Jun 7, 2011

semester break part 1: Malacca!

woots! end of april i went to malacca's puteri resort for our church camp, and a week of finals later, here i am again! its a very short 48 hours of malacca with my high school housemates...not all were there though :( but still, its a very full 48 hours, filled with all the good food malacca had to offer! on friday morning we girls drove to nilai and met up with the guys. malacca is reaaally close to nilai, around an hour's drive. however, garden is a careful driver so we reached there in 2 hours. it didn't really occur to me that people would drive in the middle lane for long distance driving. if i did so, i would totally fall asleep. thank God that i'm not the driver of this trip..

we're here! after having the famous chicken rice ball, we decided to walk around. the chicken rice ball was basically chicken rice shaped into balls. the first time i had it, i was rather grumpy and asked around for the rice, wondering why did they serve us fishballs with chicken. kinda excruciating memory. how can i be so stupid :/

of course the second stop for food HAS to be cendol! visiting Jonker Street in the middle of the day is no joke. the weather was crazily hot, the sun unforgiving, the traffic annoying.... durian cendol is totally the lifesaver. actually, i had visited malacca a lot of times, but i didn't really like this cendol then. the brown sugar was too much and made my head ache, but this time, i think the durian balanced the taste out.

loving the red beans and green cendols :D naimo didn't like her cendol. she ordered some very gross version since she didn't like durians so she couldn't finish hers at all. what a waste..

malacca river is kinda clean now! last time my friends would compare it with drains and stuff, but now at least it doesn't stink :D the renovation along the riverside made it look much more attractive too. good job malacca government!

with statues at Jonker Street's public washroom. this place was supposedly a graveyard too. we just saw one single grave there. the washroom was nicely designed, but still, we have to pay 30cents to use it. but i like this place. its a nice place to breath fresh air after the crazily crowded Jonker Street.

creative use of bamboo baskets as lampshades.

the orang utan house! loved the hand painted t-shirt designs and the murals, but the shirts were too short :(
random street.
walking back to the car at the 'red house' area. that street has a lot of watches! shall go back there to buy mine soon :)

just realized that all three of us are teochew peeps! teochew ftw!!!!!

next stop: Nadeje!


rum n' raisin~


mango yogurt~

oops, forgot to take a picture of the 'original flavour'. these mille crepe cakes are kinda nice. my friends would just come down to malacca JUST for this cake then drive back up to KL again. many are crazy over it. i only liked the original flavour and mango yogurt though. the other two flavours kinda grossed me out.

we ordered drinks but the PDA-wielding waiter actually forgot all about it. to an extent we couldn't stand the sweetness of the cakes anymore and asked the waiter over for our drinks. he had the gall to reply, 'apa drink?'

i don't think i would come back for these cakes again because RT Pastry House totally sold the same type of cakes which cost around rm6 per piece. these Nadeje crepe cakes were sold at rm8.50 per piece!

not a good experience. maybe next time :)

finally went back to our apartment to check in and shower. garden's classmate at inti, Donald was kind enough to make arrangements for our accomodation bookings. we had to stay in apartments since all of us weren't of age to book hotels. this was the first time i've heard of this rule. 21 year olds to book hotels? that's why sandra can book the hotel rooms for us last time la~! hahahaha... anyway, the apartments looked rather run-down from the outside, but the interiors are surprisingly quite cool! after showers, its time to go out for food again!

capitol satay.
stupid very long queue. can anyone just recommend us another satay place that is not so crowded? i think i've heard of another place that's alright, but since we're not locals, no one knew how to get there... we waited for at least an hour before there's a seat for us.

satay celup is basically steamboat with satay sauce as the 'soup'. lots and lots of peanut, curry, coconut stuff, and sugar in the brown stuff. first time having it though. heard a lot about it from Sandra the ambassador of all things Malaccan, so i have high expectations of it :D


basically says that Capitol Satay is highly ORIGINAL and doesn't have any branches by their siblings. create hype.

the bill came up to rm30++ per person. a bit too expensive for me. although they served us prawns and scallops at the end, i still feel that its rather too pricey and not worth the 1 hour wait.

after visiting the Jonker Night Market, we were too tired and just went to sleep. ah yap planned so much (cards, mahjong, shandy, king's cup..) but at then end they just watched football. i guess we just got old. i used to be able to stay up all night during trips and be crazy...but now.. no way :D

the next day~
assam laksa for lunch!

loved the fish and prawns. a bit too oily though. CALORIESSSS!

found the nicest hat ever. loved the colors, but the hat's top was actually pointy. :((

first time visiting the fort. always read about it in primary school textbooks, its nicer in real life.

must-have: lala feet photo!
taken at some old bus stop. the old railway was just behind us!

climbing up the steps to reach the.. fort? another old relic. i think its called st francis's hill or something like that.

the place was swarming with kids from school trips. and they were holding DSLRS. shame on my phone camera and digital camera. what is wrong with kids nowadays anyway??

got durian puffs too! so nice! the custardy fillings just OOZED out~

rm15 for a box of 12. this was taken in some restaurant with air-cond. air conditioning is a rare commodity in Jonker Street. i think i lost 5 kgs in Malacca by just sweating. we left malacca around 2pm.. got lost in the malcca town for 1 hour, finally left the state around 3pm, reached nilai at 5pm, got home kinda late. SO TIRED! but crazily fun. i guess i'm really tired because of finals when i mugged for the whole night, had a really unhealthy biological clock, didn't eat properly too. on the whole, its a nice trip cause i haven't met ah yap since we graduated, its a nice chance to catch up and have fun :D

On another note, Saturday was also the day of MAPCU's (Malaysian Association of Private Colleges and Universities) Volleyball match! we girls aren't allowed to enter due to some lame problems, but the guys are joining! initially we planned to go and support them, but then at the last minute i decided to go on this trip, the others had some things to do, some don't know how to go there, so its just the guys. i didn't had high hopes for them, but when i signed in facebook that night, lo and behold,


i reaaallly didn't expect them to get first placing. (sorry la hehe) but then, at all the open tournaments we joined, they didn't perform well, and usually they just spent their time training with us, so they didn't really improve themselves. seems like the few days of crazy training before the match really improved them a lot. congrats guys~

no more demotivational talks! woooh!

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