Apr 26, 2011

and Jill came tumbling after

dinner-in-a-bus: subway sandwich with jalapeño, bubble tea, rain, and the traffic jam.

did i ever mention my love for buses? whenever i take the bus alone, there's no one save for that annoying pair of girls exchanging gossip behind you. i like the feeling of being anonymous, with nothing to distract you from that one hour of solitude, when you're forced to be alone with your own thoughts. the sole purpose of entertainment's existence in this world is to distract you from things that really matter. things that i have tried to put off by being busy, being pretending to be busy, and finding things to fuss over so that i do seem busy. be it rushing around, driving, walking, talking, facebooking, sleeping. all wonderful distractions. but when you're a cheapskate who can't be bothered to sign up for blackberry online packages, the moments when you find yourself stuck on the bus alone, no way to online, no way to fall asleep, and no way to walk around, that's the time to just 'sit back and relax'.

i freaking freaked out last sunday. something i regretted badly. didn't want to think about. haunted me during my hours on the bed before sleep. lashed out like some snarling animal. freaking hate this feeling that i had uglified myself. why do i care so much anyway? i can just smile and let this shit pass. my temper has been getting its way too often for my liking lately. consequences messy. endless. what did i bring upon myself. Hold your tongue, you fool. i repeat. by heart. and the tongue gallops away, without heed. where did all the restraint go? i hate memories that make me cringe. i am cringing away for all its worth right now. Just ... Go Away.

It's been a long day. too many stupid needless decisions. made at my own expense. when will you ever learn your lesson? not many do. i hope i'm one of the few. in your dreams. money, effort, time, energy, sleep, go on, continue the blunder you seem to love. maybe i'm just worn out. physically, thus mentally and emotionally. fatigue, tiredness, stoned, blank-eyed. if me the self-lover can't bring myself to love me, i wonder how Jesus does it. amazing, indeed. thank you for your unconditional love.

Dear Lord, give me strength to harness my tongue, give me wisdom to deal with all that i face daily, give me toothpicks for the almighty task of prying my eyes open every morning.

finals coming soon.

Apr 22, 2011

pork n' almonds

aih forgot to blog about our gathering.
nice pics dunno where to put, put in my blog la.

had been a loong time since we met up liao. everyone was so busy with their lives, this and that, so when the time came to meet up again, i had this terrible craving for pork so i suggested 'Stadt's', this german cuisine in Puchong which supposedly serves the best pork knuckle in town. Jean sez it's great, so i guess its worth a try.

'Stadt' actually means 'city' in German. (hahah one semester of German language class finally paid off!) so i am not too sure why a restaurant will name itself 'City'.
i shared a huge portion of pork knuckle with maimai
(why do they call pork knuckles 'pork knuckles'. should call 'pork fists', its so BIG).
naimo had this beef thingy while ms. chair had pork ribs *ahh. quite nice ah the food, just too HUGE portions and a bit too meaty. haha what am i doing complaining about meat dishes being too meaty. but its true though. i have become more 'asian' in my tastes yeah :D

the pork knuckle! with mustard, pickle, and mashed potatoes on the side. BIG loh. felt so full after eating half of it. luckily there's pickle to alleviate the 'meatiness'. it costs RM43.50 for this.
it's ok if you share ba. after going to IOI for some walking around, decided to go search for more food :P

maimai drove! i prefer to be the passenger rather than the driver. found this newly-opened dessert shop in Bandar Puteri. i think its called 'sweet hut' or something like that. it opens till 2am so its kinda perfect for more mouth exercise and catching up with each other :D

plus taking pictures, of course.
(me maimai ms.chair.)

ms. chair with naimo. actually all of these photos are from ms. chair's camera.

lots and lots of dessert options. coconut puddings, mangoes, fruits, almonds, grass jelly, durians...


can consider going there to try more stuff again. a bit pricey though. around rm7++ for an item.

naimo forgot that she hated almond flavored stuff. and she ordered the almond pudding. major ew. there's this medicinal taste about almond puddings. but the hokkaido milk pudding was really heavenly. poor girl. although mine was almond pudding too, but the lychees are enough to complement the flavor.

cupcake lipgloss from maimai! she just returned from her taiwan study trip :) let's hope you graduate quickly then we can have pastries and cakes all the time :D
those lipgloss have their own flavour de. cherry, caramel, vanilla and strawberry.
luckily i got the caramel one. can't stand the other flavours ><

started to pose while ms. chair was away.

with naimo~ congrats on your new bf. let's hope this one treats you miles better than the last one.

jiatong couldn't make it :(

laughed a lot that night. i have forgotten the feeling of laughing till your stomach aches. hahaha. only certain kinds of friends can make you do that~ till we meet again yea? love you guys~

home sweet home,

Apr 20, 2011

inti idol 2011!

haha i will be shamelessly 'plagiarizing' in this post. whole load of thanks to senior wee seng for taking these pics~
as i mentioned earlier in my post i gonna help someone perform for inti idol. it's a guy named kenny whom i didn't know well. i just met him once at a gathering night and that time i had a rather (um) impression of him so the reason i agreed to help him was due to Joel's request. but after getting to know him found that he's ok after all. and the bass parts aren't too difficult, so i just stood there and did the normal stuff.
songs were : Dream On from Glee and Thank You For Loving Me by Bon Jovi.

it was one of the largest stages that i had ever performed on. i guess more than 1,000 people attended it... aand my bass skills aren't that good either. whatever la. just thankful that i made it through without making a fool of myself. a huge thank you to everyone who cheered for me! :D and sorry if i didn't acknowledge you since the hall was so big and dark and the people looked so small in the audience. whee! i am gradually overcoming my stage fright liao~ i saw some in the rock zone who screamed my name loudly. Tenkew Chair Soo Yee! :DD

anyway, before we went onstage, we had to wait backstage. so cold, so nervous, so worried about being a total mess. i always start shivering when its cold and ganjeong. shiieeet.

anyway, found a way to de-stress! instant upload on facebook some more!


(joel, enthel, me, edmund)

btw, the bass i used actually belonged to edmund. he called it 'rayray' (short for stingray bass).
according to edmund, rayray had a huge belly button (the dark brown round shape), a sexy body shape and a big g-string.
edmund also licked rayray.

was a long night. schedule went off (what's new?) and went to meet liz chiuling haosiang and tony in the audience, wasn't allowed entrance cause don't have ticket on me. shieet. after getting the rm8 ticket watched a few performances before its time to go onstage again.

however the performances this time are obviously rushed because it was seriously late. i personally felt that some of the contestants lacked 'oomph' in the final round. only Celist (the undisputed champion!) did the best by singing 'Zombie'! how cool is that!

anyway, the main 'attraction' of the night isn't the contestants though. its the special guest Della Wu! ding dang if you didn't know her english name. if you don't know her at all, go google :D
she's a taiwanese singer who had a scarily broad pitch range. 8.5 octaves or something like that. her performance was reaaaally amazing.
she was famous for singing a particular song and everyone just listened to the recording.
in that recording, she already sang certain parts with very high notes.
(most people already can't reach those notes)

however, when she sang the same song last night, she upped the notes even further!

impressive, man.

backstage sneak peeks:
even though we at the backstage technically aren't allowed to open up the curtains and let ourselves be seen, but by that time all of us were beyond caring and stood there yelling her name. some even started to contemplate the possibility of rushing out to hug her. maybe make the headlines tomorrow.

when the event ended, it became Ding Dang's autobiography session. no more inti idol hahah.

cameras aren't allowed, so sneaked one with my blackberry. the bb camera sucks lo.

with liz after the autobiography session. i apologize for the sweatiness.
(the whole hall was full of people lining up to get her autobiography..siao eh)

fun and crazy night indeed :)

mcdonald's session afterwards. nice to meet you tony.

Apr 18, 2011


donated blood this week. the bruises from the syringes are finally beginning to subside. whenever i go for blood donation only am i reminded how much my health has deteriorated. the first time i donated, i could donate 480ml of blood (the larger pack) in 5 minutes, sitting upright.

then gradually, the second time i had to lie down, and the blood flow was getting slower,
the third time i couldn't achieve the requirement because of low blood pressure....
this time i did pass, but the only reason i went for donation was for a dear 'sister' of mine who had a blood disease and constantly needed blood. she encouraged me to donate if i could.
so although i had been missing sleep for two weeks straight, I passed the health checkup! *shocked

but when the nurse tried to use my left arm for donation, the blood flowed only like, 15 centimeters in 2 minutes. that's wayy too slow, plus the nurse kept adjusting the syringe thingy. then finally changed to right arm for improved blood flow. painlah! plus the stupid male nurse pokmong me. what is wrong with guys lah?!!!!!

joyseet koh you really need to review your lifestyle and change it for good. :S

in all, a pretty swell weekend.
but kinda high blood pressure. why are guys so freaking juvenile and childish? do things that make people keksim. come on you already 19 years old liao. GROW UP.

reunited with my first love. feels so good :D
spent the whole saturday morning at high school, had 'red plate' rice. AAH so nice. missed the lemon chicken chop so much. had some band time.

after youth, yamcha session with some bandmates :)

not yum'cha', more like, 'snowflaking'. had been having cravings forever for this. soya bean ice topped with 'pearls', sweet potatoes, grass jelly, red beans, glutinous rice, yummmm :DDD the red bowl was for eelin. seriously, the eating culture at snowflakes is kinda unhealthy. people stand over others and stare at them to force them to eat faster so that can get a table at the cramped space. eesh.

after the whole ice session (already kinda late) so eelin and zhangqian left first. me wanjiet and kerr decided to do crazy stuff again and began to terrorise 7-11 to have cup noodles around midnight. i remember we used to do this back in high school and we refused to go back to hostel after band performances. back then still got herng lo.. now only 3 of us. but it's still fun, sitting in the pet food section of 7-11, having nice cup noodles with microwave-heated fishballs. heeh.
perisa asli, but still very spicy, this cup noodle's packaging is kinda special too.
the plastic cap has holes punched in it to make it easier for consumers to get rid of the hot water. go check it out yourself :)

helping someone perform for inti idol tomorrow. ding dang ees coming! ganjeong ganjeong!!

note to self: don't ever drink tall espresso at 10pm anymore.

Apr 15, 2011

one life, one l♥ve.

'who am i.
that You would know me from the start,
set me apart.

who am i,
that You would place eternity,
into my heart.

You have given to me,
more than this world could give
my purpose is found in You.'

-'one life one love, city harvest'

the very reason we live we breath we are born into this ultimately bleak and hopeless world,

is because we should live for the only available hope that is left in this world.

nobody saves, only He saves.

now that is a reason worth going on.

thank you, Jesus.

Apr 13, 2011


my newest creation with photoshop!

like seriously, photoshop saved my life this semester. before i took this subject i had only touched photoshop once, to crop a photo for my high school graduation magazine. and failed at it.
so it's really unbelievable that i learned so much in the space of a few months.
ok la not that much la, but at least i'm able to do this right?
really really happy with my 'artwork' lo, although i have to give all the credit to those online photoshop tutorials.

thanks guys, you seriously saved my life~!

now let's take a look at my photoshopping skills throughout this semester to further drive home how much i sucked.

Joyseet through the years:

1. this was the very first we were supposed to create for a message against illiteracy. all i knew was how to crop and type. So i cropped a picture of that darwin's evolution pic and painstakingly rearranged them to show 'society degeneration' lol.

2. This was officially the first assignment. to create a flyer for any sort of product. since i was seriously hungry during that class, i googled pictures of doughnuts and decided to create a donut flyer. Minmin helped me A LOT with this. by the way her boyfriend also helped me with my disgusting laptop. thanks x 1,000!

and the tagline was also stolen. haha sorry la i very uncreative de. can't be copywriter liao. this tagline was supposedly from a small local doughnut store in America. It managed to survive the huge doughnut chains competition through this tagline which provoked smiles all around.

3. in between assignments was this logo for volleyball club. for some banner or something. i just did as the chairperson requested. sword and shield to represent attack and defense. struggled a whole lot with this too. people commented that it looked like a school badge.
4. assignment number 2.
also a flyer for anything you like. since i loved music and missed it badly, decided to design a concert poster. i also stole a lot of names for this lo. apologies Malaysian Philharmonic misused your name for my assignment. please don't mind.

5. last assignment before the final project (magazine). also copied from a photoshop tutorial. cool yeah? when i started this i was really irritated by photoshop tutorials and didn't have the patience to follow the steps one-by-one and declared defeat every single time. then joel tay popped by and went through the first few steps and asked me to chill. HAHA although this might seem a small gesture for him, it always woke me up whenever someone asked me to chill. seriously i get terstressed way too often. so i succeeded to chill, follow the steps, and realised the world of tutorials are out there waiting for me :)

so that's it guys, 5 assignments that forced me to get to know this complicated thingy. my final project was 'the varsity'. felt more ... confident somehow. practice makes perfect yeah :D

still emo but in love with CS4,


a picture speaks a thousand words.

ok la i cheated put words in the picture some more. finally passed up the second last project today. tomorrow will see a new day which i embark on my final journey. Ahoy mates! i see land ahead! Today is Wednesday and i just attended the second last CF meeting of the semester. emo sial. so many dear friends leaving i have no idea how to write a fitting ode to their departure. @#$%. pardon the swearing. sometimes swear words do fit the role to express people's feelings. @#$$%@#$% ok lah shouldn't use that as an excuse. Just... the realization that people enter and leave your life all too fast is rather unbearable and i am starting (no, already) regretted that i didn't spend enough time and effort to be with them.
shit shit shit shit shit.
haaate this helpless feeling.

gonna go start part of my project now. i smell the smell of freedom. soon.


Apr 12, 2011


move over guys, here comes varsity, the newest college fashion magazine to hit our shores!

our baby magazine was finally done. phew! but it has a sort of 'Rolling Stones' feel to it though. music magazine maybe? but still, totally satisfied ♥!

Taken after we printed it and now going to print the documentation of the whole working process. crazy thick. Everyone was seriously stoned and tired, yet excited at the same time! so went walking around to print and stuff.. it feels really weird to be hyper and fatigued at the same time....whooole night didn't sleep ... i feel myself transforming into an owl soon. actually, haven't been sleeping for a long time. Late nights have become my best friend. and coffee too!
This kind of lifestyle, it's crazy :/ hope it ends soon.

Content page done by me and Charissa's gold nails at the bottom!
also note Shaarmen's jumping bieber pose!

notice at the bottom of the content page got that black bar? it says

Huuuuge thanks to Kenny and Kok Hoe who helped us loads with the photography. especially Kenny, who had to run around with us lugging the hugeass camera after people we need to take style shots of, then organizing the photoshoot although i know you were so busy with final projects and stuff... thanks a lot!!! :D

very yeng page of Taeyang hairstyle feature and Makeover Cover Page. Now only i realized the Tae Yang looks so hot! his face made the whole page look seriously cool!
added a whole lot of 'hot' factor to the page :D by the way, Charissa was the one who created this page. nice!

Although we took LOADS of street style shots, a lot of them weren't used in the actual magazine. :( suppose that's the way things are in magazine publishing.. really really happy with the outcome of it. Although printing this 18 page thing cost us 50 bucks, it feels really cool to hold something that you actually created in your hands.
(i sound like a mom. O.o)
'printing this 18 page thing cost 50 bucks'
'i had to endure 10 months of strenous pregnancy'


okay lah that's all for now i just wanted to add some pictures to my blog and showoff my new baby~

* tomorrow: 1 final project submission, 1 test
thursday: 1 final project presentation
friday: another final project presentation
next thursday: LAST FINAL PROJECT DUE!


dang, when will i ever learn my lesson that it is never healthy to take 6 subjects in one semester? shit.
seriously. these couple of weeks i haven't been living like a human.

whatever lah. hope you guys have a great week :)

Apr 8, 2011

that's so....engineering.

it's the Diploma in Civil Engineering student's Final Year Project Exhibition today! the whole hall was full of weird machinery and building models that they created. i admit, i'm a very 'arts'-oriented person, so wandering around looking at those thingies, i can't really understand them. Before this i prided myself on always being able to 'get it', you know, i wanna be a know-it-all ma, so i thought that at least i will be able to get the general concept of some of the exhibits.

So then we stopped at this guy's exhibit which got the prize for best exhibit for something. It was a model of an area. Firstly there's a 'river', then there's some 'kampong'-style houses, then finally there's a modern-looking tall building at the corner of the model. The project was about 'flood frequency analysis' or something like that.

So the guy turned on some tap or something, so the river started to slowly overflow and flood the area with the small huts.

Then he started to explain about how they used what what what analysis to predict flood magnitude and what drainage and catchment and location....


seriously, i tried to understand, i really did.

but looking at the slowly flooding model with the huts flooded and floating around by now while the white modern big building which was built on a higher spot wasn't flooded,

all i could think of is

'so that means the people in those huts would have to face this natural disaster while those in the white building are safe?'

and then proceeded to think about the segregation between the social classes, the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak....

and those political issues and the like.

eek! i'm so... mass comm.
without realizing it i have been conditioned to think in a very media-oriented manner.
hmm i guess you must be losing my point.

my point is, before i did mass comm, and even when i'm doing mass comm, i have always been entertaining thoughts of doing other courses just so i can do it. there're just so many things in the world to learn and do right?

anyway, today i just realized that media is the one for me, that's all.
terrible week ahead. Shiver me timbers!

Apr 7, 2011


once again i'm amused by the number of people who get the perception that i don't speak, read, and understand Chinese.

Apr 5, 2011

My Current Desktop Background:

although they say that the more often you are exposed to messages the more likely you are to believe in it, i don't think that it is working in my case. i am ter-stressing seriously now and my biological clock is being much twisted. *my grammar is much twisted too. it really does me no good to be perfectionist and kiasu and wanting to do everything bigger and better than others. internship is coming soon and i am still pondering which industry of the media is suitable for me. advertising public relations journalism. i love all of them but there is no way i can combine them all can i ? so now its just a matter of choice and decision. so i'll leave it to God. back to the topic of assignments and projects. The whole semester has been nothing but vicious assignments which bore me to death.

[haha even after repeating the same message four times at one go i'm still stressed]

did i mention the lecturer who only increased the pages of the same kind of assignment content? although i loove learning about other cultures but writing so many pages of the same thingies kinda kills me. anyway, nice to know you madagascan, korean, and british culture. did you know that UK is not actually England but a combination of Scotland Ireland Wales and England? forgive me but seriously i have no idea of this fact until i did this project bodoh betul.

although it is only the second day i've been back here but the lovely weekend filled with german pork knuckles, almond pudding mango desserts, char kuey teow, durians, chendol, laughter and plans for vacations seemed so far away, planted in a time somewhere between last year or this january. hecticness is nice. but extremes are never good for anyone. time management is my greatest enemy every semester-end.

[behind the scenes]

ooh now i remember why i was on the topic of vicious assignments. so when you are swamped with terribly boring assignments, you do all you can to make assigments and projects interesting and fun so that at least you won't continuously doze off and knock your head on the laptop. i never thought that we would manage to do it but now we did make one final project interesting and wonderful. a bit too fun in the sense that i get lost in all the 'research' that we do haha.

its' putting together a fashion magazine from scratch and we kinda did all the works: style shots, wishlists, letters from the editor, things like that. i never knew that there were so many beautiful things in the world :P

so, that's about it. i also kinda loved the feeling of interviewing people too. a huge thank you to all who agreed to be our models and spent time to pose for our lame project.

here's some sneak peeks!

work those shoes babeh!
intian must-have: converses!
bieber-inspired pose!
(btw President Obama once mispronounced Justin Bieber's name as Justin Bye-ber lol)

graphic tee + leather belt + faaded jeans!

didn't know that so many peeps loved watches!

watch lover sez: "time is important"

LOL i was reminded of Mr. Paul who wears two watches too!

'revealing a bit more about himself' LOL

that's all for today and i guess that's all you'll hear from me in awhile. if you miss me then call me la (no i was joking when i said that don't call me cause i'm seriously busy and most probably i would have passed out from fatigue). *sigh don't know for how much longer will this situation prevail. but i also feel quite happy when others are complaining about their lives on facebook too.

at least i'm not alone yea :D

finding happiness in tiny cracks,