Apr 12, 2011


move over guys, here comes varsity, the newest college fashion magazine to hit our shores!

our baby magazine was finally done. phew! but it has a sort of 'Rolling Stones' feel to it though. music magazine maybe? but still, totally satisfied ♥!

Taken after we printed it and now going to print the documentation of the whole working process. crazy thick. Everyone was seriously stoned and tired, yet excited at the same time! so went walking around to print and stuff.. it feels really weird to be hyper and fatigued at the same time....whooole night didn't sleep ... i feel myself transforming into an owl soon. actually, haven't been sleeping for a long time. Late nights have become my best friend. and coffee too!
This kind of lifestyle, it's crazy :/ hope it ends soon.

Content page done by me and Charissa's gold nails at the bottom!
also note Shaarmen's jumping bieber pose!

notice at the bottom of the content page got that black bar? it says

Huuuuge thanks to Kenny and Kok Hoe who helped us loads with the photography. especially Kenny, who had to run around with us lugging the hugeass camera after people we need to take style shots of, then organizing the photoshoot although i know you were so busy with final projects and stuff... thanks a lot!!! :D

very yeng page of Taeyang hairstyle feature and Makeover Cover Page. Now only i realized the Tae Yang looks so hot! his face made the whole page look seriously cool!
added a whole lot of 'hot' factor to the page :D by the way, Charissa was the one who created this page. nice!

Although we took LOADS of street style shots, a lot of them weren't used in the actual magazine. :( suppose that's the way things are in magazine publishing.. really really happy with the outcome of it. Although printing this 18 page thing cost us 50 bucks, it feels really cool to hold something that you actually created in your hands.
(i sound like a mom. O.o)
'printing this 18 page thing cost 50 bucks'
'i had to endure 10 months of strenous pregnancy'


okay lah that's all for now i just wanted to add some pictures to my blog and showoff my new baby~

* tomorrow: 1 final project submission, 1 test
thursday: 1 final project presentation
friday: another final project presentation
next thursday: LAST FINAL PROJECT DUE!


dang, when will i ever learn my lesson that it is never healthy to take 6 subjects in one semester? shit.
seriously. these couple of weeks i haven't been living like a human.

whatever lah. hope you guys have a great week :)

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