May 25, 2011

beef. mutton. chicken. pepper. ice.

i guess i have some sort of complex to go against order. i'm not gonna blog according to WHEN things happened, rather when i have the mood to do so hahah. so this semester, i really 玩到不像样。whatever la. yesterday during volleyball training session i was reaaally unhappy yet unable to voice my thoughts. don't really like changes for the worse. why can't we continue training happily? like last time we had fun although we weren't really pro. we can call each other out totally randomly and have fun although we don't even have a net and just used some stupid yarn as 'net'. lots of laughter, no responsibilities. yet now we have a whole bunch of pros. maybe it needs time but right now i'm really impatient with those 'airs'. ok i'm not going to continue my rant. just, tired.

after the training everyone knew that i'm mad. i hate it when i'm the one who spoiled the whole mood. but how can i change ah?? D:

sorry. you guys are really wonderful for going to supper and cheering me up. went supper and finally decided on a trip tomorrow. since rex had never had kajang satay before and we totally promised him 'one day', we decided that the 'one day' can be today. so... here we are!

didn't really take note of the satay restaurant's name. but it wasn't the Malay-kampong style restaurant I had last time. since we were really hungry, we decided to takeaway the satay and go for hot soup noodles instead. while waiting for the takeaway of course we had to take pictures. whole lot of thanks to chiuling's Iphone for being camera of the day :)

when we were waiting, i also did the stupidest thing ever. notice them outside and me inside? i was listening to them talk and playing with the car window, winding it down and up again... then i have no idea why but i stuck my head outside to 'rest' on the window to listen better. but the thing is... my finger was still pulling the button up so my head was squeezed between the window and the car. @#$% it really hurt man. now i think my chin has bruises. it still hurts now. can't believe i did such a stupid thing. that car window is no joke man. come to think of it, i think eunice once told me about a kid who was playing with the car window too and his neck was broken by the window. after that all car companies had to adjust their car window design or something like that. but after my experience just now, that car window can totally break my neck. :S
after our satay orders arrived we went for hot soup at KeeV. i went to this restaurant with bro before. it's all pepper spicy soup and totally suitable for cold weather. while waiting for the soup to arrive we had the satay first~

satay is basically meat on sticks. heard a story once, about how the name 'satay' came to be. i think back then during second world war there weren't much meat to go around and the chinese just served meat pieces on sticks. usually grilling three pieces of meat are the norm, thus the 'sa', which sounds like '3' in the hokkien dialect. 'tay' sounds like 'te' for 'meat' in hokkien too. thus came the name of 'three meat' : 'satay'! not sure how much this story can be trusted, but just sharing. haha. all my life i've thought that satay is of malay origin. who knew that actually the chinese coined the term!

loved the beef satay. soft meaty stuff. but the mutton and chicken are cool too! the gravy is normal la. wished that there were more chopped peanuts in it though.

started posing around with the ketupat.

and painting guys nails with nutella-colored nail polish. suzanne choo is really pro when it comes to nail-painting! how i wish i can have 50% of her skills :( wait till you see my gross nails. haosiang's little finger looks like someone slammed a door on it though. hehe..

finally the famous hot soup arrived. some were surprised cause everyone thought that it would resemble 'tomyam' soup. none expected this pepper thingy. but the portions were really huge and we couldn't finish it. all thanks to those satay we had right before this meal. but i wanna have this in genting! or cameron! after that very filling meal, where everyone sweated like pigs and slurped lots of hot stuff, we decided to head over to the night market at taman connaught! it's supposedly the largest night market in all of malaysia. a very long street, at least five blocks? not sure.

since we just ate, none of us really bought any food, just had some samplings of ice cream and then bought this ice pudding thingy, courtesy of xing yee (top right) who joined us since she also stays in kajang. tenkew! i don't really like night markets because they're hot, stuffy, stinky, and crowded. don't know why the connaught one had to sell so much smelly tofu. smells like shit leh. and really crowded. thank God i wasn't robbed or pick-pocketed.

after a while we couldn't take it anymore so decided to head over to 100 yen for ices! at least we managed to finish the whole night market and it was getting more and more crowded, scary leh..
chiuling me suzanne my green tea ice and liz laughing in the background

my lovely green tea ice with red beans. LOOOVE this combo man. and the ice just melts in your mouth. paired with the creamy sweet red beans.... aaah..... janice also bought strawberries for RM15 from a fruit stall so that we can eat it with the ice. i felt so guilty cause i just came back from Cameron Highlands yet didn't buy any strawberries for them. but i didn't know that Janice was such a fan of strawberries! i absolutely disliked them and don't know how to get sweet ones too. sorry Janice!

started taking pics and fooling around. see my lame poses with the strawberry in my mouth? Rex decided that we don't know how to pose with strawberries and gave us some tips (kiss the strawberry LOL) so we forced him to give a demo:


liz and janice were so sweet to their roommates! buying some food for em'. sorry lah pam i'll buy for ya next time. having economic crisis ah..

been having wayyy too much fun these few days. even i don't dare to really list out all the stuff i did. hahaha. just realised that i spent too much money too. time to have some REAL resolutions and really walk the talk. actually, i don't have a choice with my resources dwindling. HAHA. but then it's May and everyone's birthdays are here. happy birthday guys.

speaking of birthdays, today is 25th of May! it's mona raven freaking lee's birthday! and it's also the first anniversary of this blog! i just realised that i started this blog in honour of her birthday (since she was always bugging me to start blogging)! she was always blogging back then, yet pretty much stopped since her uni cause she didn't want to bring a laptop along to uni and also her course was seriously tough for her. now i'm the one who continued blogging. ==

thanks a lot.

haha. she's coming back in june and i miss her badly. it's been so long! hope you have had a rocking 20th! wow. the big 2-0. i hope mine doesn't come so soon.

wishing you a slimmer body, happier soul, better guy, cooler results.... all the best yea!


May 24, 2011

it's late

so... welcome to second year. my timetable looks absolutely disgusting with 4 days of 8am classes. i can imagine a whole semester of healthy lifestyle with early bedtimes and good eating habits. dream on. actually, i really hope so. but it'll have to start next week. hahaha... without realizing it, May is nearly over and i haven't used my Subway buy-one-free-one May voucher yet. i didn't sleep the night before and slept the whole day away. shall turn into a bat if i'm not watching. but my head feels really heavy and it doesn't feel good. will be going to sleep soon. in 10 minutes.

to make sure that i dream of good food later, i shall blog about them now. here's a pic of a salmon spaghetti from Bread Basket Bakery, a restaurant near my home. had been having cravings for it for the longest time, and finally got it on Sunday lunch after church. me and rachel got the same thing. i love to peel the salmon flesh off piece by piece. it's like layer cake.

and here's
a Malacca-only triangular coconut pastry.

since it's so exclusive and all, Sandra brought some of it from Malacca for me to have a try. i have never seen it before, but it's really soft and yummy. anyone else had it before? or knows how to make it? really grateful for it though. i have just gotten back from tioman and have no food in my room, yet just woke up and in need of breakfast. to have yummy coconut kuih hand-delivered from Malacca is the best!

old school glass bottle of Sarsi. whether this is real Sarsi or not i have no idea. but it tastes like one la. eu jeen saw me holding the bottle and walking around and he asked me why was i drinking so early in the day. chugging beer huh. 'What's wrong with you, girl?' ==

hahaha..i personally like the feeling of drinking from glass bottles. for one it feels more exhilarating. secondly glass bottles contain more than the average tin can. thirdly blowing through the bottle mouth is louder than plastic bottles and sounds way nicer too!

thank you sandra for all those cool stuff!

what a random post. just wanted to put up my food pictures la.
not a good day. must learn to be more in control of my emotions and not let others affect me :(
food here i come!

good night :)

May 23, 2011

toh-toh seng

right now i have so much pics to upload and share and blog about from trips and camps in this week-long semester break, i have no idea where to start. there's so much to say, but i really don't know where to begin. anyway, before i do, and settle down for my new semester, that means a semester has ended, someone is leaving, and there's a sending-off to do.

can you guess who is the star of the farewell?

so after enrollment and everything, planned a movie trip to alamanda for 'Pirates: On Stranger Tides'. but then tickets were sold out, and we just had dinner, lepaked, played monopoly deal (many became monopoly deal converts after the camp!), took pictures, flicked frisbees around, played foosball and racing cars in the arcades, went to mcdonald's for ice creams....what a farewell. just... spending time together, i guess.


i think it has been 7 years since i had it!!!! doesn't taste that good though. but spicier than i remembered eheh..

Not So Brave!

actually there were LOADS of other people but they went for friday's and other food. no idea why every outing with them is so chio. fun, and crazy.
nando's menu has improved and there's some really cool food presentation. enthel's kebab was hanging on a hook, looking real dangerous and there's this angry mango burger that edmund ordered. we dared him to ask the waiter for 'angry bird burger'. he really did!

anyway, we were there having 'flashbacks' and stuff, trying to remember first impressions and things like that.... dang.. farewells really gets you emo. um andrew toh, was sandra's friend from orientation, and since i missed orientation, sandra decided that i need more friends, so she introduced andrew to me and we had dinner on a few occasions, and most of the time he's like not really there and popped up once in a while. but when he's needed, he's there. he's crazy and fun and game for weird stuff. he eats a lot and he can chug a 1.5 litre of water under 2 minutes. he loves his food since he's a Penangite and i think he's the person who turned me into the supper addict i am today. (im trying to change that though. stomach growling now). he always tries to portray a stupid playboy image but he cares A LOT about his friends and will always stand up for justice. indeed very 'lawyer-like'. he never watches his mouth and made a lot of people mad in the process, but he's still very proud of his sarcasm. i've gotten used to it. in fact, we found our similarities through a leadership camp and we realized that both of us kinda like mocking people. looking back it's kinda juvenile. but... that was how we got closer lah. coincidentally, he's in the same high school as chun chia yee (one of my high school best roommates!). man, is the world small. in the short year i've known him, he changed a lot. not sure how to describe it but i'm glad to have a friend like him. for his last event at inti, he went to ICF camp at the last minute. glad he was there. to be his usual annoying self. and tendency to find expensive good food. good luck in your journey to find Christ and an answer to your doubts :)

andrew with sandra.

two of my besties here. i still can't believe you to lost to us in foosball.
girls for the win! want a second challenge?

i'll never forget that crazy midnight jog and bet to start a midnight joggers club. although now we have lost a very important member, i guess it's still not too late to start one? and midnight cheesy naans and no-talk challenges and random movie marathons and all that sarcasm practice and hiding behind walls to jump out at sandra lol... childish betul, but i guess no one else will do that with me after this. haih..


p.s: Hard Rock Penang, five years later, on?

May 15, 2011

ni hao ma

phewwitt! introducing cai jia yi, a close hostel friend back in high school (she's the one in red). we were really crazy in our junior years, doing stupid stuff in general, being the rebels... but she left malaysia when we were 15 to go back to china cause she missed her family too much. we even planned trips to fujian but of course those plans went to waste......after so many freaking years, she went to singapore to study, and it was much more 'doable' for her to come over kl and now we had a chance to meet up!

it was a totally random thing cause i was still in malacca the day before and gemma just called for a meet up. she came to kl really sudden lo. i was really tired from the trip and everything, yet really glad to have a chance to catch up again. we went sunway pyramid and they chose this random place called M.O.F. (Ministry Of Food). cool name yeah? anyway, the place has loads of 'japanese' vibes, beginning with the obviously malaysian staff yelling some unrecognizable japanese phrases at you when you step in and things like that. the whole design was rather zen too, with lots of wood.

the place was rather famous for its desserts, with lots of green tea and red bean(adzuki) in the menu. green tea lovers unite! they taste seriously good, with lots of different options la, but it basically boils down to green tea. i got this thingy with ice cream, red bean, green tea, and fruits. yummm... it's not cheap though. rm11 for my thingy. it's ok to try once in a blue moon la.

Gemma with the thingy. she's going to China to study soon! in September. :(

isn't it weird how the China Chinese are leaving China to study elsewhere and the Malaysian Chinese are going to China to study. Globalization indeed. When we were talking about how Gemma might be able to visit her from Shanghai or Nanking to Fujian, Jia Yi actually said that she had no idea of how the map of China looked like and her geography knowledge can be described as non-existent. she knew Malaysia better than China! very limited indeed.

clockwise from top left: me, maggie, jia yi, green pang~, and gemma~
me and gemma~~

although it was just a simple meal, but nevertheless i'm glad to have this opportunity to hang out and just lepak in general. i've haven't met maggie ever since high school graduation. how long ago is that? when we were still staying in the hostel, we used to sit around and (what else?) talk. apart from talking about boys, we also talked about out future, plans, ambitions, things like that. isn't it interesting how everything turned out? how i wish i can remember my doubts and questions back then.

anyway, all the best in your studies at singapore. you'll do well :)

May 11, 2011

movies! good food! fun! finally!

fooh long time no update. getting really lazy to blog nowadays. isn't it weird that i have to time to update my blog in the middle of finals or rushing for assignments or whatever, yet i stop blogging the moment all stress is over? this just proves that humans are just full of unexplainable...weirdness. anyway, finals were finally over! the last subject was really bugging me cause it was on a monday and everything was supposed to be done the week before. seriously NO MOOD to study, then quite a lot of things happened that resulted in me not having enough time to study, then i didn't have time to catch up with all my late nights so i guess my body clock really couldn't take it. so i just dragged myself to the exam hall, scribbled some answers and fell asleep. then woke up again to continue. then dozed off again. then the invigilator came to check on my student id. to make sure they remembered the reason for my failing the paper due to too much sleep. whatever.

i used to sleep during exams in high school, but not now in uni! kinda disappointed in myself. but really can't keep my eyes open. whatever lah.

after the freaking finals were over, went back to get a few hours of sleep, then...OFF WE GO!

had my first Bubba Gump experience!
forgive the very low quality picture. that platter was cajun shrimp and that tin bucket also contained some shrimp dish. yum~ if you love shrimp and you're lazy to deshell the thing, bubba gump's the place to go.. the shrimp's really juicy and nice, the ones we ordered were slightly spicy, but the garlic bread and lemons really made the whole thing nicer. but i forgot to take pictures of the main courses, whatever lah. but the real-life food and the pics in the menu bear quite a strong resemblance. good job on that bubba gump! most of the time i feel disappointed when the pics in the menu look reeally attractive, yet when the real deal came, disappointment is kinda high. thus minus marks whenever this happens. score for bubba gump! the outlet in Sunway is supposedly the largest in Southeast Asia, no idea whether that's true or not. but the whole design is nice and homey, vintage American, with lots of Forrest Gump references.. honestly, i admit that i have never watched Forrest Gump before. there were quite a lot of quotes from the movie and framed pics of his outfit in the place. should've brought a good camera there.

andrew specifically requested that we go bubba gump, cause the thing is, andrew's leaving for UK soon, so me and sandra wanted to have a last blast with him. but he kinda failed, cause he wanted bubba gump for the shrimp, yet he did not know that his girlfriend had shrimp allergy. gagal betul.

since we never really hung out in places other than inti so we decided to have a movie marathon in pyramid, just watch all the movies available on that day hiehhieh.. back then i used to watch movies all the time, and this year, the last movie i watched was 'The Tourist'. how long ago was that? been seriously busy and i missed the cinema a lot :( ok now i sound really weird for having emotional feelings for cinemas now....

the original plan was to watch three movies at one go (the last bladesman, fast & furious 5, and water for elephants) but since we left nilai really late we had to compromise for dinner so we sacrificed 'the last bladesman' and watched the other two instead.

wooh! mindless entertainment! totally loved it! exactly what i needed after stressful exams...
they brought in many of the oldies who acted in the previous franchise... and this installment of fast five is kinda like a mix between Ocean's Thirteen and FF. those 'Rio' elements reminded me of The Hulk 2. small huts stacked on a hill...etc..

and Dwayne Johnson looked dreadful with that beard of his!
loved these two characters. Israeli actress Gal Gadot and Korean American guy Sung Kang. she's HOT! very keira knightley features yet a seriously good figure. this is the kind of girl that makes you decide to go on a diet :S

and for the second movie:
Water for Elephants. non-existent water, only whiskey for the elephant. Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon very unconvincing couple. ew. loved Christoph Waltz as the baddie though. very nice acting on his part~ hmm..its a nice movie, very well filmed, but just the wrong timing for me. all of us lack sleep from finals and in no mood to admire slow-moving movies. but i like it, another day perhaps.

so after that we went yamcha, snowflake closed really early, also met Sandra's friend from subang inti, kelvin. nice to met you :D

Day 2:
very spur-of-the-moment decision to go Midvalley during dinner time. i kinda started to realize the extent of nilai-intian's burning desire to have fun. teehee! the journey took around 40 minutes with smooth traffic. manageable lah. i didn't know they wanted to have movies. so wore shorts. and thin shirt.

reached there real late. Sandra introduced me to this really nice durian puff from sweetchat midvalley. but we decided to get something warm for the movie first. i have already decided to get a new cardigan since my red banana republic one was spoilt from someone's *ahem* friends' *ahem* washing machine, this was a very nice chance for me to get a new one :D

the shops were closed, but sweetchat's manager very nicely agreed to sell us some durian puffs :) thanks sir! the 'restaurant' (i'm not sure what to call it) is really nice, with pink purple orange tiles everywhere and cute chairs.

after meeting Sandra's bestest friend Pamela (she was forever telling me about her~) we hung out in Starbucks. wah at midvalley starbucks still can meet inti peeps. youngsters nowadays really know how to have fun.

the big yellow thingy in the foreground is just the durian puff i'm holding. the thing has reaaally thin pastry skin, cream, and real durian meat inside! *durian heaven yum*

kenny and nico were really mad at me for forcing them to eat that puff before they met pamela (coz of the smell and all, plus she's so pretty, don't want to create bad impression ma) haha. durian is absolutely the nicest thing ever, but just a little difficult in terms of etiquette :P

lepaked in The Gardens after that. haha doesn't Natalie Portman look like she's peeking over her shoulder at us?

for the last movie of the week: THOR!
supposedly The God of Thunder. but this movie is fun lah. if you also refuse to bring your brain in. and don't be too critical. did any of you realize who was Odin? i watched the whole thing until the credits were rolling.. wow.. not gonna give spoilers here, but one thing i have to say: costumes really can disguise. my favorite character was Loki and if any of you have free time(like us) just sit and wait till the credits were over, there's a bonus trailer for the next installment with a twist in the ending. The Avengers i think. funny la i have never discovered Thor as a character from Marvel Comics. till this movie. better not to la. personally i prefer the movie version.

of course i had to use my favourite phrase after the movie: 'i'm hungry.' so they had to accommodate the pregnant woman and go for supper. yeah midnight mcnuggets. i discovered that i had developed a hating for all food within 100 metres of inti. ew. they seriously suck. especially those mamaks with sticky tables and stinky environments. was it me being all stuck up? but i can't stand the food and the whole place now. avoid it if you can. still pondering whether to get the Spongebob Squarepants Happy Meal toys or not.

aiks very crazy lah after we went back the next day went for pool and foosball with andrew, went for snowflakes and pastry with sandra and andrew, also met up with kelvin again and sandra's 'driver' called 'moyang' who was currently doing his CLP... these few days really met with a lot of Sandra's friends. she has a tendency to make sure that her friends blend in with each other, at least get to know each other, and also theories on socializing and stuff. hmm. that got me thinking. but i know that my socializing skills are real bad. bubbly and friendly are two words that you won't ever use to describe me hehe. just.. something lacking. no energy to keep up the banter, think of new topics.. haih. even more so when you're trying your best to get new topics and the other person replies one word answers. what to do?? guess i still have a lot more to learn in this area.

so that's about the first part of my week and some undisclosed details la, but really made up for my last few months of exile. kinda satisfied with this kind of fun. but i just wish that andrew wasn't leaving that fast. i've only known him for 1 year man. college friendships are really short huh. whoever will bug sandra and go for midnight chicken sharwarmas with me?? dang. hate farewells. at least this one was fun.

anyway, i will be leaving for malacca this friday, tioman island next monday and cameron highlands next thursday! lovely trips ahead. i have absolutely no recollection of tioman and cameron since i've only went there as a kid. hope to have fun there, and i guess i wouldn't be blogging or facebooking much either. have fun peeps, i'm going to milk my week-long break for all that it's worth!

so long,
joyseet ~

p.s: should i get a data plan for my bb? someone just said that using a bb without a data plan is like having a ferrari without petrol. ouch. but no can do when you can only afford the ferrari but not the petrol ma. any recommendations??

May 5, 2011

that's what it's all about.

ho-hum. another finals almost done. monday why don't you hurry so we shall get it over with? without realizing it, it's officially one year spent here!
One year of college life, let's see... what exactly have i done?

1.grown fatter, and then lost loads of weight, but now back to fat mode.
2.dyed my hair (which i kinda regret) BUNCHES of new friends, wonderful, crazy, and yet i wonder how long can they last :(
4.discovered the extent of my lame bahasa melayu
5.gotten a 4.0 cgpa and subsequently lost it the next semester. seems like i'm never cut out for Marketing.
6.learned to find joy in small pockets
7.spent most of my time sleeping, thus got a few warning letters much to my chagrin :((
8.had two roommates so far :)
9.finally had time to improve my volleyball
10. tried going back to band, no can do

actually i didn't mean this post to reminisce about the past year. it's just... time zooms by, and i feel breathless in its wake. i have changed, and you have changed. for better or for worse, i dare not find out.

(oops in between writing this post i had been reading up on the vigilant citizen's website)

i am not going to bother to post any other links to specific articles here since most wouldn't read it anyway. if you're really interested and wanted to be aware of what shit actually goes on in front of you, please have some degree of awareness and find the articles for yourself. (sorry if i sound very hostile but the degree of people's stubbornness refusing to READ just irks me. sorry again for my lack of empathy)

anyway, the vigilant citizen is seriously vigilant and doing his job, with lots of articles warning us to things, such as blatantly high levels of mercury in baby food that are allowed by the government, toxic 'eco-friendly' lightbulbs, and iphone 4 with trackers to record your every movement... (okay so i did post links)

but the main thing is, the scary symbolism of satanic cults that are now being more and more obvious and rubbed in our faces, yet not many are aware of it. the entertainment industry is laughing at the masses who were exposed to blatant symbolism yet do not care. people still brush it off as a joke or 'simply entertainment'. don't you know that you're being desensitized?? to the VMAs being an mega ritual to Rihanna's newest mv with gross references....

honestly, i feel sick in the gut whenever i see Lady Gaga's mvs.

what's is freaking wrong with the entertainment industry that they insert those cult symbolism into everything like nobody's business? even my favorite tom and jerry is trying to wash kids minds. and spongebob too! :(

the sickest thing about this whole business is, people now feel that these symbols are cool, romantic, mythical, just a tale. all because of Hollywood's propaganda! wrong stuff about these cults fed to us, and we accept it as if not truth, somewhere near acceptable. and good feelings have been created about them in the general public. people admire Lady Gaga's mvs, saying that is so 'innovative' and 'amazing' and 'a creative genius'. so 'yeng'.

hello? do you even understand the mv and what it is trying to portray?


we really gotta pray.

May 4, 2011


not in the mood to write some mind-blowing brilliantly blinding essay. why do people want to be brilliantly blisteringly blinding anyway. it wouldn't feel good to be blistered and blinded whenever you read blogs. or anything, for that matter. my laptop was back. incredibly slow. no idea it's the webspeed or my laptop's problem. its testing my patience. i hate things that test my patience. not in a good mood, obviously. felt very ... stretched. like very little butter spread over crusty toast. did a bit too much. tired-lah. and listening to emo music now. did a mistake and clicked on 'fantasy on a japan folk song' and 'oregon' just now. emoer and emoer. (aiks shouldn't massacre the english language)

did some stalking on facebook. stalking is an activity that makes u decrease your self-worth. do not do it ever again.

can't sleep because the new girl next door needs to move her stuff from my room to her room. have to sit and wait for her selfish roommate to come back and unlock the padlock.

i miss you, you, and you.