Apr 1, 2011


it has been raining all week after a period of drought. hot terrible drought that threatens to suck out all moisture and semangat from our quills. even breathing through my snout feels like a chore in this suffocating humid heat. even by simply staying still, you can still feel the haze-like heat rising, wrapping itself stickily....

so it came as the best news in a long time when it started raining one night, bringing good lovely rain thundering down upon us at 3am in the morning. When the rain finally stopped, there's this wonderful feel about the air. fresher, better, more new somehow. it made being awoken by a 8am class going Joyseet worth it. don't you love that rich, nice, smell after a rain?

for the longest time the smell of 'after-rain' is on my 'list of good smells' along with the smell of babies, marshmallows, korean ramen and some others.

but the name 'smell-after-a-rain' didn't sound that right. and its rather long.

amazingly, today i found out that there's a word for this smell!

so, to improve your vocabulary today?

ladies and gentlemen,

'petrichor' is the word!

Definition: the pleasant, mineral-rich smell after the first rain. Two Australian scientists found out that the smell came from an oil secreted into the soil certain plants during dry weather. Rain releases the oil into the air, producing the scent

personally i don't think that this word evokes the whole scent properly. hmm.. i shall try and think of another term. would the Oxford Dictionary accept suggestions from hedghogs?

sniffing away,

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