May 24, 2011

it's late

so... welcome to second year. my timetable looks absolutely disgusting with 4 days of 8am classes. i can imagine a whole semester of healthy lifestyle with early bedtimes and good eating habits. dream on. actually, i really hope so. but it'll have to start next week. hahaha... without realizing it, May is nearly over and i haven't used my Subway buy-one-free-one May voucher yet. i didn't sleep the night before and slept the whole day away. shall turn into a bat if i'm not watching. but my head feels really heavy and it doesn't feel good. will be going to sleep soon. in 10 minutes.

to make sure that i dream of good food later, i shall blog about them now. here's a pic of a salmon spaghetti from Bread Basket Bakery, a restaurant near my home. had been having cravings for it for the longest time, and finally got it on Sunday lunch after church. me and rachel got the same thing. i love to peel the salmon flesh off piece by piece. it's like layer cake.

and here's
a Malacca-only triangular coconut pastry.

since it's so exclusive and all, Sandra brought some of it from Malacca for me to have a try. i have never seen it before, but it's really soft and yummy. anyone else had it before? or knows how to make it? really grateful for it though. i have just gotten back from tioman and have no food in my room, yet just woke up and in need of breakfast. to have yummy coconut kuih hand-delivered from Malacca is the best!

old school glass bottle of Sarsi. whether this is real Sarsi or not i have no idea. but it tastes like one la. eu jeen saw me holding the bottle and walking around and he asked me why was i drinking so early in the day. chugging beer huh. 'What's wrong with you, girl?' ==

hahaha..i personally like the feeling of drinking from glass bottles. for one it feels more exhilarating. secondly glass bottles contain more than the average tin can. thirdly blowing through the bottle mouth is louder than plastic bottles and sounds way nicer too!

thank you sandra for all those cool stuff!

what a random post. just wanted to put up my food pictures la.
not a good day. must learn to be more in control of my emotions and not let others affect me :(
food here i come!

good night :)

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