May 25, 2011

beef. mutton. chicken. pepper. ice.

i guess i have some sort of complex to go against order. i'm not gonna blog according to WHEN things happened, rather when i have the mood to do so hahah. so this semester, i really 玩到不像样。whatever la. yesterday during volleyball training session i was reaaally unhappy yet unable to voice my thoughts. don't really like changes for the worse. why can't we continue training happily? like last time we had fun although we weren't really pro. we can call each other out totally randomly and have fun although we don't even have a net and just used some stupid yarn as 'net'. lots of laughter, no responsibilities. yet now we have a whole bunch of pros. maybe it needs time but right now i'm really impatient with those 'airs'. ok i'm not going to continue my rant. just, tired.

after the training everyone knew that i'm mad. i hate it when i'm the one who spoiled the whole mood. but how can i change ah?? D:

sorry. you guys are really wonderful for going to supper and cheering me up. went supper and finally decided on a trip tomorrow. since rex had never had kajang satay before and we totally promised him 'one day', we decided that the 'one day' can be today. so... here we are!

didn't really take note of the satay restaurant's name. but it wasn't the Malay-kampong style restaurant I had last time. since we were really hungry, we decided to takeaway the satay and go for hot soup noodles instead. while waiting for the takeaway of course we had to take pictures. whole lot of thanks to chiuling's Iphone for being camera of the day :)

when we were waiting, i also did the stupidest thing ever. notice them outside and me inside? i was listening to them talk and playing with the car window, winding it down and up again... then i have no idea why but i stuck my head outside to 'rest' on the window to listen better. but the thing is... my finger was still pulling the button up so my head was squeezed between the window and the car. @#$% it really hurt man. now i think my chin has bruises. it still hurts now. can't believe i did such a stupid thing. that car window is no joke man. come to think of it, i think eunice once told me about a kid who was playing with the car window too and his neck was broken by the window. after that all car companies had to adjust their car window design or something like that. but after my experience just now, that car window can totally break my neck. :S
after our satay orders arrived we went for hot soup at KeeV. i went to this restaurant with bro before. it's all pepper spicy soup and totally suitable for cold weather. while waiting for the soup to arrive we had the satay first~

satay is basically meat on sticks. heard a story once, about how the name 'satay' came to be. i think back then during second world war there weren't much meat to go around and the chinese just served meat pieces on sticks. usually grilling three pieces of meat are the norm, thus the 'sa', which sounds like '3' in the hokkien dialect. 'tay' sounds like 'te' for 'meat' in hokkien too. thus came the name of 'three meat' : 'satay'! not sure how much this story can be trusted, but just sharing. haha. all my life i've thought that satay is of malay origin. who knew that actually the chinese coined the term!

loved the beef satay. soft meaty stuff. but the mutton and chicken are cool too! the gravy is normal la. wished that there were more chopped peanuts in it though.

started posing around with the ketupat.

and painting guys nails with nutella-colored nail polish. suzanne choo is really pro when it comes to nail-painting! how i wish i can have 50% of her skills :( wait till you see my gross nails. haosiang's little finger looks like someone slammed a door on it though. hehe..

finally the famous hot soup arrived. some were surprised cause everyone thought that it would resemble 'tomyam' soup. none expected this pepper thingy. but the portions were really huge and we couldn't finish it. all thanks to those satay we had right before this meal. but i wanna have this in genting! or cameron! after that very filling meal, where everyone sweated like pigs and slurped lots of hot stuff, we decided to head over to the night market at taman connaught! it's supposedly the largest night market in all of malaysia. a very long street, at least five blocks? not sure.

since we just ate, none of us really bought any food, just had some samplings of ice cream and then bought this ice pudding thingy, courtesy of xing yee (top right) who joined us since she also stays in kajang. tenkew! i don't really like night markets because they're hot, stuffy, stinky, and crowded. don't know why the connaught one had to sell so much smelly tofu. smells like shit leh. and really crowded. thank God i wasn't robbed or pick-pocketed.

after a while we couldn't take it anymore so decided to head over to 100 yen for ices! at least we managed to finish the whole night market and it was getting more and more crowded, scary leh..
chiuling me suzanne my green tea ice and liz laughing in the background

my lovely green tea ice with red beans. LOOOVE this combo man. and the ice just melts in your mouth. paired with the creamy sweet red beans.... aaah..... janice also bought strawberries for RM15 from a fruit stall so that we can eat it with the ice. i felt so guilty cause i just came back from Cameron Highlands yet didn't buy any strawberries for them. but i didn't know that Janice was such a fan of strawberries! i absolutely disliked them and don't know how to get sweet ones too. sorry Janice!

started taking pics and fooling around. see my lame poses with the strawberry in my mouth? Rex decided that we don't know how to pose with strawberries and gave us some tips (kiss the strawberry LOL) so we forced him to give a demo:


liz and janice were so sweet to their roommates! buying some food for em'. sorry lah pam i'll buy for ya next time. having economic crisis ah..

been having wayyy too much fun these few days. even i don't dare to really list out all the stuff i did. hahaha. just realised that i spent too much money too. time to have some REAL resolutions and really walk the talk. actually, i don't have a choice with my resources dwindling. HAHA. but then it's May and everyone's birthdays are here. happy birthday guys.

speaking of birthdays, today is 25th of May! it's mona raven freaking lee's birthday! and it's also the first anniversary of this blog! i just realised that i started this blog in honour of her birthday (since she was always bugging me to start blogging)! she was always blogging back then, yet pretty much stopped since her uni cause she didn't want to bring a laptop along to uni and also her course was seriously tough for her. now i'm the one who continued blogging. ==

thanks a lot.

haha. she's coming back in june and i miss her badly. it's been so long! hope you have had a rocking 20th! wow. the big 2-0. i hope mine doesn't come so soon.

wishing you a slimmer body, happier soul, better guy, cooler results.... all the best yea!


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