Mar 21, 2011

Things. In General.

Hi guys. I kept logging into blogger lately although Assignment Tsunami is currently waist high. I log in, stare at the empty title, click at the stats, look at the comments, then log out again.
what to write about, eh, what to write?

although lots of stuff have been going on, but for reasons unclear i don't feel like blogging about them. And I'm not lazy. just to clarify that. maybe i was. not too sure. What a random post this is going to turn out to be.

So, review of how March turned out so far.

My laptop was sent for repair because the wireless function wasn't working, the bluetooth wasn't functioning, and some other technical stuff i had no idea about. anyway, the reason i choose to send it for repair at this crucial time in my assignment preparation iz because the warranty was nearing its expiry, so i wanted to salvage it as much as possible.

lo and behold the shit laptop shops in Low Yat Plaza. do us a favor and throw yourselves off any available building can? when i got my laptop back, i was told that since someone downloaded a pirated software into my laptop thus the warranty was rendered obsolete. excuse me this wasn't even stated in the warranty thingy and the problems with my laptop are hardware related, not software related. and that guy most probably using pirated software also la. He sell de ma.

and i also decided to get my laptop reformatted in the process, (for a 'whole new start') and after that an IT student noticed something funny about my laptop.

and asked me why my Drive (C:) only had the capacity of 24GB while Drive (D:) had 273GB.


i have no idea why that laptop repair shop had the brains to reformat my laptop in that way.

i am technologically stunted so correct me if i'm wrong and according to my understanding,
Disk (C:) is supposed to be a place for the laptop to store all the software stuff and basically the place to run programs. so if the space is so limited, my laptop would lag. LAG!

The reason i am mad?
before i sent my laptop for repair, my Disk (C:) was in perfect, 273 GB condition!

and then the non-existent repairs cost me rm 293 somemore!

hate this feeling of being ripped off.

i have no idea what was done to my laptop. my bluetooth still not functioning.

so to cut this story short, never trust Low Yat stores.
and let IT students have a look before you send your laptop for expensive repairs.

p.s: i also mysteriously lost the ability to download windows live messenger. that's the reason for me not logging in for the whole month. sorry if you've missed me lol.

ok i should stop rambling on about IT stuff since they're not my forte.
Here are a few pictures that i took during March....and i don't know where to put them.
so hello blogger!

Sunflowers for bro's wedding! i love their furry black eyes. spot my new polka dot bottle :)

Anyone still remember these? those nametags made with strings. It used to be all the rage 8 years ago, with everyone buying yarn or colorful strings and making names of friends as gifts. I don't have a gift for this name making thingy. But that day evelyn just put this in my hands! my gosh i was rather stunned. its just a very small gift, (i think she said she was too free over the weekend and started making these for some people) but i loved it a lot!

made my day, this tag :)
but not sure where to hang it. any ideas?

*this thick lipped african doll from danielle haz been with me for the fourth year running, hanging on whatever place i'm staying*

i love it when i'm the subject of random acts of kindness haha.
liz gave me these bite sized cookies since she had a lot left over from Chinese New Year.
YEH got something else to gnaw during classes liao :D
cookies never fail to cheer me up.

note to self: be randomly kind towards others~


i love inti's second-hand book fairs every semester. there're a whole of books and usually i can find a few i've been looking for a longgg time. But this time i just picked two randomly. Hope that they're good. Being a book lover in Malaysia is hard work since books are so expensive with the taxes and all and public libraries aren't that accessible if you don't have cars.

so thank you second hand book fair! you've made my day too!

remember this? i don't mean the polka dotted bottle. i meant the white rabbit candy. The hugest thanks to JanVy! ever since the melamine milk powder incident, white rabbit candies have disappeared off the face of the earth. I miss them so badly.
how many years has it been? four ?

4 years passed without white rabbit candy. :(

so when Janvy gave 3 to me i really lovvvved them. Malaysians sometimes don't care that much when it comes to food. we really should get a grip on ourselves. I remember a yamcha session where we were talking about how some pisang goreng sellers fry the bananas with plastic melted in the oil. They put drinking straws, plastic bottles and plastic bags into the hot oil so that the banana fritters will remain fresh and crispy through the whole day.

anyway, after that i had to rush for another meeting.
and guess what they were passing around at the meeting?

pisang goreng.

ok and for the last weird thing in march. i had insatiable craaavingggs in this month. i have no idea why and many are telling me that i'm most probably pregnant== but then i was bored. and my theory is that bored people are prone to cravings.
i shall put my theory to the test some day.

so i was studying for my midterms, trying to concentrate in my room, blocking out all disturbances, turned off my laptop, no facebooking, no nothing, when i looked up from my textbook and saw this:

larger than life full colour photograph of italian b.m.t in all of its juicy glory!

and it didn't help that an hour ago i was salivating over this terrible, terrible site called

they upload all sorts of terrible food photos. terrible, i tell you!
go check it out. just don't do it in the middle of the night.

so i craved for subway because its stupid full colour calendar was on my desk. this is unfair advertising i tell you. food advertising should be banned! underhanded way to torture your customers!

finally, after a grueling week of cravings, i managed to satisfy it at longg last.

never underestimate the power of food calendars. they can send you off the edge.

ok la i still have 5 more projects, 4 more assignments, 2 presentations and 2 tests to slay before i finally meet my darling finals. good luck to all, and here's to a good March!


  1. Lol. Interesting... for your info btw, the msn thing is a natural problem to those who wants to reformat the computer. you must go to the general web? I can't remember what has to be downloaded, but got something you must download to re-install msn.
    Why the books you chose lately are so bgr related wan? hahahaha

    the book with the couple on the cover is actually about this kid who fails .. its not bgr la...the other one is about adventure...i haven't read it yet...
    msn ah...dunwan install for a while more, since i'm going to reformat my laptop soon anyway..
    did u buy any books btw?

  3. got. the books 46 page only summore. hahahaha