Mar 14, 2011

in the eye of the storm

a few days ago, photos and news and comments and videos about Japan's disaster flooded my facebook.

people gasped, lamented, prayed, sent their well wishes in the general direction of Japan.

i was rather surprised by this show of compassion.

once again reminded that nothing brings people together like a natural disaster.

3 days after the fateful day, people are resuming life as usual,

complaining about their f-ed up lives,

joking about japanese animations,

sharing details of their monday blues.

once again reminded that people always place themselves in the center of the universe.

things happen,

things pass.

is that all?

things get better. or do they?

amidst conversations about japan, sharing details of the nuclear plant explosion, discussions about the animals' natural reaction to an impending disaster, there's one question lurking at the back of everyone's minds, unspoken, yet pondered upon.

a friend voiced this out today.

'hey do you think the end of the world is coming?'

what do i think?

'undeniably yes.'

no amount of reusing, reducing, and recycling can stop the world from ending.

no amount of conservation can stop the inevitable.

nothing can stop Jesus from coming again.

for the bible says of the end,

'Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilence in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven.'

sounds familiar?

question 2:

'are you afraid?'

to this question, many will reply no, because they will stay in their room and await death.

heroic indeed.

for me, i have no fear for I have salvation in the form of Jesus.

Repent, for the end is near.

here is my answer for the above things, which i find myself unable to articulate.

the end is no fun, and even more terrifying is what comes after the end for those without salvation.

when the storm comes, no one can escape from it. the images and videos of the natural disasters are proof enough. houses that once stood tall are uprooted. elegant yachts that cost a bomb no doubt are washed away. how about humans who thought themselves so invincible and mighty?

in the face nature's wrath, in the face of life and death, in the face of the unimaginable,

only then people start to realize that there's nothing they can do.

people are only a bag of skin and bones, maybe with some added fat.

when dead, the body is worthless. even dead pigs are more expensive than us.

what comes after death?

why humans put themselves above the rest?

what is different between a human and a pig?

we have souls.

where would your soul go after death?

souls don't decompose and become earth.

souls go to heaven or hell.

it is impossible to reach heaven without Jesus who died for our sins.

THAT is why, people,
we need to realize that we sinned,
that we need to repent,
that we need Jesus,
for we are powerless on our own.

i have no fear in the storm, for i have Him by my side :)

p.s: pray for Japan, and for the world too. who knows where the earthquakes might strike next?


  1. i hope not :x malaysians have no sense of survival..

  2. lol. On a serious note, the predicted next place Malaysia is included. Sabah side. Since the next place is Philippines, and estimating large scale.
    Though all these is very conspiring.

  3. T^T i guess praying is all that we can do...although newspapers do say that 'officials say that Malaysia won't be affected'.
    the degree of truthfulness from these 'officials', no way of determining..
    prayyyy hard...