Apr 13, 2011


my newest creation with photoshop!

like seriously, photoshop saved my life this semester. before i took this subject i had only touched photoshop once, to crop a photo for my high school graduation magazine. and failed at it.
so it's really unbelievable that i learned so much in the space of a few months.
ok la not that much la, but at least i'm able to do this right?
really really happy with my 'artwork' lo, although i have to give all the credit to those online photoshop tutorials.

thanks guys, you seriously saved my life~!

now let's take a look at my photoshopping skills throughout this semester to further drive home how much i sucked.

Joyseet through the years:

1. this was the very first we were supposed to create for a message against illiteracy. all i knew was how to crop and type. So i cropped a picture of that darwin's evolution pic and painstakingly rearranged them to show 'society degeneration' lol.

2. This was officially the first assignment. to create a flyer for any sort of product. since i was seriously hungry during that class, i googled pictures of doughnuts and decided to create a donut flyer. Minmin helped me A LOT with this. by the way her boyfriend also helped me with my disgusting laptop. thanks x 1,000!

and the tagline was also stolen. haha sorry la i very uncreative de. can't be copywriter liao. this tagline was supposedly from a small local doughnut store in America. It managed to survive the huge doughnut chains competition through this tagline which provoked smiles all around.

3. in between assignments was this logo for volleyball club. for some banner or something. i just did as the chairperson requested. sword and shield to represent attack and defense. struggled a whole lot with this too. people commented that it looked like a school badge.
4. assignment number 2.
also a flyer for anything you like. since i loved music and missed it badly, decided to design a concert poster. i also stole a lot of names for this lo. apologies Malaysian Philharmonic misused your name for my assignment. please don't mind.

5. last assignment before the final project (magazine). also copied from a photoshop tutorial. cool yeah? when i started this i was really irritated by photoshop tutorials and didn't have the patience to follow the steps one-by-one and declared defeat every single time. then joel tay popped by and went through the first few steps and asked me to chill. HAHA although this might seem a small gesture for him, it always woke me up whenever someone asked me to chill. seriously i get terstressed way too often. so i succeeded to chill, follow the steps, and realised the world of tutorials are out there waiting for me :)

so that's it guys, 5 assignments that forced me to get to know this complicated thingy. my final project was 'the varsity'. felt more ... confident somehow. practice makes perfect yeah :D

still emo but in love with CS4,

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