Mar 31, 2011

Of March and Food Stunts.

Today's the last day of March! (Go get your Baskin Robbins tub at 31% off!)

I feel that i've been quite rajin in updating my blog this month~ At least last week i updated quite a lot la. 14 posts so far! compared with february's measly 9, i feel that i have quite an accomplishment here hieh hieh.. anyway, this week i haven't blogged anything yet, so here's a post for the sake of posting one:

What's the hottest news in March for food-loving Malaysians?

It's the McDonald's Breakfast set!

Take that non-Malaysians we have the coolest offer ever! with rm5 of purchase you can get 2 FREE sets of big breakfast! I have seriously no idea why would McDonald's take the drastic action to offer this. Malaysians with their stomachs endless gaping holes and penchant for cheap and good food of course would take advantage of this. What's more, this voucher can be printed or photocopied! black and white copies with the writing hardly discernible can be used too!

All through March i see people taking these vouchers to photcopy shops, holding thick stacks of vouchers in their hands and passing out to friends, colleagues, lining up at McDonald's... Many people also uploaded their McD Breakfast achievements on facebook, with at least 10 or more Big Breakfasts stacked up....

haha i admit that i went twice too~

but i don't have those humongous numbers though. To make up for shocking numbers, i have cute!

hieh hieh hand-drawn ketchup face :)

The first time me and sis went, we couldn't eat that much, so we gave away one set to Aeron (delivery neh!) at SEGi... haha felt like i did a good deed that day...

anyway, we were wondering why exactly did McDonald's pull off this stunt. People were talking about it, people were excited about it, people were mourning at 11am today because it meant that The McDonald's Big Breakfast Offer is officially over.

Why ah why. (i mean the stunt) it's not like people aren't aware of McDonald's breakfast anyway (so i guess its not to raise awareness of new product). Let's see...

If one spent rm5 for 2 coffees and got 2 free big breakfasts, that equals rm2.50 per person for 1 refillable coffee, 2 muffins, 1 sausage, 1 scrambled egg, 1 hash brown, not to mention the ketchup, packaging, creamer, sugar, chili sauce....

If you bought one filet-o-fish for the rm5, you can actually spend rm5 for 3 meals!
its like doing business rugi... haha.. don't care la, since we're the greedy customers who want to eat anyway :DD that day, my german language lecturer told us that in Germany, there're no free flow of ketchup in McDonalds. You need to request and pay for the packets of ketchup. Is that true? O.o And i know that only in Malaysia we have that free refill thingy in fast food restaurants. Malaysians really have the best deal yea~ *Give thanks

on another note, here's my favourite food in the world!

ok la i know i have a lot of 'favorite' foods. this is Portuguese Egg Tart from King's Confectionery. I have been looking for this egg tart for so long, and then this bakery seemed to have closed down some of their outlets, so they're really 'elusive' :(

anyway, went to buy andrew's birthday cake that fateful monday, and when i least expected it there they were! sitting there innocently in their yellow glossy brown speckled glory! how can i not buy them! although they're a bit expensive la, rm1.90 per piece. But i'm kinda beyond reason when it comes to food hahaa...

mind you, these are not normal egg tarts ok! they have this layered pastry skin, crispy and soft at the same time with this distinctive texture, then the brown speckled top of the egg custard is protecting a sooft yellow fluffy egg custard inside~~~~

ahhhhh *egg tart heaven*

bought one back for my roommate but she brushed her teeth so i ate it up :d

update: 4 projects, 1 assignment, 1 presentation left

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