Jun 16, 2011

Good News!

the juicificient droolicious cravingsworthy GEE CEE BEE iz BACK!!!!

eheh kinda missed this thingy. it isn't often that hedghogs get so worked up over these 'promos'.. but i think the GEE CEE BEE is totally worth it. at least i know i'm eating chicken(hey hedghogs are omnivores alright? don't stare.). i've had enough of processed food offerings from those fast food chains. although i eat just about anything, but NOT everything. it gives my spikes chills when i realized that i just ate chicken innards squished into the shape of a patty. that's why i love the GEE CEE BEE. it looks like chicken, and it is chicken! not just resembling chicken. just the portion is a little bit too small for my liking.. but i don't mind since joyseet gonna buy two anyway :D go go go have it!!! who's on???

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