Apr 8, 2011

that's so....engineering.

it's the Diploma in Civil Engineering student's Final Year Project Exhibition today! the whole hall was full of weird machinery and building models that they created. i admit, i'm a very 'arts'-oriented person, so wandering around looking at those thingies, i can't really understand them. Before this i prided myself on always being able to 'get it', you know, i wanna be a know-it-all ma, so i thought that at least i will be able to get the general concept of some of the exhibits.

So then we stopped at this guy's exhibit which got the prize for best exhibit for something. It was a model of an area. Firstly there's a 'river', then there's some 'kampong'-style houses, then finally there's a modern-looking tall building at the corner of the model. The project was about 'flood frequency analysis' or something like that.

So the guy turned on some tap or something, so the river started to slowly overflow and flood the area with the small huts.

Then he started to explain about how they used what what what analysis to predict flood magnitude and what drainage and catchment and location....


seriously, i tried to understand, i really did.

but looking at the slowly flooding model with the huts flooded and floating around by now while the white modern big building which was built on a higher spot wasn't flooded,

all i could think of is

'so that means the people in those huts would have to face this natural disaster while those in the white building are safe?'

and then proceeded to think about the segregation between the social classes, the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak....

and those political issues and the like.

eek! i'm so... mass comm.
without realizing it i have been conditioned to think in a very media-oriented manner.
hmm i guess you must be losing my point.

my point is, before i did mass comm, and even when i'm doing mass comm, i have always been entertaining thoughts of doing other courses just so i can do it. there're just so many things in the world to learn and do right?

anyway, today i just realized that media is the one for me, that's all.
terrible week ahead. Shiver me timbers!

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