Jun 21, 2011

5 hours of SUMMER

google says that its the first day of summer! something about the summer solstice. hmm.. actually i only know about the winter solstice when we eat tong yuen. summer solstice... what do we eat leh? coincidentally, i was randomly googling for 'summer days' images today! one thing about myself: i don't randomly google. so its quite funny that summer has arrived and i was craving for 'summery stuff'. maybe its the summer sales playing tricks on me but honestly i am all for the sun, sand and the sea now! *i know you're sick of me saying this but i repeat: I MISS TIOMAN!*

so here's a couple of 'summery pics' i have taken (googling summer days turns up disgusting results. i give up):
yellow duckies gotten at my alma mater hin hua high school's food & fun fair on 19th june! we have this fair every 7 years to raise funds and whatnot since we're an independent chinese high school... the last fair we had was back in form 2! gosh how time passes. initially i wanted to go so badly, but its on Sunday and i need to attend church. but at the last minute i decided to go after church. although it left me with less than 30 minutes to enjoy the fair, but i did :) actually, found out that the last 30 minutes might be better cause that's when everything starts going for cheap. love the fair! everything's upgraded. i heard that there were iphones and printers and cash as prizes for games! c'mon kids, aren't you supposed to offer soft toys?

at last we don't know how to spend the last few coupons that liko bought. so we just got lots of balloons and started having Balloon Sculpture 101. its fun! but sadly we didn't buy enough. will try again some day.
guess which one is mine?? actually i failed every single one of it. koksing helped to salvage what was left of them. those mutant dogs. and i learnt how to make balloon swords too! although they looked so weird that i just gave up.

at least i rock at making headpieces! 8D

ooh before i forget. had our very first 'class outing' that day! i've always been kinda jeles of people who always hangout with their classmates *ahem danielle* and the timing has always been bad so its not often that we get to hang out often. we meet up like once a year or something :(

so class was cancelled, car was available, people were raring to go! lynn tracy vicky sandra meee

sorry the camera of the day wasn't me so had very limited pics. salmon quiche at Delicious!

went for mani pedi with sandra. we used vouchers bought at Milkadeal!
say hi to sandra :D
i chose this nude shade for my nails. its really sexy and pretty!!!!! totally addicted to O.P.I after that!!! D:
see so pretty!!!!

so nice!!!

'we're dooomed.'

my nails after the transformation. don't really like the bling. love the nude shade though. and my toes! no pics of it :(
sandra got some really hot red shade with black glitter tip. fooyoh!

aiks googling for O.P.I nail shades wasn't a good decision. now i'm stuck there. in less than 5 hours i will be having my sociology midterm and i only have 5% of what i'm supposed to be stuffing into my brains. where's the other 95%????? argh. this is not helping at all. blogging in stressed hours are kinda useless. but productive. the reason i did not study at all? procrastination in general, and plans to 'take a nap' turned into a full-fledged monster of a good night's sleep. 12 straight hours of sleep makes a person happier. by a lot! perhaps this answers all my 'summer mood swings'. hrmm. whatever lah. sociology i haaate haaate haaate you.

good night.

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