Apr 22, 2011

pork n' almonds

aih forgot to blog about our gathering.
nice pics dunno where to put, put in my blog la.

had been a loong time since we met up liao. everyone was so busy with their lives, this and that, so when the time came to meet up again, i had this terrible craving for pork so i suggested 'Stadt's', this german cuisine in Puchong which supposedly serves the best pork knuckle in town. Jean sez it's great, so i guess its worth a try.

'Stadt' actually means 'city' in German. (hahah one semester of German language class finally paid off!) so i am not too sure why a restaurant will name itself 'City'.
i shared a huge portion of pork knuckle with maimai
(why do they call pork knuckles 'pork knuckles'. should call 'pork fists', its so BIG).
naimo had this beef thingy while ms. chair had pork ribs *ahh. quite nice ah the food, just too HUGE portions and a bit too meaty. haha what am i doing complaining about meat dishes being too meaty. but its true though. i have become more 'asian' in my tastes yeah :D

the pork knuckle! with mustard, pickle, and mashed potatoes on the side. BIG loh. felt so full after eating half of it. luckily there's pickle to alleviate the 'meatiness'. it costs RM43.50 for this.
it's ok if you share ba. after going to IOI for some walking around, decided to go search for more food :P

maimai drove! i prefer to be the passenger rather than the driver. found this newly-opened dessert shop in Bandar Puteri. i think its called 'sweet hut' or something like that. it opens till 2am so its kinda perfect for more mouth exercise and catching up with each other :D

plus taking pictures, of course.
(me maimai ms.chair.)

ms. chair with naimo. actually all of these photos are from ms. chair's camera.

lots and lots of dessert options. coconut puddings, mangoes, fruits, almonds, grass jelly, durians...


can consider going there to try more stuff again. a bit pricey though. around rm7++ for an item.

naimo forgot that she hated almond flavored stuff. and she ordered the almond pudding. major ew. there's this medicinal taste about almond puddings. but the hokkaido milk pudding was really heavenly. poor girl. although mine was almond pudding too, but the lychees are enough to complement the flavor.

cupcake lipgloss from maimai! she just returned from her taiwan study trip :) let's hope you graduate quickly then we can have pastries and cakes all the time :D
those lipgloss have their own flavour de. cherry, caramel, vanilla and strawberry.
luckily i got the caramel one. can't stand the other flavours ><

started to pose while ms. chair was away.

with naimo~ congrats on your new bf. let's hope this one treats you miles better than the last one.

jiatong couldn't make it :(

laughed a lot that night. i have forgotten the feeling of laughing till your stomach aches. hahaha. only certain kinds of friends can make you do that~ till we meet again yea? love you guys~

home sweet home,

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