Apr 20, 2011

inti idol 2011!

haha i will be shamelessly 'plagiarizing' in this post. whole load of thanks to senior wee seng for taking these pics~
as i mentioned earlier in my post i gonna help someone perform for inti idol. it's a guy named kenny whom i didn't know well. i just met him once at a gathering night and that time i had a rather (um) impression of him so the reason i agreed to help him was due to Joel's request. but after getting to know him found that he's ok after all. and the bass parts aren't too difficult, so i just stood there and did the normal stuff.
songs were : Dream On from Glee and Thank You For Loving Me by Bon Jovi.

it was one of the largest stages that i had ever performed on. i guess more than 1,000 people attended it... aand my bass skills aren't that good either. whatever la. just thankful that i made it through without making a fool of myself. a huge thank you to everyone who cheered for me! :D and sorry if i didn't acknowledge you since the hall was so big and dark and the people looked so small in the audience. whee! i am gradually overcoming my stage fright liao~ i saw some in the rock zone who screamed my name loudly. Tenkew Chair Soo Yee! :DD

anyway, before we went onstage, we had to wait backstage. so cold, so nervous, so worried about being a total mess. i always start shivering when its cold and ganjeong. shiieeet.

anyway, found a way to de-stress! instant upload on facebook some more!


(joel, enthel, me, edmund)

btw, the bass i used actually belonged to edmund. he called it 'rayray' (short for stingray bass).
according to edmund, rayray had a huge belly button (the dark brown round shape), a sexy body shape and a big g-string.
edmund also licked rayray.

was a long night. schedule went off (what's new?) and went to meet liz chiuling haosiang and tony in the audience, wasn't allowed entrance cause don't have ticket on me. shieet. after getting the rm8 ticket watched a few performances before its time to go onstage again.

however the performances this time are obviously rushed because it was seriously late. i personally felt that some of the contestants lacked 'oomph' in the final round. only Celist (the undisputed champion!) did the best by singing 'Zombie'! how cool is that!

anyway, the main 'attraction' of the night isn't the contestants though. its the special guest Della Wu! ding dang if you didn't know her english name. if you don't know her at all, go google :D
she's a taiwanese singer who had a scarily broad pitch range. 8.5 octaves or something like that. her performance was reaaaally amazing.
she was famous for singing a particular song and everyone just listened to the recording.
in that recording, she already sang certain parts with very high notes.
(most people already can't reach those notes)

however, when she sang the same song last night, she upped the notes even further!

impressive, man.

backstage sneak peeks:
even though we at the backstage technically aren't allowed to open up the curtains and let ourselves be seen, but by that time all of us were beyond caring and stood there yelling her name. some even started to contemplate the possibility of rushing out to hug her. maybe make the headlines tomorrow.

when the event ended, it became Ding Dang's autobiography session. no more inti idol hahah.

cameras aren't allowed, so sneaked one with my blackberry. the bb camera sucks lo.

with liz after the autobiography session. i apologize for the sweatiness.
(the whole hall was full of people lining up to get her autobiography..siao eh)

fun and crazy night indeed :)

mcdonald's session afterwards. nice to meet you tony.


  1. oh my gosh !! i want see ding dang also!!
    what an awesome nite you had! :D

    u look CHARMING while performing on stage with the... er, rayray? LOL

  2. Wah, your uni life is so interesting =]

  3. siauli: haha, you guys should invite justin bieber to NTU or something :DD
    Jean: taylor's also got a lot events right?
    DANNI: tenkew~ <3

  4. i was so suprised when i saw u on the stage!! anyway u r so yeng that day!!!=))