Mar 15, 2011

for two is better than one.

i wonder how a father had the courage to hand his beloved daughter over to another man.

i guess any dad will do that when that 'man' is my dear brother philip koh.

no, not this one.

till now i still find it unbelievable that my brother has become a 'husband'.

that someone trusted him enough to put her life in his hands,

and he has to take care of her for this lifetime.

(i'm not saying my bro is untrustworthy, cause he totally is)

it kinda puts love back into perspective.

however, i am unable to imagine a day when i trust a guy enough to do this.

most probably i will just go on with my plan:

living in a spinster condominium with huge cats and fat dogs and the occasional goldfish.

people my age (even those not my age) treat love in such a petty way,

it became shallow and meaningless.

now this is how relationships should go.

bro, i wish u well with all my heart. if anyone can do it, you can :)

sister-in-law sounds weird.

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