Jun 20, 2011

good evening, ladies and gentlemen :)

hehe had my very first emceeing experience that day. hhsb had a really small concert and they just needed an emcee. and at the last minute siauli forced me to emcee alone and that's it! i don't think i have had enough preparation and experience and talent. :( ok excuses a lot here hehe but seriously lo. i even mispronounced my coach's name! sorry sir :(
with some of the band kids and alumni :) i can't believe that they're already senior two or senior three and basically being the leaders of the band! never thought this day would come so fast D:
the concert was basically alright. the juniors performed, the seniors performed, there were some group quartets and duets... many parents attended. its kinda nice to see those parents so supportive of their kids. usually many parents don't attend and some don't know what their kids are up to practicing so late everyday. then some kids would just leave band because their parents don't understand it and want them to spend more time at home. *sigh* i admit that i spend too little time at home during my high school. 95% of holidays spent at band lo. but its all worth it :)
wearing liko's shoes. so cute leh, its red and kinda nautical-like. * the band room is still messy, like always.
this is wanjie chew*isn't it funny how facebook affects how you address someone?*. hinhua saxophone section leader and girl who doesn't care about her image. can't imagine my band life without her. congrats on the overall improvement of your section and your good news! teehee
this. is my coach. mr chan. but i screwed up and invited 'mr. wong' onstage! AAAAGH. mempersiasuikan.... thanks sir for salvaging the situation. YOU DA MAN!

(from left: kay, sinnee, kim, koksing, siauli, colen and me :D)
had brass quintet with the alumni after the concert. all of us used to play back then. since sinnee's back from UK, its really rare for all of us to be together and play again. you guys are the best. but my lips aren't what they used to be :( need to practice more lipslurs and buzzing ah.
(liko's pose is some African-American version of the V-sign. can't stop the urge to say YO when posing that way lol)

kinda enjoyed that band night out. although i'm not cut out for emceeing, i might improve with time and practice, i guess. at the end, some junior commented to me, 'seems like you are more suitable for debate rather than emceeing'. HAHAHA its kinda funny though. try harder next time?

p.s: went to see the TCM doc today. he sez my body is freaking weak and in serious need of sleep and healthy food. good news. felt like vomiting all the time. seriously, eliminate the option of pregnancy from your brain now. doc sez vomiting urges also can be due to bad stomach. bad stomach due to bad living habits. no swimming for me cause its 'cold'. i'll get sick easily. and no more exercise for my right ring finger till its better. i hate going to doctors. they remind you how weak you are. thanks doc. but that day i slept for 12 hours. from 7:30pm, to 7:30am. so nais! can't get over how happy i felt though the day :) sleep is gute!

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