Jun 16, 2011

no eyes see

today i read an online news article. its about a pair of anorexic twins who competed with each other to see who gets thinner. they have been doing this since 11 years old. you can read the full article here but when i read the chilling article with the accompanying photos... i can't help but pity the parents. the parents knew of the problem, tried their best to fix it, to be faced with denial from the kids, and watch them waste away, the tension, the problems, the pressure... unimaginable.

i guess every parent's dream is to raise nice, good kids. those who got straight As, good looking, gets a good job, healthy, basically... alright.

but then, how much kids turn out this way anyway? thats how parents really impress me. its not what the kids do. its the very fact that they are their kids that makes them love them. unconditionally. at my age now, i can't really fathom myself doing this for another person. but when i see parents making sacrifices for their kids, working day and night just to afford their family a living, its actually kinda touching. call me selfish or anything, i don't think i can spend 40 years of my life working to make sure my selfish brat of a kid graduates through uni. imagine working hard and using your salary to buy food at the kid who vomits it out, or spending that amount of money for tuition fees yet that kid spends his time clubbing or partying. or giving the kid his pocket money, expecting him to have his lunch with the money that you worked hard to earn. instead that freaking kid goes to spend that freaking money that he did not earn on some online game or to buy cigarettes.

where's the freaking attitude i ask you?

seriously having kids are just a huge problem. that's why i see PARENTS as basically one of the most admirable persons around. i'm really sorry if your parents abandoned you or whatever. those people are not fitting to be called 'parents' anyway.

people. just be grateful that you have parents willing to love you. no matter how mad they seem to be, there's still that love in their hearts. the very reason they're willing to worry about you and take action against you and stop whatever wrong you're doing just proves that. me for one wouldn't do that. neither will anyone else. just your parents, who are the people closest to you that are willing to hurt themselves to protect you.

don't be so arrogant and think that the whole world revolves around you and is out to get you. just look at yourself.

i am disgusted at the things you have been doing. and i don't like it.

just wake up, won't you?

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