Mar 23, 2011


Google's being vintage today!

right now my heart is still pounding and feeling kinda jelly-legged. sounds like someone just proposed to me? nothing of that sort la. i went out for supper just now and on the way back we have to walk along 10 metres of public road before reaching the 'safety' of inti campus grounds. since i have been walking along this road for 11 months, it didn't occur to me that i should always always always be on guard. you know those news about cases of robbery and snatch-thefts?

i have always been laughing at those ladies who 'didn't know how to hold their handbags properly'.

ha. ha.

now its my turn now.

i mean, almost my turn.

walking along chatting merrily five more steps from the guard house holding my big fat blackberry and big fat purse with one hand when suddenly i felt something coming real close then liz pulled me, that f*cking motorcycle missed me by an inch.

as the bike zoomed away i looked into that malay guy's face *he was staring at me

and i was speechless.

he looked kinda young. a year or two younger than me at most.

wearing a green shirt with curly hair.

F you la.

all of this happened within 3 metres from inti's guard house.

with the security guard standing outside.

wallowing in disillusionment,

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  1. OMG the picture.
    Damn hilarious.

    Do hope you're ok. :D