Jun 4, 2011

wordy post?

just felt like typing some wordy post to make my blog look more 'substantial' eheh. this week was the week that i started to return to study mode. for two weeks i have been trying and failing, still maintaining the holiday mood and having crazy night activities in the general, rationalizing my irrational behavior. so this week! is the week that i finally started to attend all classes at 8am. as a result, i feel like dying already. (do not take the above sentence seriously. i know there are much more unfortunate people out there and i shouldn't say things like that. but that fatigue. its killing me. that day i couldn't walk straight for goodness' sake and almost fell asleep at the wheel too!). but i digress. so this week of classes made me realize how much i had missed a particular lecturer. who would take your contribution to the class discussion seriously, who actually had passion for the job and students, who actually respected others. felt kinda cynical about lecturers who wasted our time by having hour-long breaks and offering inane theories in class. so, life is... not bad. but i could really make do without all those morning classes.

another thing about this week. i just sacrificed just about my week to hhsb too! didn't really plan to do that but then everything just came into place and siauli came back from sg for a short week plus the band camp and stuff... so just spent loads of time there, training for the kids and emceeing for the mini concert etc. first time being emcee weih! mempersiasuikan! :( i actually mispronounced our conductor's name! @#$%... and then at the end i didn't really rehearse my line well and the ending is really... watat. argh can't bring myself to describe the situation. let's just say that i'm more suitable for debate rather than emceeing.

happy birthday sir! love that card!

anyway, the mini concert was better than i expected! good job guys. they had ensembles and full band, the ensembles sucked, i wonder why. but then those junior members really surprised me! they were seriously better than i thought. i'm looking forward to the reaaal concert next month! after the concert, some of the band alumni started getting their instruments and we finally had a proper brass quintet present! *tears of joy T_T sinnee lau can still play so well after 5 years of not touching her trumpet lo...jealous.. countless times have we wanted to play brass quintet songs but then some instrument would always be absent or something like that. so last night was kinda special for me :) a night wouldn't be complete without supper session afterwards! so we went for tong sui :D its amazing how band friends can still have so much fun together even without meeting for long periods of time. hope that this bond can and will last for a longgg time lah.

at the last day of camp when i went to teach em', they watched the CD of the 8th concert. it's my first time watching it! so weird to listen to my own playing. but it brought up a shitload of memories. and memories make me emo. and what do you do when you're emo? go karaoke!!! 4 girls, 1 huge room, 3 microphones, free flow of food and drinks... man, i seriously miss urban karaoke. and it's been like, 5 years since i went for karaoke with them. we spend so much time playing songs, yet we don't really go out for things like this. teehee.

argh. guess i can't really write 'substantial' posts. i have a lot on my mind right now but i don't think this place is the suitable place to pour them. just... be careful.

absolutely hated creating messes for others to clear up. i'm so irresponsible and absent-minded sometimes, i can't believe myself. if i have a friend like this, i will totally punch some sense into him/her. disgusted at myself. sorry mom, sorry dad, sorry bro, sorry couzie, sorry to all whom i caused endless troubles due to my stupidity. argh. no more ditziness pleeeease? one thing, never call me to instruct me on some important stuff when i'm asleep. i will have absolutely no recollection of the conversation that took place. second thing, reminders are kinda necessary when you see me in my babi mode. thanks, and sorry again.

its rockstar night next week!

p.s: congrats to those whose 'springtimes' have arrived!

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