Mar 7, 2011


ok i hope no guy friends of mine are offended by this post, but seriously this Professor Simove deserves some applause. This Oxford graduate spent some years researching what men think about apart from sex with no tangible results. until one fine day when the answer came to him in a flash. congratulations you had just discovered the obvious. and published it. and it became a bestseller on Amazon.

anyway so here's the results of his painstaking work:

behold the work of a genius who had the guts to do this.

seriously this guy had a Ph.D! the things that you can get away with that title after your name. 'Professor Koh' had a nice ring to it :D

so what's all the hype about?


hahahaha its really funny though. i would love to get one of these myself. i heard that UK university students(those who bought the most) are using it as notebooks.
hahahaaa... sheer genius.

guys can you all clarify this? so the book is true? O.o


  1. LoL! I saw that the other day and laughed. It's a genius idea!