Apr 5, 2011

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although they say that the more often you are exposed to messages the more likely you are to believe in it, i don't think that it is working in my case. i am ter-stressing seriously now and my biological clock is being much twisted. *my grammar is much twisted too. it really does me no good to be perfectionist and kiasu and wanting to do everything bigger and better than others. internship is coming soon and i am still pondering which industry of the media is suitable for me. advertising public relations journalism. i love all of them but there is no way i can combine them all can i ? so now its just a matter of choice and decision. so i'll leave it to God. back to the topic of assignments and projects. The whole semester has been nothing but vicious assignments which bore me to death.

[haha even after repeating the same message four times at one go i'm still stressed]

did i mention the lecturer who only increased the pages of the same kind of assignment content? although i loove learning about other cultures but writing so many pages of the same thingies kinda kills me. anyway, nice to know you madagascan, korean, and british culture. did you know that UK is not actually England but a combination of Scotland Ireland Wales and England? forgive me but seriously i have no idea of this fact until i did this project bodoh betul.

although it is only the second day i've been back here but the lovely weekend filled with german pork knuckles, almond pudding mango desserts, char kuey teow, durians, chendol, laughter and plans for vacations seemed so far away, planted in a time somewhere between last year or this january. hecticness is nice. but extremes are never good for anyone. time management is my greatest enemy every semester-end.

[behind the scenes]

ooh now i remember why i was on the topic of vicious assignments. so when you are swamped with terribly boring assignments, you do all you can to make assigments and projects interesting and fun so that at least you won't continuously doze off and knock your head on the laptop. i never thought that we would manage to do it but now we did make one final project interesting and wonderful. a bit too fun in the sense that i get lost in all the 'research' that we do haha.

its' putting together a fashion magazine from scratch and we kinda did all the works: style shots, wishlists, letters from the editor, things like that. i never knew that there were so many beautiful things in the world :P

so, that's about it. i also kinda loved the feeling of interviewing people too. a huge thank you to all who agreed to be our models and spent time to pose for our lame project.

here's some sneak peeks!

work those shoes babeh!
intian must-have: converses!
bieber-inspired pose!
(btw President Obama once mispronounced Justin Bieber's name as Justin Bye-ber lol)

graphic tee + leather belt + faaded jeans!

didn't know that so many peeps loved watches!

watch lover sez: "time is important"

LOL i was reminded of Mr. Paul who wears two watches too!

'revealing a bit more about himself' LOL

that's all for today and i guess that's all you'll hear from me in awhile. if you miss me then call me la (no i was joking when i said that don't call me cause i'm seriously busy and most probably i would have passed out from fatigue). *sigh don't know for how much longer will this situation prevail. but i also feel quite happy when others are complaining about their lives on facebook too.

at least i'm not alone yea :D

finding happiness in tiny cracks,

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