me feel lifeless. hanging on a wall is a very miserable existence.

google+ anyone?

have a nice monday,

Jul 23, 2011


big cake!

eheh grace koh did it again! lovely chocolate cake that looks store-bought. or at least professionally done. so proud of her. i think those strawberries are a nice touch :)
looks really yummeh! keyword here: looks.
momma so proud of her baby
ding! artistic shot. i think all of her hard work and investment kind of paid off. she baked it on saturday morning. and sunday morning she woke up complaining that her arm ached badly. poor girl. sacrificed her arm muscles for the greater good. mixing everything by hand is no easy job. it's time to get a mixer eh?

finals are around the corner. tomorrow, to be exact. gonna head back to the so-called *jungle* later. durian party didn't quite work out cause durians no enough. dad's gonna 'restock' his precious durian stash on tuesday. come again then! its lovely to see a whole bunch of people slurping away on durians while a selected few stand there with shirts pulled up to block their noses from the 'stench'. ahaha. to quote leejin:'its better if you don't eat loh, cause i'll have more for myself then' :D

durians!!! hope that when i return home *if i ever manage to survive finals, that is* there will still be a couple left.

sniffing hopefully,

Jul 22, 2011



Jul 21, 2011

Strawberries, Water and Other Addictions

I have a few theories on habits and addictions.

About 5 years ago I gave up soda for an entire month. Which was hard for me because I drank soda all the time. After skateboarding, tons of exercise or with whatever meal. My body craved it. When I was thirsty my mind thought “soda”. Makes sense, it’s all I drank. It’s all that my body knew. So when I got rid of it for a month, I drank so much more water. It was like a soda detox, I started feeling more hydrated. With soda, it would quench my thirst for a while, but then I’d come back even more thirsty. So eventually, that month with no soda trained my mind to think “water” when I was thirsty, because it was familiar to me. It was the most recent drink that satisfied that particular craving so my mind told my body to get water. Water is in soda, but there is also so much more stuff, including sodium, that eventually dehydrates. So it will wet your whistle, but it won’t cure what ales ya.
(this isn’t an anti-soda blog).

Sometimes we eat stuff and say “that really hit the spot”. I believe a lot of times that spot is your body longing for a certain vitamin or mineral because it’s in need of it and when we eat something that contains that it’ll satisfy us. This isn’t always the case, but it certainly has been for me. Once I was on a tour with a band and after being in closed quarters in the van, I really started craving orange flavors. I knew that it was my body telling me it needed vitamin C because I felt like I was slowly getting sick, so I bought an orange and a ton of orange juice and it really hit the spot. I think, because my immune system was running out of ‘ammo’ to do it’s job right. I think fruits like strawberries and apples are natures candy and when we crave sweets, it’s really our body craving the sugars that it needs. Since fruits aren’t as convenient, we go for a sweet similar to that fruit. So our body craves the sugars in a strawberry and we eat skittles and my guess is we trick our brains into thinking it got what it needed. Or our brains start remembering skittles as the extent of obtaining sugars so the next time it needs them, it tells you “eat skittles”. Because your brain doesn’t remember getting those sugars any other way.
(this isn’t a pro-fruit blog).

Sometimes when we get lonely or just want to hang out with some people we’ll check Facebook, see what everybody is up to, hopefully to find something to do with everyone. Without knowing it, a few hours have went by and we get a small sense of hanging out with people so we can go to bed, close but not fulfilled in the way we needed human interaction that particular day. The next time we are lonely, we go back to whatever helped the last time we were and we get in a cycle.
(this isn’t an anti-social networking blog).

We kind of are like someone that needed money, went to his car ashtray first, before going to his wallet to get money and then the next time he needs money, he goes to his car ashtray, because it had money the last time. When really he could be getting the amount he needed from his wallet. Soda has water in it, skittles have sugars and even vitamins in them, facebook has friendships in them and car ashtrays do have money in them. But my point is, we aren’t going to the source, the cure for our need. We are settling for the first thing that starts to cure it, for a time. I believe we have only short term memory when it comes to cravings, we crave the most recent things that have scratched that itch. Even though, like soda it’ll just make us more thirsty, or with skittles it’ll make us need vitamins more, or with ashtrays it won’t pay our bills.

When you start training your body by eating carrots and strawberries regularly. You actually start to enjoy them. Then eventually you even like them more than the artificial alternatives.

I think this happens all the time with sin and God. Satan does a great job at making God look like the enemy and sin look like our friend. I’ve recently been realizing this in my own life. I was praying yesterday “I don’t see you as a friend anymore, I miss that”. I used to pray because I enjoyed it, not because I felt obligated or that God was mad at me. The more I sin, the more I start seeing God as this guy in the clouds that is mad at me. But the more I seek God the more I realize how wrong that is. I don’t think it’s possible for God to be appealing to us at the same time we find sin appealing. The Bible says “you can’t serve two masters” and that “if you love the world, the love of God is not in you”. When you enjoy sin and find it appealing, you might think you also enjoy God, but I think Satan is allowing you to have a distant admiration for Him instead of a deep love for Him.
(this is a blog about God)

God is the water that quenches our thirst, the vitamins that give us strength and the friend that gives us comfort we just have been settling for the first thing that starts to scratch our itch, the artificial substitutes that contain parts of good, but avoid it completely. Whatever is most convenient.

I realize now that God wants us to stop sinning, for a lot of reasons that stem in love, but one of them is because it’s a cheap substitute for what He has for us and also because it makes us see him as a nasty carrot. Instead of if we come to Him for nourishment, we start seeing everything else as stuff that will give us a stomach-ache or make us weak after time.

In Luke 15:11-31 Jesus gives the story of the prodigal son. A famous story about a son that leaves his wealthy father to pursue luxury on his own, and then becomes broke and after time passes, starts considering eating what the pigs eat, the longer he is away from his father, the more afraid and ashamed he gets of returning to him (just my speculation), eventually the son returns and the father rejoices and celebrates with a feast of a fatted calf.

I used to think that this parable was for long-term rebellion. People that have walked away from the faith and eventually came back, how God rejoices in that. Which I believe is true. But I think it’s also about short term rebellion. Us walking away from God by pursuing sin and coming back in repentance that day or week. God rejoices and welcomes us with a fatted calf. I’m really starting to believe that God has a fatted calf ready for every time I will screw up, for every time my heart wanders from Him. If I’m going to sin, God forbid, 3,000,004 times in my life, God has 3,000,004 fatted calfs ready to welcome me each time. What a beautiful Gospel!

We leave God every time we sin, but to avoid facing him, we consider feeding with the pigs. Sin very much separates us from God, not because God walks away, but because we think that God can’t forgive us or whatever else, it makes God look less approachable, less desirable, less accurate to how He really is. I think that is one of the many reasons God hates it.

Sin is like a person that gossips about a good friend of yours. The more you hang out with the gossip, the more inaccurately you see your friend and eventually the more you start hating your friend, thinking he isn’t loving, thinking he is unjust or mean or whatever else. Then when your good friend says “hey, you should consider not hanging out with that gossip, it’s affecting our relationship” we start saying “that gossip was right, you are mean and over-controlling!” and your friend might say “you should stop hanging out with that gossip because of how it’s making you treat other people and how it’s taking away your joy and everything else” and we again go “I knew you’d say something like that, you don’t even care about me”.

Sin is the gossip that is affecting our relationships and especially our relationship with God. And Satan is doing a hell of a job making sin look appealing and God less appealing that when God commands us to love, we just get more angry at him.

We’re a bunch of fools. Lord have mercy on us.
“Father forgive us, for we know not what we do…”

your friend,

(cool stuff that joel shared and i benefited from. Amen, indeed.)

lookie here!

yet another poster where my Desktop Publishing skills were put to good use. this tournament iz for real. join now! or perhaps just share it out to any friends who play volleyball, preferably in uni or college age :D

ok. now to study. for real.

Jul 20, 2011






dum dum de dum

ahah to put it in sien han's words: 'just got back from an awesome sing k session!'
we asians just love our karaokes. volleyball club used to go karaoke every few weeks in the past sem. to the extent that we know who likes what song and what are the 'must-sings' and who will sing what part etc... total cheong k kakis! last sem was the climax of our karaoke sessions and in this short sem, all of us missed those sessions where we can yell to our hearts' content... but everyone is really busy with assignments and personal stuffs and whatnot. too bad. sien han (inti idol contestant!) asked us along so many times, i think i lost count. everyone was like 'i want but i can't'. then there's a period where i sprained my finger and gave up going to volleyball training sessions at all. can't stand sitting beside and not playing. but this week is study week, we're back for a meeting, so we decided to have training too! don't care about that finger lah. it's been a looooong time since we can just 'play game' without trainings, drills, etc. its tiring to do so much warm ups and drills until you're too tired to concentrate in the game. but those drills kind of paid off. everyone improved so much! its a fun game today :)

after the game, i just wanted to grab some dessert and head back to sleep. but then in a very random moment, 4 of us paused, looked at each other, thought that going karaoke would be a good idea, few fleeting glances and everything's set. FOOH. braders and sistahs indeed!

teehee. very nice ending to the day indeed.

with gemma and liz.
the semester's is at its last legs, liz's leaving for internship,
rex's graduating next sem,
emo liaw lar.

ok i should stop mangling english here and start studying. finals gonna start next monday and end on thursday! i repeat: i hate short sem. can't wait for the 3 week break we gonna have (any part time jobs available???) to sleep. and eat.

aah. satisfying night. it's a mistake to keep 'How to train your dragon' s soundtrack on replay for two days. now its impossible to get that melody out of my head. its nice. but not nice when you can't play the song for yourself. aaaagh. bye peepal.

Jul 19, 2011


easy things that brings a smile to the face: listening to really really really cool music.

haha this looks like those shots with totally wrong timing where everyone looks really weird.
How to train your Dragon only has a lame name. what is definitely not lame about it, is the soundtrack. John Powell you're one amazing composer! for more of the soundtrack click here. ok so that's the good news.

now for the bad news!

how to wipe the smile off your face: two words: Rebecca Black.

nights peeps!


[pronounced kay-seh-koo-hern]
Käse basically meant 'cheese' in German (Deustch!). i'm now kinda missing those German
classes taken last semester. it's so cool to be learning a foreign language that you can actually
use and understand. those German subtitles and game manuals gave me so much satisfaction
when i could actually read and understand them.
google's looking nice today! i remember lingling's status, something about google being a part of her life now, sharing in her happiness and sadness, always managing to cheer her up with new designs every other day... i forgot the actual thing, but its kinda true in some way. isn't it a nice surprise whenever you go to google and find out a new picture or you can play the guitar or pacman or whatever for the day? thank you google! we owe you loads!

anyway, study break iz officially here! my mid-sem break has barely passed but here i am enjoying another week-long break! teehee. enjoyed a few days lazing around at home pointlessly, going jogging with graceet, zukkie and 'niel' ahaha, wasting time in general... i'm supposed to be back at inti this tuesday, so on my 'final' day i decided to make cheesecake with Grace! actually, more like she suggested that we do something and she bugged and bugged and bugged me until i caved in and got interested in it too!
here's the cream cheese! brand name Fatura. i can see a fat future ahead indeed.

ingredients all nicely laid out. clockwise from top left: egg yolk, egg whites, cream cheese, butter, sugar. its really minimal. like seriously.
step 1: stir everything together until your muscles ache.
spot the nice recipe book with the nice picture all nicely propped up against the window. and also spot my weird newly cut hair. yes i cut it. again. now i look like popeye's girlfriend.
step 2: when's its all creamy and mixed together, pour into cake tin. remember to grease your tin though. we forgot.

60 minutes later,

no kaput! nice and cheesy. just slightly burnt on top! man are we excited!

when its done, its already 6pm and i have to rush to pick sandra up from subang and head back to inti for AG meeting. epic traffic jam as always. made it just in time! subway and chatime for dinner. sweet kao. diabetes gonna come if i'm not careful. had so much durians this weekend too!

had a lil' slice of home after AG meeting and yumcha session at 2:34am :')
i miss home already.

ok here's plans for tomorrow:
0930 wake up
1000 really wake up
1100 study
1230 lunch break
1500 study
1700 nap
1900 dinner
2000 meeting
2100 volleyball!

not bad eh? let's see what i can do tomorrow :D

Jul 14, 2011


trying hard to stay awake. don't want to miss the bus again.
here, go see this link if you're too free. and this one too.

aagh. today is the last day of the semester.
just done with class.
what a freakin' sem. barely 4 weeks.
celebrated Ian's birthday too. had to literally drag myself out of bed for that class.
sleep, i need you and i miss you.

study week is here,

Jul 13, 2011

owh, man.

i think i'm totally doomed. the internet provides wayyy too much seduction for us gullible consumers. just found this really cool nail polish website offering the most gorgeous shades. although once upon a time i like to think of myself as an au-naturel person who prefers to go without all those 'fake' beauty products, but now i've gone over to the dark side without realizing it and look!

a lovely sable brown nail polish!
and creamy moss green!
mustard yellow #bersih and deep turquoise!
deep burgundy! subtle dove grey!

these nail polishes come with names too! the first sable brown one is called vera, the lovely olive creamy green is named selena, yellow's stella, burgundy's keira, dove gray's annette, but i especially loved the dark turquoise one: jaime. so so so so nice! this sounds kinda wrong but i think the name is just so suitable for it! aaaagh those 'names' are just another ploy cooked up by the profit makers power players above and i'm so falling for it! ever since i've read a book where the protagonist is a petite girl with high aspirations and loves to 'end her meetings with a few choice clatters' *meaning her nails* i've been unable to get that quote out of my mind. i have very short nails as a result of a nail chewing childhood so i'm reaaally happy to have nice long normal looking nails with beautiful shades of colors on them. i'm easily distracted by those pretty colors but they make me smile :) very short-lived happiness though. a few frisbee throws or a round on the bass guitar later, chipped nails rear their ugly heads and my lovely claws become flawed :(

and if my nails are long, no way i can play guitar, type, open cans of coke, or use my bb well. are lovely nails only for tai-tais who can afford maids to open Coke for em'?

don't care lah.
oooh look! midnight blue and hot fuchsia! whoaaa...

this iz an addiction that has to be stopped. fast.