Mar 23, 2011


i have begun to love mondays and hate wednesdays.

the simple reason being that tuesday night is volleyball practice and usually we have practice till late night and then yamcha and them after that sleep late but then wednesday i have class at 8am.

even without volleyball practice, wednesday is also a day of assignments and tutorials and presentations.

thus i hate wednesdays.

today, i hated it more.

since tuesday was a volleyball competition, it ended even later than usual.

and i went to bed later than usual.

yet i woke up wednesday morning earlier than usual.

(the reason i literally dragged myself off bed is coz...that's another story)

and i had more assignments due on thursday thus i had to remain awake the whole day.

on 3 hours of sleep.

i guess i told you guys before i can't really do late nights anymore due to my deteriorating physical health :(

8-10am: class
10-2pm: assignment-ing *oh how i hate thou photoshop
2-4pm: class
4-5pm: course meeting *more on that later
5:30pm: dodgeball competition registration
6pm: volleyball preparation
6:30pm: resident forum

and with assignments due tomorrow.

anyway at the end i didn't play dodgeball after all hieh hieh *hate that ganas game*
and i managed to finish my assignments on record time
*before 12am! that's a whole new record for me, seriously. i clicked 'save' at exactly 11:59pm*

whatever. so i guess i mentioned 'course meeting' and 'resident forum' earlier.
course meeting is basically a 'meeting' for mass comm students.

and today,

our head of programme announced that he's stepping down, our faculty is going to merge with another couple of faculties, there're new head of programmes, there's a new dean too but he's unable to come, or don't bother to come i'm not sure which one, our internship has to be done during long semesters this august, the new media centre does not guarantee broadcasting equipment, and all sorts of terrible news.

at the end of the 'meeting',
my classmates reached a conclusion:

'we've chosen the wrong university lah!'

is this sad or what?

and you know what's even sadder?

we couldn't even voice out our concerns since the 'decision-makers' aren't even there.

even though the lecturer was 'encouraging questions',

it was to no avail.

lecturers are only employees, after all.

as for the second 'event' of the day, the Resident's Forum.

i think i ranted about the fences thingy here before...

so inti's gonna install this cheap fence around some hostel blocks to create 'gender cluster blocks' as a 'security precaution' and for 'cost efficiency'.

translated into: fences to cut cost. less security guards= less money spent.

and you know what 'silver lining' of the cloud did the management provide?

'think about it, you guys can roooooam freeeely around the blocks!'


like we aren't roooooooaming freely now.

argh too lazy to rant liao la. to cut it short i did my best to speak my mind and many other students tried to protest too, but all i saw was a guy playing 'tai-chi' with our questions.

i am seriously getting more and more disillusioned with this university, this place, this whole thing.

there must be a reason that i'm here though.

Why must education be turned into a business?

and if you wanna use education as a business, please retain your ethics.

and your common sense.

the reasoning is simple:

you want money.

money comes from students.

what do students want?

study at a good university which offers them quality stuff.

not cheap fences, demotivated lecturers, higher resource fees and a management with deaf ears.

billboard advertising can only get you so far.

what's to stop students from leaving when they enter this place and discover that its kinda shit?

if you still want profit,

three words.

use. your. brain.

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  1. Wow, I didn't know you were so busy on dodgeball day... And for you at INTI... You dunno how much you've been a blessing.. =) Rock ON!!!