Apr 18, 2011


donated blood this week. the bruises from the syringes are finally beginning to subside. whenever i go for blood donation only am i reminded how much my health has deteriorated. the first time i donated, i could donate 480ml of blood (the larger pack) in 5 minutes, sitting upright.

then gradually, the second time i had to lie down, and the blood flow was getting slower,
the third time i couldn't achieve the requirement because of low blood pressure....
this time i did pass, but the only reason i went for donation was for a dear 'sister' of mine who had a blood disease and constantly needed blood. she encouraged me to donate if i could.
so although i had been missing sleep for two weeks straight, I passed the health checkup! *shocked

but when the nurse tried to use my left arm for donation, the blood flowed only like, 15 centimeters in 2 minutes. that's wayy too slow, plus the nurse kept adjusting the syringe thingy. then finally changed to right arm for improved blood flow. painlah! plus the stupid male nurse pokmong me. what is wrong with guys lah?!!!!!

joyseet koh you really need to review your lifestyle and change it for good. :S

in all, a pretty swell weekend.
but kinda high blood pressure. why are guys so freaking juvenile and childish? do things that make people keksim. come on you already 19 years old liao. GROW UP.

reunited with my first love. feels so good :D
spent the whole saturday morning at high school, had 'red plate' rice. AAH so nice. missed the lemon chicken chop so much. had some band time.

after youth, yamcha session with some bandmates :)

not yum'cha', more like, 'snowflaking'. had been having cravings forever for this. soya bean ice topped with 'pearls', sweet potatoes, grass jelly, red beans, glutinous rice, yummmm :DDD the red bowl was for eelin. seriously, the eating culture at snowflakes is kinda unhealthy. people stand over others and stare at them to force them to eat faster so that can get a table at the cramped space. eesh.

after the whole ice session (already kinda late) so eelin and zhangqian left first. me wanjiet and kerr decided to do crazy stuff again and began to terrorise 7-11 to have cup noodles around midnight. i remember we used to do this back in high school and we refused to go back to hostel after band performances. back then still got herng lo.. now only 3 of us. but it's still fun, sitting in the pet food section of 7-11, having nice cup noodles with microwave-heated fishballs. heeh.
perisa asli, but still very spicy, this cup noodle's packaging is kinda special too.
the plastic cap has holes punched in it to make it easier for consumers to get rid of the hot water. go check it out yourself :)

helping someone perform for inti idol tomorrow. ding dang ees coming! ganjeong ganjeong!!

note to self: don't ever drink tall espresso at 10pm anymore.

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