May 15, 2011

ni hao ma

phewwitt! introducing cai jia yi, a close hostel friend back in high school (she's the one in red). we were really crazy in our junior years, doing stupid stuff in general, being the rebels... but she left malaysia when we were 15 to go back to china cause she missed her family too much. we even planned trips to fujian but of course those plans went to waste......after so many freaking years, she went to singapore to study, and it was much more 'doable' for her to come over kl and now we had a chance to meet up!

it was a totally random thing cause i was still in malacca the day before and gemma just called for a meet up. she came to kl really sudden lo. i was really tired from the trip and everything, yet really glad to have a chance to catch up again. we went sunway pyramid and they chose this random place called M.O.F. (Ministry Of Food). cool name yeah? anyway, the place has loads of 'japanese' vibes, beginning with the obviously malaysian staff yelling some unrecognizable japanese phrases at you when you step in and things like that. the whole design was rather zen too, with lots of wood.

the place was rather famous for its desserts, with lots of green tea and red bean(adzuki) in the menu. green tea lovers unite! they taste seriously good, with lots of different options la, but it basically boils down to green tea. i got this thingy with ice cream, red bean, green tea, and fruits. yummm... it's not cheap though. rm11 for my thingy. it's ok to try once in a blue moon la.

Gemma with the thingy. she's going to China to study soon! in September. :(

isn't it weird how the China Chinese are leaving China to study elsewhere and the Malaysian Chinese are going to China to study. Globalization indeed. When we were talking about how Gemma might be able to visit her from Shanghai or Nanking to Fujian, Jia Yi actually said that she had no idea of how the map of China looked like and her geography knowledge can be described as non-existent. she knew Malaysia better than China! very limited indeed.

clockwise from top left: me, maggie, jia yi, green pang~, and gemma~
me and gemma~~

although it was just a simple meal, but nevertheless i'm glad to have this opportunity to hang out and just lepak in general. i've haven't met maggie ever since high school graduation. how long ago is that? when we were still staying in the hostel, we used to sit around and (what else?) talk. apart from talking about boys, we also talked about out future, plans, ambitions, things like that. isn't it interesting how everything turned out? how i wish i can remember my doubts and questions back then.

anyway, all the best in your studies at singapore. you'll do well :)

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