Jun 17, 2011

it's father's day.

you know, every single time i come home, it'll be evening, dad will be parked on the sofa, reading the newspaper, with his specs perched low on his nose. he'll raise his eyes to look at me, then say hello. i've always took this for granted. that dad will always be there. sometimes things happen so naturally, so often, that we forgot that they're there. that they're precious. that they should be cherished and appreciated.

think of something your dad always does. smile at the memory. give thanks in good, and the not-good. attending someone's dad's funeral on father's day itself gave me a lot to think of. some words that will never be heard. although i'm positive that we'll meet in heaven someday :) but this separation for the time being is much too hard to bear.

thanks dad, for everything. for introducing me to durians. for teaching me how to love. for always filling up my bottle cause you know i don't drink water often enough. thank you for being so patient with my watat ways, and teaching me to swim. i'm seriously proud to have you as my dad.

happy father's day!

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