May 23, 2011

toh-toh seng

right now i have so much pics to upload and share and blog about from trips and camps in this week-long semester break, i have no idea where to start. there's so much to say, but i really don't know where to begin. anyway, before i do, and settle down for my new semester, that means a semester has ended, someone is leaving, and there's a sending-off to do.

can you guess who is the star of the farewell?

so after enrollment and everything, planned a movie trip to alamanda for 'Pirates: On Stranger Tides'. but then tickets were sold out, and we just had dinner, lepaked, played monopoly deal (many became monopoly deal converts after the camp!), took pictures, flicked frisbees around, played foosball and racing cars in the arcades, went to mcdonald's for ice creams....what a farewell. just... spending time together, i guess.


i think it has been 7 years since i had it!!!! doesn't taste that good though. but spicier than i remembered eheh..

Not So Brave!

actually there were LOADS of other people but they went for friday's and other food. no idea why every outing with them is so chio. fun, and crazy.
nando's menu has improved and there's some really cool food presentation. enthel's kebab was hanging on a hook, looking real dangerous and there's this angry mango burger that edmund ordered. we dared him to ask the waiter for 'angry bird burger'. he really did!

anyway, we were there having 'flashbacks' and stuff, trying to remember first impressions and things like that.... dang.. farewells really gets you emo. um andrew toh, was sandra's friend from orientation, and since i missed orientation, sandra decided that i need more friends, so she introduced andrew to me and we had dinner on a few occasions, and most of the time he's like not really there and popped up once in a while. but when he's needed, he's there. he's crazy and fun and game for weird stuff. he eats a lot and he can chug a 1.5 litre of water under 2 minutes. he loves his food since he's a Penangite and i think he's the person who turned me into the supper addict i am today. (im trying to change that though. stomach growling now). he always tries to portray a stupid playboy image but he cares A LOT about his friends and will always stand up for justice. indeed very 'lawyer-like'. he never watches his mouth and made a lot of people mad in the process, but he's still very proud of his sarcasm. i've gotten used to it. in fact, we found our similarities through a leadership camp and we realized that both of us kinda like mocking people. looking back it's kinda juvenile. but... that was how we got closer lah. coincidentally, he's in the same high school as chun chia yee (one of my high school best roommates!). man, is the world small. in the short year i've known him, he changed a lot. not sure how to describe it but i'm glad to have a friend like him. for his last event at inti, he went to ICF camp at the last minute. glad he was there. to be his usual annoying self. and tendency to find expensive good food. good luck in your journey to find Christ and an answer to your doubts :)

andrew with sandra.

two of my besties here. i still can't believe you to lost to us in foosball.
girls for the win! want a second challenge?

i'll never forget that crazy midnight jog and bet to start a midnight joggers club. although now we have lost a very important member, i guess it's still not too late to start one? and midnight cheesy naans and no-talk challenges and random movie marathons and all that sarcasm practice and hiding behind walls to jump out at sandra lol... childish betul, but i guess no one else will do that with me after this. haih..


p.s: Hard Rock Penang, five years later, on?

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  1. ONZ!! Hopefully that time I belanja~!!