Jun 12, 2011

sem break to the max part 2: TIOMANNN

wheee~! now for the second part of my holidays. it's monday and we're off to Tioman Island! i think my dad brought us there when i was 6 years old? but not much recollection of the place. so i'm reaaally reaaaally excited when liz suggested Tioman as the next destination of the volleyball club trip and proceeded to organize it. whee!

since we are going to depart at 4am, decided not to sleep at all because i would never wake up in time at 4am if i did sleep. *yawn

so lepaking online, reading stuff, until 3am and i realized that quite a few of them aren't asleep too! haha so we decided to meet up earlier to have breakfast together, started calling out some peeps but at the end waiting for everyone to turn up wasted so much time that we didn't get breakfast after all :S

no sleep suzanne, sleepy eyed janice, me, and awoken-by-us de liz. she was so shocked when we called her. HAHAHA sorry boss

apart from being the organizer, she is also the treasurer. poor girl doing one man show. kinda respect her though. eheh.. when everything was done and everyone arrived, it's time to get into the cars and SET OFF!

Auto Show.
wasted a lot of time circling nilai looking for food, bank, and mcdonalds. finally we left nilai at 5am. @,@

we dropped by Yong Peng for breakfast though. Yong Peng is my dad's hometown! the place i 'balik kampung' for Chinese New Year every February as far as i could remember. its weird but i have very little knowledge about that place. we had fishball noodles! the fishballs at Yong Peng are the best! although i don't have much knowledge about fishballs, those we had were really fresh and springy, none of your supermarket stuff!

eheh, everyone's 'hyperness' started to wane and got sleepy. the 'drivers' amused themselves by cutting lanes and driving ala fast & furious. according to them la. i had no idea what happened because i had already passed out from fatigue. didn't really got a chance to rest since few weeks ago. *haih

so finally one of the drivers couldn't keep up and we stopped to wait and rest. of course kennot let this opportunity to take photos pass! i remember i was seriously sleepy at this stage.

aaaand. after a longggg drive where the scenery of mountains and greenery and sunlight after a morning rain, we finally reached the jetty. Suzanne was itching to drive the winding stretch. it sure looked good enough to race in. too bad rex wouldn't hear of it.


wilson being the good house husband that he was. more like bell boy though.

got the freaking ferry tickets.

and proceeded to miss the ferry :(

during the wait.

of course take pictures la. the rest were either playing with their iphones or sleeping. or staring off into distance. so artistic. finally the big fat sea bus arrived.

i think the seabus took around an hour for us to reach Tioman. and not only Tioman, there were many stops along Tioman. kinda like bus stops. i remember that they sez the first stop is for those mountain hiking people. never knew can do mountain climbing at Tioman! we got off at the fourth stop.
very blurry group picture. got a lot of junk food.

was surprised. cause i thought the moment you get off the ferry you reach the beach and start playing around. haha. but the jetty we got off was very 'developed'. lots of buildings, got 'arrival hall' somemore, and many yachts moored along the dock. no place to swim. heart started to sink. how are we supposed to play in the sea like this woh?
anyway, i pushed that sad feeling aside as we were brought to the duty free place to shop. Duty Free! but the place kinda sucked la. chocolates no stock dy, dusty..sien. but the guys had fun buying alcohol lah. no interest because of my allergy. i think they bought too much.
four wheel drive!

we were given the options of sitting inside or on the back. OF COURSE ON THE BACK LAH! teehee! i think the last time i sat on the back of a truck was when i was 7 years old, with dad and some other people going to a durian orchard and it rained and we had to hide under the tarpaulin. so we climbed up without hesitation.

the other car.

chiuling, suzanne, and haosiang. now, take a goooood, loooonnng, look at suzanne's cap. the grey one with pink writing. that's the one. nice or not?

nice leh. during the ride, the cap flew off, just like that. HAHAHA. hey suzanne, the monkeys of Tioman send you their appreciation!

taken by those sitting in the relative comfort of the air-conditioned interior.
(janice, sien han, and me :D )

the ride was absolutely amazing! it started jerking up a very steep hill then going around sharp turns. we had to cling to the bar for dear life. when we entered the jungle, it started getting cool. as in, the temperature. the 'road' was just a small winding jungle trail but the driver took it all like a pro. in between we can also glimpse the sea as we got higher. wooh! when we reached some point the four wheel drive started going downhill and that's when it got cooler! *now i'm not talking about the temperature. its reaally fast and reaally bumpy and standing on the back felt like you gonna get thrown off any second! there were hanging vines and branches and you have to duck. we started creating this lame game to 'DUCK' or 'JUMP', depending on what your 'controller' shouts. got lots of potential to be designed into a simple computer game. *RIDE 'O' DEATH* ok i am no pro at conjuring creative names. leave it to the copywriters.

we're here!
at kampung juara something something. remember my worries just now about having fun in the sea? it was completely unfounded since the four wheel drive brought us to the OTHER side of the island, a secluded place where its really quiet and nice and we can shout to our comfort :D we stay at little kampung-style chalets. two queen size beds per room, a dressing table, mirror...the basic amenities are all there. toilets, beds, pillows, water heater, place to lepak. there's no refrigerator though. they had to store the beer in the grocery shop's fridge.

my feet on the chalet deck. see the brown nail polish!

weird words written in the cement. THANK YOU?

time for lunch. to get to the makan place we had to walk quite a distance. at least 200 meters, passing through some real kampung houses (people really live in them!), the kampung clinic and even a small bridge over a running river!

them on the bridge. kinda nice place. can hear birds chirping, sea singing....

posing at the kayak hut before going to lunch.

this is the view from our seat.
LOVED eating at places where the ocean wind blows,and you can smell the salt of the sea, and watch the glittering sea all you like. after lunch(borderline ok food. LOTS OF FLIES. ) we decided to get a closer look at the beach.

rex decided to try out his tree climbing prowess.

not bad!
sadly, i failed. i think i used to be a pro when i was a fearless kid. now? nah.

so can just watch lo... nice mushroomy pondok to lepak. on the right is the makan place. on the left is where the foreigners stay. i heard that these people can stay at these places for months on end. how i wish i can do that. months-long breaks! woww... THAT's the life.

beach volley time!

scorching sand blistering our feet but we bravely play on. everyone got sunburned after that. losers are supposed to be thrown into the sea, but only i got thrown. where's the team spirit people??? Tioman is way better than Port Dickson. In Port Dickson, you would go ewwwww the moment you touch the gross water. here at tioman? you can't get enough of it. wallowing around, swimming out the to floating plastic deck quite far out...

there're these decks around Tioman.. these decks are kinda fun. loved diving from it. some liked pushing people off it, the best of all, there're lots of little fishes lingering under it. i spent the longest time trying to catch one, with my hand dangling off the deck lifelessly to convince the fish that my hand is harmless. i almost got one, when some stupid guy had the clever idea to push me off. i love sea water, just not when it gets into my nose. ==

i don't have a picture of the deck because no one is brave enough to bring their unwaterproof cameras there. :( we did bring bread there though. to see those fishes swarming around you! and then the rope of the anchor haz lots of sea creatures in it too! fat black crabs... i wonder how they got there. do crabs swim?

one of the rare pictures at the beach. and with a volleyball. we didn't really play much volleyball at the trip cause there were so much other fun activites to do! unlike last time at PD where the options were limited to playing volleyball and sand. after we got back Pinky tagged us with a really cute pic:
the next time i go to the beach, i seriously gonna play this!

we spend the night lepaking and some tried to deplete the alcohol supply while i tried my best to deplete the junk food store. found out that Tioman had a LOT of bats. and one lightning bug. quite a few cats but no dogs.

and the moon is really beautiful. it lit up the whole place and the sea, as far as the eye could reach. it was the first time i've seen such a gorgeous moon. so big, so clear, so round, so cold. words can't describe the moon lah. go see for yourself. not much stars though. since the second day is packed full with activities, liz made sure that all of us are safely tucked in bed before 12. HAHAH. thanks mom :D

good morning. say hi to my roommates!
although only 4 were supposed to stay in one chalet, we decided to prove our 'thinness' and stuck together. liz, janice, suzanne, me and chiuling


on the boat, on the way to some reef spots. the girls dowan bring camera and no one brought their phones so for the first half of the boat ride we were all lifelessly sitting there, breathing in, and breathing out. until chiuling commented, 'aiyoh should have brought the camera! now no camera no fun.' how true. so i decided to prove that theory wrong and we started to play some games to pass the time. two truths and one lie is a really good game. first you get to know some juicy facts about others, secondly you get to know your friends better, thirdly its fun. hehe. suddenly, someone realized that zhang hang, a new friend who joined us on the trip actually brought his iphone along. WHEE! got photos dy! I am Number 4!

we reached our first snorkelling spot an hour later. we got so tired sitting on the boat and playing one game after another. when we finally spotted the island, the sky got darker. and darker. and DARKER! the moment we arrived, IT STARTED TO RAIN. @#$%.

however the guy who brought us there didn't seem to care and asked us to wear our life jackets, goggles and jump in! at first i was rather reluctant and the rain got heavier. but then there were a few other boats around with many people floating and snorkelling, so i guess it must be okay. the sea was kinda murky but i can still see a lot of fishies. we brought bread and they just swarmed around us. i was kinda freaked out yet fascinated by those fishes. very pretty la! blue green velvety black yellow... then rex had to go and put a piece of bread right in front of my eyes. those fishes are no joke when it comes to food! D:

suddenly, the rain stopped and the sun came out and at that very moment, the sea became crystal clear. so gorgeous! you can see right to the bottom, the corals, the fishes hiding between them, weird things i had no name for.... suzanne had the gall to take off her life jacket and swim around without it! so pro! i don't think i have the stamina to do that. anyway, i think i left the group for a while looking for other different fishes. the further you get, the more unique the fishes are. i love the sea, yet at the same time i fear it because i don't really know what's going on, what's dangerous and what's not. but they're very pretty all the same.

after hanging around the plastic deck there, we decided to clean up the sea. there were just so many plastic bags and weird pieces of trash there. come on lah people, the sea is not a rubbish bin. how can they bear to throw stuff when they see so much beauty around them? :(

we got to the second snorkelling spot. its a marine park and the fishes there were HUGE. no idea what they're called but they're kinda big. i think they look abit like tuna. can't be sure though.no one dared to enter the sea then. finally sien han jumped in and swam for the plastic deck. this time the plastic deck is quite close to the pier. i threw some bread around him and the fishes just SWARMED around him, forming a very beautiful circle. its quite a photo moment. too bad no cameras then :(

the marine park's reef supply is quite lacking, but there're small plastic things at the bottom, to encourage coral growth i guess. but the fish variety is quite ok though.i saw ikan bawal, some fluorescent blue fish, sea urchins, all black and spiky and dangerous, and i even saw a stingray! the size of the fishes were kinda big and they swim reaally close to the shore. even when i was knee high in water i can still see fishes the size of my forearm swimming along!

on the way back we passed by lots of islands, but one in particular caught my eye. the island had a tiny beach with huge rocks, kinda built into the island, and three people were on the tiny island. there was no way of reaching that place through land. but then i saw a small kayak there. of the three, one was posing on a rock, one was taking a photograph of her and another just exploring alone. there were also picnic stuff on that beach. that beach wasn't larger than a classroom i guess. how nice! i can imagine their adventure, kayaking to a secluded beach and having a private picnic there.

so suzanne suggested that we go kayaking when we got back later.

but we went for ice creams first 8D
one must have by the beach is definitely lime lollies!

abandoned any pretence of beach volleyball and went for kayaking! here's suzanne and zhang hang.
off we go! i'm in the blue shirt, the one sitting in front. suzanne had a hard time with me the first timer not knowing how to steer and all that. sorry ah >< but we had a great time though. finally i kinda got the hang of it and we went to another beach and explored the place. its' really pretty with rock pools and shells and clear streams and darting fishies. we spent so much time there until the others got tired of waiting for us and decided to rent another kayak instead.

finally we decided to go back and get a camera just so to take pictures of that wonderful place. rex, sien han, janice, and hongli came along too.
(janice me and suzanne! good posers yeh)

suzanne gave me her camera so that i can take pictures of them. me being the very clumsy forgetful person almost dropped her camera into the water. it happened like this: we were rowing along a very nice stretch of sea, the water is clear and beautiful, you can see right to the bottom, its very quiet and i decided to try and see whether i can dive into the water then climb back up again. i totally forgot that i had her camera on my lap. and i just stood up. after that suzanne told me that her heart stopped at that moment. cause her camera fell. on the kayak luckily. SHIT. i hate it when i blunder like that. paiseh betul, sorry again! T,T

the below 2 photos totally describe my feeling of kayaking. the sea is so peaceful, the kayak so light and floating, the scenery so enjoyable, i just drank it all in.

the mountains! right behind the beach.
after that we went hunting for the fat black crabs scuttering all over the rocks. sorry lah camera no quality can't take properly.

what's a beach trip without a jumping photo? THE GIRLS ROCK YEAH.
from the left: liz janice chiuling pinky bun suzanne and me.

a very tired dinner. whole day of swimming and catching crabs. its no easy job i tell you. those crabs can go fast. we had to cooperate to corner the crab, at the same time throwing sand at it... basically how lame urban people do things... but they say its good volleyball training wor, can train sprinting and stooping... we were tired, but that's not stopping us from enjoying the barbeque dinner. after that went for a walk on the beach to enjoy the crazily bright moon. its lovely. played games too. the beach was all messed up when we ended the game. they wanted to finish the beer supply by that night, so we had to play king's cup. King's Cup is the name of the complicated drinking game Janson taught us when we went to Penang last time. its basically doing things according to which card you got, and those things usually entail drinking.

since we are on the East Coast, i wanted to see the sunrise so badly. we wanted to see it the day before, but no one woke up. so this time since they all berkacau kacau till so late, we decided not to sleep at all so lepaked the whole night, refusing to sleep. VERY TIRED, BUT FOR THE SAKE OF THE SUNRISE. NO SLEEP. first time i followed the moon's progress through the sky.

anyway, its almost 5am so we headed out to the beach to wait for the sunrise. then chiuling chose to take out her Iphone 4's compass app to find out where's East. shit. our beach faced northeast. ==

still, we hoped that we could see the sun. and bad news. our beach is basically a curve, and we're in the middle of it. the tip of the curve succeeded in blocking the sun. see photo below:

the pinkish sky is the stupid sunrise. the sun was blocked by the gleeful tip. good for you!

decided not to watch the sun anymore and discovered a HUGE shoal of fish below the jetty.

the fishes stretch from one end and U-turned the whole jetty. A LOT OF FISH. damn scary lo. they were just there, quietly. maybe changing direction, not really swimming around. they look like they are lining up for something. the line stretched back to the shore. can't see where it ended. i felt my hairs raising when i saw them.

it's day three and its time to go back yo. woke up real late, had a rushed breakfast and the jeep took us back to the 'arrival hall'. loved the sky. so blue!

in the arrival hall. say hello to the iphone gang.

the guys with pinky on the left.

the girls. actually its just bunbun and pinky. but we hid behind the glass and tried to 'fit in' HAHA

the ferry arrived so me and suzanne stole this photo before boarding. bye tioman. i'll miss you :'(

LOVED every moment spent on this trip. even those stupid moments. i got to know you guys a whole lot more, and made some new friends too! (hi zhang hang and pinky :D) i guess we are really 'Braders and Sistahs' now. a gazillion thanks to lizzy for organizing this amazing trip. we love you lots!

(photo credits to suzanne, chiuling and pinky :D )

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