Jun 28, 2011

babai long hair~

today, we are going to mourn the passing of my hair together. it's been a difficult five years, full of memories, be they sweet or sour, bitter or exhilarating. having long hair has always been a childhood dream of mine. watching other kids with lovely long hair with colorful ribbons and pink lacy hair clips with some kind of childish jealousy. usually those kids have special license to have long hair because they attend ballet lessons which require long flowy hair. maybe that is part of the reason why i have never liked dancing ever since. mother has always responded to my requests of having long hair with a resounding 'no!' followed by a long lecture about the merits of short hair and the detractions of having long hair. never really bought that theory though. so when i entered a high school where short hair is a must, that childhood desire was given a rest. hair was trimmed every month, fringes were chopped to be above the eyebrows every few weeks. life was hard then. two years later, lo and behold, a miracle happened, the headmistress was enlightened and students were given the green light to have long hair! at last! that's when my hair finally gets to go without a cut for many, many months.
my hair!
my long hair!
long and floaty in the wind, smooth and silky to the touch..(advertisement lines etc etc)
ahhaha ok i know a post about hair is kinda disgusting. since this is supposed to be a eulogy for my hair, let's take a walk down memory lane and see how my hair evolved over the years (not much actually eheh)

was taken when i'm 13. middle parting seemed so yeng back then lol. please don't use this photo to blackmail me or anything. ahahah im still kinda proud of my middle parting! i have no idea why i don't have any photos of myself in form 2. perhaps facebook hadn't existed yet. or i'm camera-shy. or those photos were stashed away and forgotten. but i think they better not exist. i look seriously gross. refer to above photo for verification.

so after two years of gross hair, we had the chance to grow out our hair.. so after a very tedious period of painstaking patience waiting for my hair to stop being gross and disobedient.. it finally started to resemble... hair.
taken at the end of form 3. i think we were going on a class trip to celebrate the end of junior year. then i spent the the whole year when i was 16 to continue growing my hair out, just to get bored with it and chop it off again.
the chop wasn't a success and also wrecked my reputation. HAHAHA. the very sleek bob (think Posh Spice, long in front and shaved short at the back) was verrry popular back then and everyone was having that haircut left and right. so i decided that i want to be UNIQUE(!) and went for a roundish sort of bob instead. little did i know that a bob required lots of time and effort blowdrying it into shape everyday. and we weren't allowed to use hairdryers at the hostel. (this seemed to be an appropriate occasion to use fml. ahaha) so i had to bear this horrible out of shape thing on my head for a whole year before it became something resembling normal again. this was also my last experiment with short hair for a long long time.
basically how i looked in form 5. already kinda long hair, with fringe. this is kahwoon~ we were going on sg tour that year! woohoo! life was good, hair was better!
senior year! still the same.
long, fringed. ponytailed.
then i graduated. me at first half of 19. black, not long, not short either. continually trimming it to keep it in shape. but basically still the same old look.

then here comes the second half of 2010.
me after modelling for kay's show. biggest change in my hair ever!!! the pretty lady at the salon yanked and whipped and braided my hair into this... thing. i felt so sorry for my hair and scalp. and i had to sleep in it too! ow ow ow ow ow
a clearer view? with shiroy at the airport seeing danielle off!
so this is how i looked like after taking all those crazy braided things off. its kinda fun to have such huge hair and rock it like a star. but at the same time i can't feel my scalp anymore. ahahaa... so worried over my hair that i started getting lots of treatments for my hair, taking good care of it, and finally straightening and dyeing it.
newly done hair.
long. fringed. browned. straightened.

and that's about it.
thanks hair, for growing so diligently all these years and taking my trimmings so good naturedly.
i love you. and i'll miss you too!

here's a lil' something: i cut my hair with my sis!
see?!! now we both have permanent helmets stuck on our heads! hers is longer by a few inches. actually she's the one who asked me to get a haircut with her. and guess what?
i'm not regretting it :)

in fact, i even liked it!

go on, get a change this summer :D

update: wooh! colormekatie chopped off her locks too! there must be something in the air. many are now joining the off-with-your-hair club! maybe its all the global warming that's going on.....

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