Mar 23, 2011

it's me!

lol i don't know why felt so excited after seeing this photo. was taken by xueyi during the all-male inti-closed tournament last night. subang inti came too! but since it's an all-male, us girls are relegated to warm the benches and take pictures lo. love dslrs, but am seriously amateurish.

my legs look great. plus cameras are really useful for blocking your face :)

ok lah post something about the 'tournament' lah:

here are the pro lines-gals':
clockwise from upper left: addie, bun2, suzanne, chiuling, liz, and shu wei~

if anyone is interested in their contact number or facebook account just leave a comment down there heheh... in case you're wondering why i'm not in there is because i'm the 'photographer'! none of us wanted to be lines-gals, so we had to 'lat-tali-lat' for the photographer post.

woah i won it for the first time in my life!

(*on a side-note, someone also said that he had never heard of lat-tali-lat and asked us what were we doing. He's a malaysian! also first time in my life discovered that got malaysian don't know what is lat-tali-lat. a day of firsts indeed!)

after the arrival of teams from inti subang and some other male teams...

the pro referee xiumian lim on the left and inti vball chairperson wilson lim.
(lims :P)

took some more pics before the games start and people are warming up left and right.
let the games begin!

the only acceptable sports photo that night.

I hate hate hate taking pictures of sports since its so hard to capture those moments when the guys leap up to spike or whatever. camera quality aside, its very challenging to get a nice picture. need 'timing' la, 'lighting' la, 'angle' la, even with the dslr i'm not very sure how to adjust those settings anyway. 'shutter speed' anyone? does it affect anything?

end result: we won! phew. finally finally finally this sports fiesta thingy was over. i was getting really tired with the matches going on till 12am every other day for so long. although there are some bumps and stuff, but i'm glad we managed to do it! great job guys =)

on a completely unrelated note:
heard some disturbing 'scandal' today. seriously disturbing.
girls. please do not do things that insult the female population and make us look desperate. you just made me lose my appetite. and i feel sorry for you. i found it unbelievable that someone could crave for love so badly to the extent of ruining her reputation and damaging others and disrupting his life.
don't you get his message? just leave it be.

a guy who loves you for what you are will come along.

if you love yourself first. (even if you don't, Jesus still loves you unconditionally :D )

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