Jun 1, 2011

this week through my blackberry

its wednesdayyy and i just got back fron eunice's 21st birthday party. i'm supposed to be in nilai but then decided to come back for her party since its not often we get to celebrate with this jet setter. another month and she'll be flying back to singapore. :( anyway, many happy returns of the day! sorry that i just got you a small tub of haagen dazs. no planning at all ..paiseh ah hehe...

second year seems to be a year without self-control for me!
this sem started out good enough: in terms of fun.
studies? nah.

someone's gotta shake some sense into me. anyway, i was planning to start second week of the sem with seriousness and sleep early and etc etc... but before i had a chance to, there came the fated phone call and off we go to hang out in Starbucks lcct. the lengths Intians go to have fun really surprises me. we go midvalley, putrajaya, subang, pyramid, seremban, malacca... whoaa...

shepherd's pie@starbucks tastes reaaally good. don't really like hot chocolate though. its like drinking chocolate cake. ew. there's this... thing about airports that make me want to do impulsive stuff, like buy a ticket and jump on to the next destination or whatever. watching people lugging around their backpacks, jetting off somewhere....makes me so jealous. I WANT! not to mention so much memories .... i miss you guys.. remember the time you sent me off at the airport after prom and post-prom party?

it feels really good to be able to finally wake up for class and stride purposefully to academic block. to add a cherry on top of the icing, to see the cutest cat on the way to class! look at that cat's eyes! so slanted and adorrrrable! after i snapped a picture of it, the sound of the camera woke it up and it looked so sleepy and annoyed. HAHA.

next is nyonya dumpling, again from malacca, again courtesy of sandratina. wee wang wang. the glutinous rice is blue with roast minced pork as filling. not bad~

and midnight monopoly deal wars with king, kelvian, and reuben! sleep early de plan FAIL.
'That's SO wrong!'

last but not least (oops this pic is not from my blackberry, i stole it from wendy) is a trip to S'ban for Kungfu Panda with 8 cars and 38 people! the whole cinema was practically booked by us. definitely one-of-a-kind experience!

before the show started me and kenny were having burgers but needed a place to sit. there weren't any benches so we sat on those kiddy things. motorbikes and trains, where 1 ringgit and buy any kid a spin and music and watat things like that. to be honest, as a kid my parents never allowed me to sit on those things. suddenly this fat kid appeared and started to give VERY OBVIOUS hints that he wanted to have a go on that toy train. embarasssssing. i shall never sit on those things not meant for adults ever again.

gotta hit the hay. tomorrow's a longg day~


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