May 4, 2011


not in the mood to write some mind-blowing brilliantly blinding essay. why do people want to be brilliantly blisteringly blinding anyway. it wouldn't feel good to be blistered and blinded whenever you read blogs. or anything, for that matter. my laptop was back. incredibly slow. no idea it's the webspeed or my laptop's problem. its testing my patience. i hate things that test my patience. not in a good mood, obviously. felt very ... stretched. like very little butter spread over crusty toast. did a bit too much. tired-lah. and listening to emo music now. did a mistake and clicked on 'fantasy on a japan folk song' and 'oregon' just now. emoer and emoer. (aiks shouldn't massacre the english language)

did some stalking on facebook. stalking is an activity that makes u decrease your self-worth. do not do it ever again.

can't sleep because the new girl next door needs to move her stuff from my room to her room. have to sit and wait for her selfish roommate to come back and unlock the padlock.

i miss you, you, and you.

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