Apr 13, 2011


a picture speaks a thousand words.

ok la i cheated put words in the picture some more. finally passed up the second last project today. tomorrow will see a new day which i embark on my final journey. Ahoy mates! i see land ahead! Today is Wednesday and i just attended the second last CF meeting of the semester. emo sial. so many dear friends leaving i have no idea how to write a fitting ode to their departure. @#$%. pardon the swearing. sometimes swear words do fit the role to express people's feelings. @#$$%@#$% ok lah shouldn't use that as an excuse. Just... the realization that people enter and leave your life all too fast is rather unbearable and i am starting (no, already) regretted that i didn't spend enough time and effort to be with them.
shit shit shit shit shit.
haaate this helpless feeling.

gonna go start part of my project now. i smell the smell of freedom. soon.


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