May 5, 2011

that's what it's all about.

ho-hum. another finals almost done. monday why don't you hurry so we shall get it over with? without realizing it, it's officially one year spent here!
One year of college life, let's see... what exactly have i done?

1.grown fatter, and then lost loads of weight, but now back to fat mode.
2.dyed my hair (which i kinda regret) BUNCHES of new friends, wonderful, crazy, and yet i wonder how long can they last :(
4.discovered the extent of my lame bahasa melayu
5.gotten a 4.0 cgpa and subsequently lost it the next semester. seems like i'm never cut out for Marketing.
6.learned to find joy in small pockets
7.spent most of my time sleeping, thus got a few warning letters much to my chagrin :((
8.had two roommates so far :)
9.finally had time to improve my volleyball
10. tried going back to band, no can do

actually i didn't mean this post to reminisce about the past year. it's just... time zooms by, and i feel breathless in its wake. i have changed, and you have changed. for better or for worse, i dare not find out.

(oops in between writing this post i had been reading up on the vigilant citizen's website)

i am not going to bother to post any other links to specific articles here since most wouldn't read it anyway. if you're really interested and wanted to be aware of what shit actually goes on in front of you, please have some degree of awareness and find the articles for yourself. (sorry if i sound very hostile but the degree of people's stubbornness refusing to READ just irks me. sorry again for my lack of empathy)

anyway, the vigilant citizen is seriously vigilant and doing his job, with lots of articles warning us to things, such as blatantly high levels of mercury in baby food that are allowed by the government, toxic 'eco-friendly' lightbulbs, and iphone 4 with trackers to record your every movement... (okay so i did post links)

but the main thing is, the scary symbolism of satanic cults that are now being more and more obvious and rubbed in our faces, yet not many are aware of it. the entertainment industry is laughing at the masses who were exposed to blatant symbolism yet do not care. people still brush it off as a joke or 'simply entertainment'. don't you know that you're being desensitized?? to the VMAs being an mega ritual to Rihanna's newest mv with gross references....

honestly, i feel sick in the gut whenever i see Lady Gaga's mvs.

what's is freaking wrong with the entertainment industry that they insert those cult symbolism into everything like nobody's business? even my favorite tom and jerry is trying to wash kids minds. and spongebob too! :(

the sickest thing about this whole business is, people now feel that these symbols are cool, romantic, mythical, just a tale. all because of Hollywood's propaganda! wrong stuff about these cults fed to us, and we accept it as if not truth, somewhere near acceptable. and good feelings have been created about them in the general public. people admire Lady Gaga's mvs, saying that is so 'innovative' and 'amazing' and 'a creative genius'. so 'yeng'.

hello? do you even understand the mv and what it is trying to portray?


we really gotta pray.


  1. your engelishi very geng neh, visiting your blog can learn a few vocabs.
    cheer for MONDAY! :D

  2. wooh~ ur engelishi also more pro liao.. and also maintaining ur chinese standard somemore... T^T my chinese now.....very de rusty :(
    cheers for monday! <3