Jun 15, 2011

deja vu

i always find myself in familiar situations where my phone gets lost in various creative ways and i will have to trouble others to recover it for me. it has happened countless times. and i feel like slapping myself for doing this to myself and others. sorry guys. remember the last time i changed a total of 3 phones and 2 phone numbers over the space of two weeks just because i left my phone in someone's car. till now i haven't really recovered from the situation. lost countless contacts because of that and many feel like killing me when they send me messages and i have no choice but to reply them with a well versed "huh? may i know who are you".

:( trust me. i don't like it any better than you. just because i was too dumb to take care of my things properly one and for all. i do try. believe me. i did. its like those lame situations when you get comfortable and you kinda lost the awareness that you should always keep track of things and the last time i dropped my phone in the water so mom went frantic looking for me when the battery drowned. or the time i left my phone in someone's car and another time its in another person's car. good times.

i guess you would have guessed by now that i lost my phone again. not really lost lah. just left in someone's car again and i have no way of getting another phone to call that person and i have to rely on facebook and get all frustrated when they don't reply my messages or wall posts. it's FRUSTRATING. on one hand i know i'm annoying but on the other hand i can't survive without my phone. i don't have a freaking alarm clock and i need my phone to wake me up AND contact others. i have classes to attend and meetings to go to :( i don't wanna be all irresponsible again.

:(( very sad. being all indecisive and unsure. i am freaking tired and i want to go sleep now but i can't because i have no idea how am i supposed to wake up without my trusty RINGGG alarm tone. isn't this sad? the bed is less than 1 metre away from me yet i have to plant myself firmly here so that i won't fall asleep and totally oversleep everything and have to face the music.


just realized my total dependence on the phone. this is how technology renders us. HELPLESS.

also, i get thirsty very quickly.


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