Jun 29, 2011

fattening stuff that make me happy :)

tenkew Lord for free ice creams.
if you guys continue to forget to bring your bibles and textbooks, there're many more to come :P
midnight toast lovingly prepared by graceet koh.
also: more carbs @ italiannies
freshly baked bread dipped in olive oil and vinegar are so so so seriously addictive!
only in malaysia: famous pandamaran fried chicken and yao yao bing for brunch!
crawled up early to have brunch with raven, miao and quan. way to go, joyce. way to go.
fat free shorts! wearing them is totally a confidence-booster!

enjoying my unexpected week long mid sem break so far. spending lots of time with this and that and who and what. i love you guys, you know who you are. no mood to start on assignments due the day classes resume. and enjoying the last few days of my age starting with digit 1. the big 2 oh iz coming soon! better not to have any expectations or else last year's drama would repeat itself. good night peeps! *can't type well cause distracted by my new metal gray nails. transformers wooh!

p.s: congwats to ratina!

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