Jun 23, 2011

sem break to the max: the final stage :)

ok so here's the last installment of my week long break :) spent 4 days at cameron highlands. doing what? ICF Camp 2011 whoooooo!!! there's too much to share about this camp, lots learnt from God, tons of fun and games with my group (team david still rocks!), got to know so much more people, many friendships built, wonderful worship sessions, girl-talks in the dorms........ it's hard to share everything here, so here's a collection of pictures stolen from facebook(photo credits to wendy jillian and chun leong):

we went by bus, and andrew haz cravings, so we got some BR at the rest stop:
sad news :(
gooey fudgey caramelly m&m-ey green tea and some random flavour i can't recall. yums! but got kinda sickening at the end :S

happy bday to evil lyn! surprised her with cake on the bus :D

cameron looks kinda magical at night. glowing lights in valleys, row by row..

(from left: andrew jason soonhong chern kylie evelyn kelvian and me!)
all not fully awake yet..

random group pic taken during the countless random flicking sessions they had there :D

trying to create foggy breath with hot coffee in the mornings
wonderful worship sessions. here's fanboy King and superstar Joyce :D

violent monopoly deal wars.
cool wording on the camp shirt. as usual its rubbie who designed it!
sheltered in the rain. no more captainball :( notice daniel's hand on his leg? those guys just discovered how to create hairballs (by rubbing your palm on the hairs in a circular motion). eu jeen just created a whole bunch of those hairballs on daniel's leg. ew to the max lah! its funny how people can find ways to entertain themselves in weird situations ahahaa..
found this quaint little place called 'The Lord's Cafe'. there's a sign at the entrance saying that this cafe has been doing good business for a few years and it's time that they give glory to God, thus they changed the name to 'The Lord's Cafe'. cute! there're quite a lot of pastries there, scones, crepe, and whatnot. no idea why i had cravings for banana since i got to camp, so happy that they serve banana crepe there! :D got the strawberry scones too. it's a lil' too dry. prefer the crepe. and the drinks are kinda nice. very fruity and thick. good stuff thrown in :D
lots and lots and lots and lots of strawberries sold there.

after spending 4 days at the campsite, it's time to leave. thank you committees for arranging a half day for us to do some sightseeing! since a few of them came by car, i joined justin and janvy in the car while shamini went over to the bus. boy did i not regret my decision! kelvian bought us to a couple of nice places while the bus went straight on to the Tanah Rata marketplace.
here's some award-winning garden. really beautiful place with LOTS of weird plants, coupled with good weather, i must come back to this place again!
the garden is just opposite this pub. we weren't allowed to go in cause its for guests only. so can only pose outside lo :(
jillian loved this telephone box a lot :D
next stop: strawberry lollies at methodist cheefu centre..

the lolly! filled with pure strawberries, no added sugar or preservatives! totally guilt-free!!!
kelvian enjoying his second lolly.
amazingly all of us managed to squeeze into that small playbox!
finally met up with the busload :)
got a inflatable strawberry just to annoy sandra! it turned out to be quite a hit!
guitarist, bassist, drummer.
me, wendayy, and andrew~
good job, guys :)

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